Happy Friday, dear friends!

How are you doing on savoring your June days? I want to tell you that the portable “desk” is perfection for porch sitting… sunshine and rain. Yes, we had some rain yesterday morning and the sound of the gentle rain as I sipped my coffee was the best way to start my day!

I have a few things to share with you all today… things that are getting me through some of the onslaught of nonsense that is everywhere. It can be a more than a bit overwhelming, no?

Breathing with the Forest might be the most brilliant thing ever. I have saved it and have revisited it a bunch of times! I hope you find it as calming as I do!

Speaking of Emergence Magazine… their podcast episode this week was also brilliant (and so timely!) I have listened once, but I saved it to listen again. Yes, it is all about time… but I think you might find a few somethings good as well!

The last podcast that crossed my radar some months ago (I think Kareem mentioned it) is Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American. In ten-ish minutes she gives me something to think about. Maybe you need something to think about too!

Finally, the divine Leila Raven dropped a new pattern book this week. I have been oogling them on IG and I am using them as my motivation to finish the current sweater…must.knit.faster!!

There you go… a few finds to spark your weekend.

See yo hall back here on Monday!

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