And so it begins….

Hello Everyone!  Well, July has most certainly begun!  Why is it that when it rains, it pours?  No measurable rain as of yet, but it is certainly raining in my life right now!  I am looking for the rainbow desperately! 

Work was slow in June – so I put in my request for more work in July – you know that old adage, be careful what you ask for?  Well, here it is the second work day of July and can you say drowning???  I cannot see my desk for all the paperwork on it!  I ate lunch at my desk yesterday, and I ate lunch today in my vehicle traveling from one office to another!  I needed a moment of calm, so I thought I’d come chat with you all and try and re-organize my poor befuddled brain a bit!  I will more than likely work tomorrow for a bit, because my Thursday and Friday (which I thought would be slow due to the holiday) are jam packed with appointments!

In my personal life, it is raining as well – monsoon rains!  I am having some issues with Ex #1.  I am not sure how to solve the issues – but they require legal assistance.  So, my attorney is certainly getting a work out this year!  How sad to have your attorney on speed dial, is it not?  Now I know why the term “EX” has such a poor connotation!  Wonder if they sell one way tickets to Mars!!  It might be a worthwhile investment! 

I know I had promised photo’s, they are coming!! 

On to a knitting update!  Indigo Waves – which I am renaming Verdigris Waves –  is flowing along nicely!  I have about 30 rows to complete –  and my desire is that I have many uninterupted hours of knitting tomorrow to finish it!  I am going to have yarn left over as well!!  I am still waiting for my beads to arrive for the Mystery Stole 3 – I am itching to start that!  My poor Monkey sock has not been knit on in over a week!  Too busy at work to knit at lunch time!  I will get back to them after I have my skirt finished!

My kiddo’s get back home on Friday – it has been a nice 2 week break, but I am ready for them to be home again!  Imagine missing teenage conversation!! 

Alright, my brain seems less scattered – back to work for me!  Have a fabulous 4th everyone!

Friday, oops, Sunday Follies

Okay, how on earth did June whiz by so quickly? Is anyone else as baffled by this as me? I am stunned that today brings the last working day in June! today is the first day of July! I am even more stunned that Sunday will have July marching in! I did not get this posted Friday, the afternoon got a way from me!  My June was a bit hectic – schools end, my daughters graduation, graduation parties, and work kept me busy! I am really longing for a span of time when things go at a slower pace! A snail’s crawl sounds incredibly inviting!

My garden is looking so nice – although I need to move a few things around – there is alot blooming right now. I will get some photo’s this weekend and share them with you all.

Speaking of photo’s – my daughter is still trying to get a snap shot of her sister in the Chapeau – but with little success. She also will make an effort this weekend to get a picture and email it to me!

I have been knitting away on my Indigo Waves skirt – I am 9 rows into the lace work and enjoying it very much! And, because I have cast-on-itis – I joined the Mystery Stole 3 – and pulled some lace weight yarn from my stash out. I even think I might have some beads that will work! If you too suffer from the itch to cast on – you can head over to Melanie’s site and sign up!

** Update Sunday July 1st – the beads don’t work, but I ordered some online and hopefully they will arrive soon!

It was a glorious day yesteday – the sun was out, no humidity, it was an amazing day!  It looks like we have more of the same for today!  I sat in the sun and knit yesterday for a good space of time!  I am well into the “ripples” of the Indigo Ripples Skirt – it is an easy pattern to memorize and it changes often enough to keep boredom at bay!  I hope to have the skirt finished this weekend!!  I am envisioning wearing it with a white linen blouse and some flat sandals – the perfect summer outfit!

The week is supposed to bring rain – much needed rain!  It is sad that we are supposed to have rain for the 4th, but it is so dry here the several days of precipitation will be welcome.

Have a safe Sunday everyone –

Blue Mornings, Blue Days

Hello everyone!  Am I blue?  Nope!  But, the skies here sure are – blue in the morning, blue at noon, and blue as the sun goes down!  All this glorious, cloud-free, weather is causing West Michigan to become a bit parched!  I am watering up a storm – I will post some photos soon of my blooming hibiscus, my sunny yellow yarrow, my golden lilies, and my coral-colored begonias!  We have got color and LOTS of it!!  How does my garden grow?  Very rapidly with all this sunshine!! 

Well, with all this sunshine and great weather – you would wonder what I have been knitting, right?  Oh, yes – there has been knitting!!  I finished Chapeau Marnier – wow, what a great pattern!!!  I shall have my daughter take a photo of the hat on Rachel – I did not have my camera upon completion to get a quick shot off before the hat was enroute to Northern Michigan to daughter #1.  Let me tell you, if you have not stopped over to to see their summer lovelies, go right now!  I knit the Chapeau with Louet Gems – in an awesome brown color, and with a pale blue ribbon with some matching shades of brown spots – it was adorable!

