Greetings dearest Unravelers and Happy Wednesday!

I have eased back into making… a stitch here and there began to add up to suddenly finding myself at the heel flap on Sock One!

Before vacation, I began the new Mystery Gnome… it started slowly with a few bits (feet and a “mysterious” cast on!) And then the stripey part really took off… and I began to think about how this gnome was not going to fit in at all with the Gnomes in the Cupboard. He was bright… too bright. He felt awkward to me as I blocked the “body”. So I set him aside and let him just simmer a bit. And then he began to speak to me… as did the Gnomes in the Cupboard! The Cupboard Gnomes let me know that they are an open and welcoming community for gnomes of all shapes, sizes, and yes, even and especially brightly colored gnomes!

Gnedward R. Murrow getting the garden scoop!

The mystery of this gnome is that he is a journalist… a newspaper reporter, so with those thoughts circling my brain, Gnedward R. Murrow was born. He will be the perfect addition to a very somberly dressed Gnome Village… he knows that gnomes are gnosy. They love to know the what’s what that everyone else is doing! Being gnebby is the thing gnomes do best! He has his gnotepad handy so he never misses a story! And how does he share his gnews? Well, he blogs them, of course! (Has Acorn Air, Will Travel!)

These feet are made for walking!

The latest Acorn Air model!

A bag for a busy gnome!

I knit him per the instructions (which were excellent, as always!) and my only changes were on how I put him together (I put the feet on the bottom as if he is standing vs on front of the body as if he were sitting.) I made him a wee messenger bag out of the scraps. His Acorn Air… a bit of cardboard covered in aluminum foil and voilá… a tiny laptop!

The Gnomes of the Cupboard are happy with their new addition… and they love that the gnews on the blog is more accurate than the gnews from the grapevine!

I am settling back into my “usual reading routine” as well and I have a couple of finishes (The Haunted Season and Forgotten on Sunday) but what really rocked me was the death of Paul Auster. I loved his books that I had read and 4321 is one of my all time favorite books! When I got home I got on the waitlist for a few of the books I have not yet read… library waitlist’s… sigh. Speaking of Library Waitlists… I am still … still!! … waiting for next month’s Read With Us bookclub selection, How To Say Babylon (current wait time 6 weeks… sigh.)

And there you have my re-starting of the knitting and reading! What about you? What are you engaged with this week?

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P.S. I wrote this post early in the day on Tuesday before my hearing aid fitting appointment… stay tuned for an update later this week!


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