Greetings dear Unraveler’s and Happy Wednesday!

The header image is my morning starting place. While I might want to stay here for the entire day, sadly that is not feasible! I mean… we have to eat, lol! But mornings working out great because my presence is a bit of a deterrent to the starlings and grackles that want to “hog” the feeder. I have made myself a “portable desk” that holds a book of poetry, The Comfort of Crows, my drawing/painting book, and my Traveler’s Notebooks… (so calendar and journal.) I also added a small jam jar to hold pens, a pencil, and a roll of washi tape. It is perfect!

I am motoring along on my 6th pair of socks… this time I am “making it up” as I go… sort of. I love the 3×1 ribbing for both look and fit. Steve prefers a shorter sock, and I really love Hermoine’s heel… I am moving down the foot with miles to go before I get to those toe decreases. But it the perfect companion for sipping coffee on the porch… and also works well for night time television watching!

A sock and a bit of stitching!

My other fun thing this week is a vessel… a stitched vessel. I have the “outside” done… I am working on the inside… and will keep stitching in little bits of time. Fun… so much fun! (I will share construction, but I was long past the “starting point” so be patient!)

I am back on the Sweater Train!

I have had “start the sweater” on my list for a couple of weeks now… with not a single stitch cast on. Well, this week that all changed. A morning of porch sitting had some “extra time” to get those stitches cast on! Now I have some ribbing to knit!

The reading this week… really just so delightful! I am racing to finish the RWU book for next week! Talk about under the wire!! And I am tucked away in Paris with Ruth Reichl’s soon-to-be-released book, The Paris Novel. After a bit of a bumpy start, I have settled in… Ruth’s writing is just so great. I am enjoying the story and am racing up to the end!

There you have my week. What are you all thinking about as June begins?

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