Three on Thursday | 11.15.18

Three on Thursday | 11.15.18

Today is all about very good things…right now good things!

Thing One:

Steel Cut Oat season has returned! My favorite is this recipe for Baked Pumpkin Steel Cut Oatmeal.

Thing Two:

Our snowfall of the season has fizzled. Cue the rain (which is still miserable, but at least you don’t have to shovel it!)

Thing Three:

Motrin™ for which my elbow is profoundly grateful!

There you have my somewhat lame list (although, the oats are most noteworthy!!) Want to see more lists (and probably much better ones)?? Head on over to Carole’s!

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.13.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.13.18

Greetings Unravelers!

It has been a week without any unraveling at all! Whew! I am knitting at a very slow, yet steady pace, on my Blaer and am almost finished with my first skein but it is unlikely to be completed in November, even though I am going to try my hardest to get it done. And, can I just say how much I love the fabric that Einband makes… so light and airy and soft!

But I have been dividing my time up between knitting it and working on finishing blanket number two! I almost have all the squares joined into rows – so I am making some progress but, I have been having some serious elbow pain that is limiting my knitting time on all the things. So, in the evenings I have been working on spinning for an actual project! I know… who am I??? (And, really… right now spinning is about the only thing that does not hurt) There is a group of us on the dreaded FB that are spinning for Andrea Mowry’s Nightshift shawl. I am spinning for about an hour each evening while we watch the news and I am amazed at how quickly I am filling a bobbin! I am almost finished with my first hank of fiber… with just 5 more to go! Ha! If the elbow pain lingers on, this may get done much quicker than I planned!

The reading this week has been very good! I finished Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil (yes, it was a bit gruesome) but the story was riveting and got 4-stars! I am on the super long wait list Lethal White and am struggling with patience as I am eager to see where Cormoran and Robin go next!

I also finished Sarah Water’s The Little Stranger. This book was nothing like I imagined it would be! Things happen in the deteriorating Hundreds Hall… are they real? Or, are they figments of the Ayres’ minds. I gave this book 3-stars simply because I think she could have told the story more quickly… there were parts that really dragged and the ending was entirely unexpected (and not at all in a good way).

Up next in my reading queue:

Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta and Calypso!

What about you? What are you making and reading this week? And, as always, if you wrote a post to share today – please leave your link below!

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Tiny Moment Tuesday | 11.13.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 11.13.18

We still have a few leaves on the trees and bushes, but most have become a lovely jewel-toned carpet for the ground. And, I think that is beautiful no matter how you look at it!

Last week’s refocus on gratitude has improved my outlook (and my inner-look as well) and my plan is to be mindful of that focus as I move through the holidays!

I hope your Tuesday is full of new optics as you look at the world around you.

Weekending | 11.12.18

Weekending | 11.12.18

On the last day of this lovely long weekend, I am remembering, planning, and pondering.

First up, I am quite certain that Blaer will be a challenge (if not impossible) to complete by the end of November. I spent a good bit of one on one time with Blaer yesterday and I am NOT TO THE SLEEVE DIVIDE YET. That’s right… and I have a good 3 inches to go before I get to that point. Cue the deep sighing… lots of deep sighing! Perhaps I can salvage this situation by flipping gears a bit. I have “plan b” formulated and if I get gauge, I might pull off a successful NaKniSweMo yet! Stay tuned…

On Friday I went to the fabric store (aka JoAnn’s… how I wish there was a Fields Fabrics here!!) But I did have some success… I see in my future a Thea Rachelle Raglan shirt, an Ann Carolyn Smock, and a Dress No. 2 with a sleeve variation!

Saturday’s visit to the Vintage Mixer was AMAZING!! The people watching! The nostalgia! The clothing!! The glassware! Oh, and who knew that our grandma’s pyrex would be so popular! We picked up a couple of bar finds that will make Friday night’s a little more special. We shared a slab of pie from Piebird and wow…so.freaking.good! I also loved that the bar was open at 10am… One suggestion I would make to the Mixer Masters is that they really need a sitting area…it would make sipping a libation and watching the people so much easier! I loved seeing so many people all decked out in their vintage duds! For lunch we headed to church… and ate WAY too much!

All in all, it was a great weekend! How about you… how was your weekend?

TGIF | 11.9.18

TGIF | 11.9.18

It has most certainly been a week and I am so glad for the arrival of the weekend. Steve has today off (as well as Monday!) and a long weekend sounds just perfect. S-N-O-W is in the forecast which seems odd since all the leaves are not down from the trees. It seems odd to be thinking about snow, since it was in the 60’s on Tuesday! But there you have it…

Gratitude Week might be my favorite week of the entire year and this week it has been an especially profound experience. If you have been participating, I hope it has been for your as well.

Thinking About –
This post from Bacon on the Bookshelf – life in the cross roads in a starkly divided nation. More books, less strife – and yes, more quiet moments. Living in this perverted version of America is a daily struggle. (Oh, and This is How It Always Is is an excellent book!! I really loved it!) On Tuesday, I sent each voter off with a heartfelt “Thanks for voting!” and it warmed my heart that so many came to vote and, at least at my precinct, they voted with no hindrances. I met new “neighbors” on Tuesday and I was profoundly struck on how we talk to those directly next to us, but those around the corner…not so much. But, spending 14+ hours with people allows you to find things in common and new friendships are formed! There are even beginning talks of forming a neighborhood book club and, my up-the-street and around the corner neighbor dropped off a book for me yesterday!

Grateful For – The help of Mary this week. (Although, I am sure she thinks she did nothing!) I have spent the better part of a week struggling with the lace chart on my Blaer. Very long story short – the charts are to be worked concurrently, rather than one at a time as I was doing. And, yes… I am feeling profoundly stupid! All has been ripped back and I finished the lace charts, the short rows, and the first set of increases last night. It seems I am back to “smooth sailing” knitting…and happily! Thank you, Mary for your help and insight!

Inspired By –
This. Oh my. I am generally not a fan of Stephen West designs, and usually because I can’t get beyond the outrageous color combinations. Thank you, Lene for showing me to look beyond color!

Fun, fun, fun – I am dragging Steve (kicking and screaming) out this weekend to the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer! It will be our first time there and I am so excited to go and see this fascinating event! I hope to have lots to share with you on Monday about our inaugural visit!

I hope you have a fun weekend! See you back here on Monday!

P.S. My friend Sarah has the most beautiful kippah pattern up on Ravelry. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Tree of Life. And, if you are planning on attending Indie Knit and Spin on Sunday, be sure to stop by to see Lisa at Fybernymph Dye Works to get a mini-skein or two!

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