Unraveled Wednesday | 2.22.23

Unraveled Wednesday | 2.22.23

Greetings Unravelers. It is a day of many things; it’s the last Wednesday the month and it is Ash Wednesday which brings return of “Fish Fry Season” (at least in my corner of the world!)

And it is, of course, a day to share what we are making and what the books have we read or are reading this week!

I have made some progress on my handspun sweater… but… (of course there is always a but, right?)  Anyways, the ribbing… oy, I think it is just a bit too tight…I mean I don’t need a band hugging my, umm… generous backside. I am hoping that a bit of a spa treatment will relax the ribbing a bit – I think it will. Which leaves me with Sleeve Decrease Math for my desired sleeve length. The pattern called for decreases every 2″ but staying with that math will make for sleeves that are a bit too long.

Gnorton, The Round Weaver

I also got the “knitting” of Gnorton done… but I had zero success in my basket weaving attempts. Basket weaving is not a skill for the faint of heart… or Basket weaving newbies. So after multiple failed attempts… I needed a new plan. I stayed with the “weaving theme” for Gnorton. He is a Round Weaver… yes, that is apparently A Thing! Please note… the Easy Cardboard Circle Weaving for Kids was exactly in my weaving wheelhouse! Gnorton saw the finished circle and whispered… Handles! It needs handles! So I complied… Gnorton Weaves a Market Bag is now hanging on Gnome Mantel. I hope I have not created a monster who convinces all the other gnomes they need woven market bags too! LOL

Speaking of Gnomes… if you missed out on Sarah’s Gnome Collaboration with Jimmy Beans Wool last year… never fear! The patterns have been released into the wild! Yes, I purchased them. Yes, I have plans for more gnome knitting! I am very excited for Gnome Houses and Gnormanda’s frilly frock! Gnome knitting will be March-ing on!

Okay, enough silliness… big news! I have finished Sully… booo! What a delightful story, what incredibly well-written characters! I loved everything about it! I am eager to begin Book Two of the Sully Trio but I have a couple of Netgalley books to get through before I can start! Sigh!

I am currently listening to Signal Fires and what a beginning to a story! It grabbed me… instantly.

What are you making and reading this week?

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave you link below and thank you!

Sometimes Monday | 2.20.23

Sometimes Monday | 2.20.23

Is a continuation of the weekend.

I thought I’d share some of the things that have made my weekend extra wonderful!

First, I saw this on IG and I had a batch of focaccia in the fridge… so on Saturday I did a bit of a riff on it. One russet potato, a couple of shallots, and some cheddar and gruyere cheeses and we had the most delicious “potato bread” I have ever eaten! I followed the baking instructions for Richard Reinhard’s focaccia not the IG post baking instructions. The leftover potato focaccia was just as good reheated with some fried eggs for Sunday night dinner!

Quite possibly, the perfect focaccia!

I have been enjoying the new On Being season and on Sunday I spent an hour with Ada Limón. It was so delightful to hear Ada read some of her poems from The Hurting Kind and of course, I now have some new favorites! A bonus was listening to Ada read A New National Anthem.

As for today… I *think* I will begin a sleeve on my handspun sweater! Yes, the body is almost done! I have about one inch of 2×2 ribbing. Today is a bit gloomy here… a good day to knit and think about President Carter, his dear wife, Rosalynn, and his family.

See you all back here on Wednesday!




Mid-Winter Friday Finds | 2.17.23

I don’t know about you, but I have found since I turned the “50’s” corner, I have struggled mightily each year with an ever worsening case of the dreaded Dry Winter Skin!

Usually, by mid-February, there is not enough moisturizer in North America to make a difference. But this year, I have found some things that are working… and not only working but making a difference! I thought I’d share my finds with you all!

First, a several weeks ago Kym had raved about this product so, of course, I clicked the link and poked around a bit on the JVN website. I not only picked up her recommendation, but I also got a bottle of this scalp oil… and for the first time in a very long time my scalp is not dry and flaky! Once a week, a few drops massaged into my scalp before I wash my hair and the results are so good! No dry, itchy, flaky scalp any longer!

Next “problem” dry skin area for me are my poor feet…over the years I have tried what feels like a gazillion products to combat dry, cracked skin and had no success with any of them. That is until I saw an “ad” on IG of all places for Aquaphor Healing Balm Stick. It says “Immediate Relief” on the label and oh.my.gosh… it is immediate relief! An added bonus is that I give myself a mini foot massage when I rub it in and my hands are loving it as well!

The final find that I have to share with you came because my “usual” face cleanser was no longer being made by Aveeno… grrr. I really loved what I was using and I hate when a product I love gets discontinued. So I was forced to find something new… and though it took a few product “tries” I have found my new go to face wash. It is L’Oréal Age Perfect Nourishing Cleanser. It is not drying even with daily use!

And there you have it… three things that are making my winter so much better!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! See you all back here on Monday!

A Gathering of Poetry | 2.16.23

A Gathering of Poetry | 2.16.23

I read the poem I am sharing today earlier in the month and I did not know then how much these words would help me as the month progressed. I have memorized these words – it was simple to do so – and they have become my litany of hope as February has had some daunting challenges.

Langston Hughes wrote this poem, part of the Shadow of the Blues, in 1987. John Musto set the four poems to music, which you can listen to here (Island begins at 5:03). I did not need the music to find the balm of hope in Hughes words though… and I hope that you do as well.

by Langston Hughes

Wave of sorrow,
Do not drown me now:

I see the island
Still ahead somehow.

I see the island
And its sands are fair:

Wave of sorrow,
Take me there.

From The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes.

If you want to read more poetry, Bonny is gathering us all together today! If you’d like to join me with Bonny and Kym and share a poem…we’d love to have you!

See you all back here tomorrow.

Unraveled Wednesday | 2.15.23

Unraveled Wednesday | 2.15.23

Greetings Gentle Unravelers!

I am still feeling behind on sleep from a weekend of insomnia, but I got one good nights sleep and (at this writing) have my fingers crossed for a second.

But I wanted to catch you all up from the past two weeks of making!!

I am roughly halfway to the “knit 9″ of stockinette” portion of my handspun sweater. I am a bit concerned about the armscye because it is… errr… ample. But the body circumference is good, so I am contemplating solutions and knitting on.

But things are cheering me on!!

I have an African Violet that is blooming! (What a lovely treat in February!)

And my Temperature Embroidery is moving right along. I abandoned the onerous frame after doing some practice wheels free-form… and I think I got the hang of getting a well woven wheel! Bonus, I can keep the neighboring wheels out of the way and I have had to move into the “warm weather colors” once for the 72°F day we had last week! Crazy I know… and we have more of those temps threatening this week!

I also completed some Quilted Hearts Coasters! It was my first experience with the quilt as you go technique and I loved it! As I sewed the strips onto the backing. It was so fun… it was so easy! I plan on doing some research on this process to see what else I can do with it!

I am making progress on my Base12 Hitchhiker. I am almost at another color change and have more than 25 “teeth” completed.

And I have a finished skein… I spun a lovely gradient yarn with some batts I got from Hipstrings. These are the “warm colors” and I am almost finished with the first half of the “cool colors” so stay tuned. I have no plans for this skein… yet!

I started listening to Lindsey Fitzharris’ The Facemaker. It is a fascinating look into how Dr Harold Gillies ingenious surgical interventions helped the lives of soldiers who were wounded in WWI.

And I am nearing completion (boo!) on Nobody’s Fool. I am utterly smitten with Sully and really don’t want this book to end!

And that is all I have for this week… what about you? Have you tried something new this week? Or is there a book you cannot put down? I want to know!

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below and thank you!

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