Greetings Unravelers and Happy Last Wednesday in May! It is bittersweet to think of bidding May adieu but June is there… so close I can almost touch her!

I have been busy since we last talked. Stitching and knitting… knitting and stitching.

First up, my finished 100 Day Project! I spent a good chunk of time pondering the layout, figuring out the “tab and slot” fabric book method, realizing I needed inside pages for the front and back pages, not understanding how those extra 4 pages would fit in, thinking they would somehow “fit” over the finished book, realizing they would not, ripping out lots and lots and lots of seams, pinning pages together to figure out the puzzle for those 4 extra pages, marking up my sewing map, sewing, pressing, hand stitching the “tabs” and “slots” closed, and assembling!

Page adjustments and sewing map!

Whew! (For those wondering, I used Ann’s guidelines for the book… part one and part two.) I also did a good bit of googling to see if there was a theory of how to add pages (I did not find one.) In the end, it came down to me and a big jar of safety pins… Yes, I needed to unpin and re-pin several times to get the order to work. I expect the next tab and slot fabric book will be easier since I worked out all the hurdles (probably, lol)

But I am in LOVE!

I can’t wait to see Heidi’s face as she looks at it (I will include a long(ish) letter for her in which I talk about my thoughts as I stitched and the fabrics I used – though I think she will recognize them!)

I also have May’s socks in just under the wire! Yes, this is the fifth pair of socks I have knit this year! I began winding the yarn (some very vintage sweetgeorgia tough love sock in the sitka colorway, for those wondering) for pair six on Monday and would have cast on Tuesday afternoon… but it took me almost more time than the making of the book to figure out the video!

The reading though… oh my! It was a sweet week of reading! I stumbled upon Dan Flores Wild New Word thanks to Libby… it was the “Big Library Read” earlier this month. I am about 75% through and enjoying it thoroughly (although, I really am disgusted by our actions beginning in about 1800’s… sigh) But I am learning so much… so much! At night I am closing in on the ending of The Hazelbourne Ladies… it is delightful. (and I am also learning so much!)

What about you all? What is on your reading and making lists for this summer?

As always, if you wrote a post to share leave your link below and thank you!

A bit of housekeeping for the remainder of this week. I have a flurry of activities tomorrow and Friday (which includes my first visit back to see the audiologist since getting hearing aids) so this might be it for me this week! If I am not here on Friday, I will see you all back here on Monday!

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