 I am also working along on my Monkey socks – although, I have not been able to put down the Elspeth Lavold Silky Wool that I am knitting into the Indigo Waves Skirt from an earlier issue of IK.  I am through the “hip” increases for my “hippy-ness” and I am about an inch from starting the lace work!  I love this yarn!!!  It is the perfect summer yarn – it is light weight, it feels so good, and the colorway – this amazing green – has worked its way into my heart.  I want this done and soon! 

 Oh… speaking of done… You all need to stop over and see Judy’s Clapotis!  Holy cow, it is gorgeous!!  Okay, now she has me wanting a “denimy” Clapotis to wrap around me!  I promise you – she will inspire you to cast on this great pattern!  She did it with 3 ** 8 (**new note, Judy let me know of my error, she kindly corrected me.  Thanks, Judy!!) skeins of Elspeth Lavold Silky Tweed – mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm!  If you have already knit a Clapotis, this will invigorate you to cast on again!  Great job, Judy!

See how easy it is to ‘fall off’ the yarn wagon?  All it takes is a fellow knitter’s finished object!  I will be keeping my eyes open for some Silky Tweed on sale!

I have been enjoying “Knitting Daily” – the new thing from Interweave Press – there are some great patterns out there.  There was a lovely sweater from Wendy Bernard yesterday – yes, that is calling to me with it’s siren song as well!  I will be heading to my stash this weekend to see if I have anything that will work for this sweater! 

July is looming on the doorstep, pushing out June as she comes – can you all believe that June is almost over?  Where did the month go?  I can assure you that my head is spinning with how quickly this month has been flying by!

This weekend I went up to some friends “cabin in the woods” with Ken – okay, now I am using “cabin in the woods” loosely here folks!  Get this – no running water, no indoor plumbing!  AACCKKKK!  Am I nuts?  Oh, there is a brilliant idea – head up to the north woods with a guy you want to continue to be interested in you – and not have a shower to remove “bed head” in the morning!!  Oh. My. Gosh.  Can I tell you about the bugs?????  They have the corner on the ‘eepy-creepy’ market there in the northwoods, I can definately assure you of that!  There were some high points – I dazzled everyone with my “birding” skills!  And, sitting around the campfire on Friday night was fun!  At least it was until I realized there was no shower to remove the “campfire aroma”!!  In spite of all the negative odds – Ken seems still interested!  LOL, maybe my “bed head” is not so bad after all!  The other plus was 4 hours of knitting time in the vehicle going up and coming home!

 Well, it seems the work day is over – I could certainly be busier at work.  Think some good thoughts for me about the job front – and remember, I am thinking good thoughts about all of you!  Have a great Monday night, I shall try and be more faithful about blogging!! 

Drive Time

Hello everyone – Sam has 2 more days of driver’s training…2 more days!  It will be nice to have this aspect of parenting completed!  It has gotten easier with each child – so I am happy to be finished running back and forth to get him there at the various hours the driving school determined.  I am quite sure that the driving school has no concept of time – the schedule has made working a challenge!  But, as long as Sam passes his written test tomorrow – he will have his driving permit!  Now, this is a very good thing – Sam driving equals knitting time for me!!  Woo Hoo!

 Speaking of knitting time, I have been working sporadically on Chapeau Marnier – I have about an inch to go before the decreases!  I also have been working sporadically on my Monkey socks!  I have to sit at a home for the Holland Parade of Homes for the next few nights – so my knitting time will increase hopefully!  I will soon be posting completed objects!

 I have also been working a bit on my package for my partner in Lynne’s Special Swap – June is gardening month and I have been finding fun things to put in my package.  It will be ready to go by month end – a package filled with garden treasures!

How is your spring ending – summer officially starts tomorrow!  What fun things do you have planned?  I am going to San Diego in July for a few days – more on that later.  I have never been to San Diego – any one know of any “knit spots” there? 

Have a great Wednesday everyone – get out there and enjoy the weather!!

Father's Day

Hello Everyone – Happy Father’s Day!  This is an ambiguous day in my house.  I am spending the day with Heidi and Sam – their dad does not think Father’s Day is a big deal.  Strange, huh? 

Growing up, my dad would not have won any awards for his fathering skills.  I have been reading blogs this morning and I love the tributes to father’s!  Thus, I am going to offer one up to my Father…the one who has always been constant, and will always be constant.

 I was blessed as a child – when life gave me lemons – my Father showed me how to make lemonade!  I grew in an amazing relationship with my Father.  He was always there to listen when I came home to share frustrations.  He was excited with me at the triumphs I achieved.  He comforted me when I cried, He laughed with me when I was happy, and He never was too busy for me.  I would never had grown in this relationship without the failings of my earthly parents – so, I am thankful beyond words.  I woke this morning with a tune in my head… maybe you all remember this from Sunday School as you were a child.  “This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears.  All nature sings, and ’round me rings the music of the spheres…” 

 On this Father’s day – this most certainly is my Father’s world. 

 Have a great day everyone!

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