T on T | 9.3.20

T on T | 9.3.20

Joining Carole and friends this week!

Thing One:

Did you see that John Meacham has a new podcast? I have listened to the first two episodes and it is well worth a listen!

Thing Two: 

I know a few of you are obsessed with play Animal Crossings: New Horizons. Did you all see this???

Yes, Knitlandia proudly supports the Biden Harris ticket!

Thing Three:

In the everything old is new again theme…Did you hear about The House Dress on NPR? Apparently it is the new it thing! So, now all I will need is an apron and I can be my Nana!

And that’s a wrap for this week! See you all back here on Monday!


Unraveled Wednesday | 9.2.20

Unraveled Wednesday | 9.2.20

A brief dip into autumnal temperatures were enough to spur me on to pick up my Evening Dew Cardigan and a bit of knitting over the weekend while watching The Peanut Butter Falcon and an episode or two of Silent Witness and I find myself less than one repeat away from the bottom ribbing! I am stunned that it still looks (and feels) like I have barely used any of the Briar Rose Fibers Angel Face! (sadly, this yarn is now discontinued, I think Sea Pearl would work well in this sweater, especially with a strand of mohair!)

I am also ready to start arm decreases on the vest for Winston! But, I am a bit concerned about the size so I am waiting for my daughter to give me a measurement before going further…knitting holding pattern FTW. lol

Fortunately, my reading has not been in a holding pattern at all! This is the week that I achieved a coverall on my first SAH Bingo Card! I listened to a version of The Hobbit earlier this summer, and it was good, but nothing compares to reading Bilbo’s tale. I had previously read the book the summer I was 12 years old… and I fell in love with dear Bilbo and Gandalf. Imagine my delight in discovering that 47 years later The Hobbit was still just as magical!

My 25 books from card one:

  1. Collection of Poetry: Columbarium
  2. Originally published in the 20th century: The Hobbit
  3. Recommended by a friend: 10 Thousand Doors of January
  4. Borrowed: Shadow Pass
  5. Set in the state where you live: An American Childhood
  6. Bird or animal on the cover: Late Migrations
  7. About religion: Entering the Passion of Jesus
  8. Classic: The Mill on the Floss
  9. Collection of essays: New Poets of Native Nations (okay, loosely essays, but absolutely a collection!)
  10. Best-seller: Say Nothing
  11. By a new-to-you author: The Unquiet Dead
  12. Debut: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous
  13. Any book (free square): The Spendid and the Vile
  14. Set in a place you’d like to vacation: Mourning in Malmö
  15. Number in the title: Victim 2117
  16. Translation: Smilla’s  Sense of Snow
  17. Originally published in the 19th century: Leaves of Grass
  18. Comfort Read: Tartine Bread (literally, a comfort food read!)
  19. Retelling: The Crane Wife
  20. Memoir or autobiography: Dept. of Speculation (again, loosely, but a memoir was how this read for me)
  21. Audiobook with multiple narrators: The Hobbit, presented by BBC Radio
  22. Sub-title on the cover: Eye of the Red Tsar: A Novel of Suspence
  23. Recommended on a podcast: Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
  24. Chosen by a celebrity bookclub (at any time): American Dirt
  25. About a person with a disability: Hot Milk (The main character did not have a disability, but her mother did)

Invisible ManInvisible Man by Ralph Ellison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a book I could not stop listening to. What astounded me most was how this book written a lifetime ago, was unbelievably relevant today… scarily so. That made me so sad, that nothing has changed. Ellison writes a compelling story that seems so realistic. I highly recommend this audio version, the narrator – Joe Morton – was fantastic. I highly recommend this book!

The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious-and Perplexing-CityThe Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World’s Most Glorious-and Perplexing-City by David Lebovitz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In “Pandemic Times” and no traveling, pick up this book an take a journey to Paris. Lebovitz’s Parisian escapades are a balm to a shelter-in-place spirit. From learning French, to visiting a doctor, to discovering the local flavors… it gives the reader a feeling of being there, in the best way!

And with the above two finishes, I am left with just two books to complete my second coverall! Those books? Wind in the Willows, which I am reading at night and am about half way through and Stuart Little, which I should be finished with later today! That will put me at 50 books read since Book Bingo started way back in April!

How about you? Is your project in a holding pattern? Is your reading exceedingly good? What are you excited about for the fall to bring?

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Sometimes Monday | 8.31.20

Sometimes Monday | 8.31.20

August, die she must… — Paul Simon, April Come She Will

Sometimes Monday is for weekend reminiscing…with memories of proscuitto wrapped figs happy hour,  torrential downpours, the return of autumn beer, and the departure of the endless heat and humidity.

Sometimes Monday means the return of a woolly sweater, which is a most welcome layer in this mornings chilly air and this knitter’s heart sings with joy.

And sometimes Monday brings the end of August and with it; darker mornings, flocking birds, and a mug of hot coffee to warm my hands.

What does your Monday look like?



Friday Finds | 8.28.20

Friday Finds | 8.28.20

Oh boy. It has been a very hard week. A week that took an already dismal month and ramped it up by about 1000% and while I am thankful that Jacob Blake survived, I am so angry that there was an incident which put that in question. And, I can’t even be sane about 17 year olds with assault weapons walking away unscathed. So I spent lots of time this week listening. Listening to the pain. The hurt. The eloquence. The raw emotion.

