Damn, This Traffic Jam….

I really need James Taylor in my car singing to me this morning while I was driving to school on the road with 10,000 idiots.

Here is a question for all of you… how come the idiots all get on the road at 7AM?

And, why doesn’t anyone know how to drive?????

So, my trek to school today – one hour and forty-five minutes… one way.

People, it is 37 miles one way from my house to school…

So, you can obviously see that I was driving less than one mile per hour!

Yeah… so, in the words of the amazing James Taylor… Damn, this traffic jam…

Times 10.

Week one of school was okay… my grade is an A… but I have a huge final test on Monday (due to a snow day on Wednesday everything is pushed back a day… )

Then labs…

Then clinicals…

Here is hoping none of my gentle readers reside in the senior care facility that I have to go be “clinical” in…

Yeah… there is some food for thought!

Have a good evening all….


Well, in a world where every other day we get a blanket of white this knitter is fighting back with some blankets of a different kind!

I am working on blankets – the Manos Four Season Throw – in lovely Autumnal colors… This is for the knit along that Country Needle Works is having this year – so I am finished with my first block… just in time for February’s installment will be due!

And, this week I cast on Brooklyn Tweed’s Lovely Hemlock Ring Blanket with some Cascade 129 that I got at Mecca in the most lovely dark orange shade.  This is incredibly genius – and I would never have thought to do something so creative at to take a doily pattern and knit it from a bulky weight yarn.  I am loving this knit – and Heidi saw the blanket tonight.  I think if I don’t watch this one – it will wander off with her!

And – since it is so dratted cold out – my dear friend Susan is in need of some warmth… so I will be working on that this weekend.

Now, back to the books – I have a big test tomorrow. 

B is for Blizzards and Bobbins…

B is for Blizzards and Bobbins…

If you seek a pleasant peninsula, you might want to head to Florida this morning.  If you can get there from here, that is.

All of West Michigan is having some difficulty in travel today.  Yesterday we had that nice, if brief, January Thaw – and over night Old Man Winter roared back in – in less that 4 hours we had dropped from 47 balmy degrees to temperatures in the single digits – with below zero wind chills.

Thunder was replaced with gale force winds that raced around my condo all night.

All that rain – flash frozen on the roads.

But the precipitation did not stop – the rain changed to snow and that is now still falling.  The winds are still howling and they are causing large snow drifts to pile up in open spaces.

No school for the kids today – and no school for the mom either!

As you can see – the snow is covering windows, siding, bushes, any nook or cranny it has been driven in to.

So, I might have to sit down with Alice today and see if I cannot fill up some more of these….

Have Baby Alpaca – will spin!  And, look – an empty bobbin to fill!

Hopefully the “cleaning lady” will have her work done shortly and I will be able to devote the afternoon to some one on one time with dear Alice!

Stay warm and safe today, gentle readers!

It's a roller coaster world….

The weather has warmed up considerably.  The snow is almost all melted. 

So, the 2 feet or so that we had is but a few crusty inches.  And, I have a river running through my back yard which is quite lovely, not!

Currently it is 46 degrees outside (that is Farenheit for all you International readers!)….

But, never fear – before midnight it will be a whopping ZERO outside with a wind chill factor that is supposed to be well into the negative numbers.

And, there will be snow – truck loads of it.

Insanity, thy name is Weather!

I cannot believe how exhausted I am at the end of the day. 

Brain Dead.

Thought Free.

And, I still have one more chapter to read for school tomorrow – and then there is the studying for the big test on Friday.

I am off to finish up, gentle readers.

Have a peaceful evening!

Day One is now over or Button, Button who's got the button.

Day One is now over or Button, Button who's got the button.

Homework – done.

Dinner – done.

Laundry – done.

Knitting time – you have got to be kidding me!

Who’d of ever thunk that I’d find myself at the end of a day and not wanting to pick up a knitting needle and while away the time knitting.

That day has arrived, gentle readers.

My brain is officially fried. 

Last night I gleefully finished my edited version of Sonnet – Sonnetina.  And, then I went to get the buttons to sew them on.  And, they were not in my knitting bag….

Okay, maybe they are in the other knitting bag….

I could not find those buttons anywhere. 

My vest could not be finished…. Alas, poor Yorick!


Alas, poor Wallet! 

Yes, I had to stop and purchase 3 more buttons today after school to finish my vest.

But, it is now completed – and I have proof.  These buttons are divine – as well they should be as they cost me almost $5 a piece! 

Okay – without further adieu – I present to you Sonnetina!

The required “in the mirror self-portrait”…

Note the amazingly expensive glorious buttons.  See the little “peplum-ish” added edging – I like how this turned out.  I think it will lay flatter when I block it.  But I am so wearing this tomorrow!  Blocking, be damned!

Again – note the buttons!  FIRMLY attached to the vest.  There will be no loosing these babies!

And finally – a nice view of the neck – both inside and out.  And – one last shot of those AMAZING buttons.

So, I will leave you with the specks of my Sonnetina.

Cast on – Friday January 18, 2008

Finished – Monday January 28, 2008.

Yarn – Now discontinued Classic Elite Gatsby

Needles – Addi 10 1/2 for body of vest.

                  Addi 13 for applied i-cord.

This is truly the fastest thing I have ever knit and I am so happy with the end result.

Now, I think I hear Bonnie and Clyde calling my name…. stay tuned.

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