And then a cascade of events began to happen, starting with the Milwaukee Bucks! And I  say GO BUCKS (except, it’s not a boycott… they are striking, boycotting is what the viewer would do, but okay) (and Hurrah to the NBA for standing with the Bucks!) Rapidly many other sports players followed suit – MLB and MLS, WNBA, and yes…even a tennis player… I say BRAVO!! Perhaps you are not a sports fan, but my hope is that this will finally be the tipping point for monumental change.


But perhaps the best moment came last night at a baseball game that wasn’t. Oh but that leadership…

And that beautiful note ushers in the rest of the good things this week:

This past Tuesday, Ali Smith’s Summer dropped and I am number eight on the library wait list. I can’t wait, especially after reading this excellent review! I have loved this brilliant series, and if you were waiting for them all to be available… your wait is over. Start with Autumn and move through the seasons. They are just brilliantly written and eerily timely!

The September issue of Vanity Fair is a special project, called The Great Fire and it has grabbed my attention. The guest editor is Ta-Nehisi Coates, and it is a must-read issue. His editor’s letter is powerful, stirring, and so painfully true: “And so evil does its business in the shadows, ever-fearing not the heat of the Great Fire but the light. To clearly see what this country has done, what it is still doing, to construct itself is too much for any human to take. So it was with the slave narrative. So it is with the cell phone.” I broke down and bought a subscription this week and the reading that I have done thus far is incredible!

And because we all could use something to escape…coming September 23rd to Netflix… Enola Holmes! I.can’t.wait! (Yes, it is starring Eleven from Stranger Things!)

For all the Vera fans out there, Ann Cleeves shared that there will be a season 11 of Vera! Wahoo!

**A warning, this link goes to a Ravelry project page** In my never ending Ranunculus love… this one here has me rethinking the idea that I have finished Ranunculus knitting! Oh my, I love her sleeves! Yep, a third Ranunculus is being considered!

And, finally!! Isabell Kraemer has released a pattern that I have been oogling on Instagram! (Yes, I purchased it!)

Ooh la la, indeed! Discount until tomorrow, so hurry!

And that, my friends, is a wrap for this week! See you all back here on Monday!


Unraveled Wednesday | 8.26.20

Unraveled Wednesday | 8.26.20

Thanks to LONG audiobooks, I have gotten in some good knitting time this week! And voilà, I have a completed Ranunculus! It needs a wash, but I am wearing it today and it is perfect. Shorter sleeves FTW! I also started a new vest for Winston (No page yet, but the pattern is Avery 2.0 by ML Eagan). I did not get gauge, but I liked the fabric I got in my swatch, so I am knitting the smallest size (and will end up with a 12 month sized vest!)

I also began the process of cutting out mask pieces for some “assembly line sewing”

This week’s reading, oh my! I am feeling a sense of urgency about SAH Summer Bingo… I am 5 squares away from two coveralls. 5 squares. I have plotted out my course (Stuart Little, Wind in the Willows, Invisible Man, The Hobbit, and The Sweet Life In Paris) Fingers crossed that the library holds for Stuart Little and Wind in the Willows will come through before Labor Day…and if they do, then I think I can do it! All the others are either in progress or waiting in the wings!

My finishes this week were so, so, so good! And for as long as The House of the Spirits was, the others were short and deliciously sweet!

The House of the SpiritsThe House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book very much. The lyrical writing, the telling from two perspectives, and the story all combined to create an engrossing listen. The ending though… yes, this could absolutely be about what is happening today. (History does repeat itself, sadly.) The two narrators were wonderful! I recommend this book!

Counting DescentCounting Descent by Clint Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This debut book of poetry was absolutely perfect and listening to Clint read his poems made them even more so! There were so many poems I loved, but one that has stuck with me is “What the cicada said to the brown boy” and these words especially:

but every time you swarm they shoot
get you some wings, son
get you some wings

I highly recommend this little book!

Upstream: Selected EssaysUpstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With every Mary Oliver book, I love her more and more and this book is no exception! It is a short book, but it is so full of being aware. It reflects on “great thinkers” and her responsibility. She shares her love of nature, and the wonder of the world around us. I highlighted so many parts! So many incredible words, but these I have written in my journal:

For me the door to the woods is the door to the temple.

I highly recommend this book!

Intimations: Six EssaysIntimations: Six Essays by Zadie Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How do I even begin to explain how deeply these essays moved me. How they made me think. How they made me cringe. How they made me angry.

6 timely, moving, and necessary essays to shake up your world. And, trust me… you need Zadie to shake it up.

Amid the great swath of indiscriminate death, some old American distinctions persist. Black and Latino people are now dying at twice the rate of white and Asian people. More poor people are dying than rich.

Untimely death has rarely been random in these United States. It has usually had a precise physiognomy, location and bottom line. For millions of Americans, it’s always been a war.

JUST BEFORE THE global shit hit the fan, we were in a long, involved cultural conversation about “privilege.”…privilege and suffering have a lot in common. They both manifest as bubbles, containing a person and distorting their vision. But it is possible to penetrate the bubble of privilege and even pop it—whereas the suffering bubble is impermeable….

If this book is not on your “must read” list, it should be. I highly recommend.

That is all I have to unravel for you all! As always, if you wrote a post to share, please leave your link below.

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