Nordic Wonderland

Nordic Wonderland

Hello Everyone!  Okay, I have a severe case of Knitter’s Cast On Disorder!  Last night before Knit night I began to cast on the Nordic Star Socks from Vogue Knittings “The Ultimate Socks Book”. 

I have just finished the first pattern set and am ready to begin the second pattern sequence.  Yarn – Louet Gems – French Blue and an ivory shade. 

I think they are looking lovely!  And they are so nice and thick – while not feeling bulky at all!! 

Epiphany is tomorrow, which means that Sunday is Saint Distaff Day!  All you spinners out there – get ready!  And, if you are in the area, Threadbear will be having a wee bit of a celebration that day!  Stop on by – even if you are not a spinner!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Hey, it's cold outside!

Hello everyone. 

Well, if nothing ever was going to motivate me to finish the sweaters that are languishing on my knitting needles, surely today made a valiant effort! 

People, the temperature never got over 20 degrees outside today. 

My poor furnace ran all day.

This is most certainly is not the norm for West Michigan – you see, Lovely Lake Michigan keeps us warmer in the winter months.  We usually are hovering right around 30 degrees.  So, when the winds blow cold and the temperature drops, I am not anxious to leave the house for much of anything.

But, I did head out to Knit Night tonight.  You all know the Knitters Motto – neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor cold, nor children, nor anything shall keep the knitter from Knit Night!  And, we had a gang buster of a crowd tonight!!  We almost ran out of chairs!!  A nice way to wind down the week!

And, I am ready for Friday.  More than ready.

Have a safe evening all. 

Day 2 and counting….

Hello Everyone!  I had such an awesome time yesterday with Sarah!  We talked, and talked, and talked, and talked – and then we talked some more! 

And – this was all wine free talking!  (Sarah, next time – bring on the wine!!  Who know’s how long we could talk then????)

I have not had that much fun in – oh, for sure ages!

I am officially adopting Sarah as my sister. 

You are all the first to know!

Not only is my sister a fun dinner companion – she is one heck of a knitter – I can now aspire to be like her!  Unfortunately, she is also the YOUNGER sister!  Hmmm, not sure how I will work on that one!

Today, I worked my little fingers to the bone – counting yarn at Friends of Wool. 

All I can say is I am glad I did not have to count the yarn at my house – I would not be posting this now if I was!

News for tomorrow – I find out my “ACT” score.  Be still my beating heart – you think I passed? 

Have a great evening all! 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!  Hope you all had a safe and somewhat sober New Years Eve celebrations. 

Mine was very low key, Blogless Mary and I went and shared some nachos and a couple of glasses of wine and then came home to watch “Catch Me If You Can”. 

It was an enjoyable way to spend the close of 2007.  Shortly after midnight, yes I did make it up until the New Year, Mary headed home. 

Shortly after that, there was a knock at the door – at 1AM.  Okay, I figured Mary had forgotten something.  Nope, it was the parent of one of my son’s friends.  So, as you can imagine – I have had a marvelous nights sleep.  At least they were where they said they were, but there was some nefarious activities that involved eggs. 

Yeah, what a way to start the New Year!

We also got a lovely blanket of snow last night. 

Yes – a lovely layer of white.  This is the view from my deck…. lots of white stuff.  And, it is not supposed to stop today.  That lovely “Lake Effect” snow machine has turned on and will be spilling some wintry white on us here in West Michigan for the day, at least!

So, New Year – new resolutions?  For me, I am not doing resolutions this year. 

Why, you ask?

Well, because in my amazing stupidity a weak moment I signed up for Blog 365.  Simply brilliant, not! 

Oh well, if you are a glutton for punishment – you to can head over and sign up.  It is not too late! 

Misery loves company, after all!

Alright, I am showering and heading off to Lansing!  I am going to go spend some time at Threadbear!  Hope to see you there!

Oh, and even though Michigan is not in the Rose Bowl – the Fighting Illini are.  Michigan will be playing this afternoon in the Citrus Bowl – sorry Gator fans, but I feel a Michigan Victory coming on!

Have an awesome day all!

As 2007 winds down….

As 2007 winds down….

Hello everyone!  Christmas here was over in a flash, it seemed.  The kids had a good time and they ate a surprising amount, considering they had a huge meal at their dad’s prior to  heading over to my house.  Sam put his hat on and did not take it off… unfortunately, I did not get a photo of it.  There’s some brilliance, no?

It has been quiet this week at my house, welcome quiet!  I have started some time of selfish knitting!  I am starting my third round of “beehive” stitches on my Marie Antoinette Socks.  Oh, I am in love!  They are divine, and a fun knit.  Anne, once again, has created an incredibly brilliant knit.  If you have not check them out, do. 

I have also been knitting on my “Logan River Wrap”.  I am using the suggested yarn, Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran – a blend of merino, silk, and cashmere.  While, I love the brown – green is my “go to” shade.  So, yes, I am knitting this up in a lovely medium green that has flecks of brown through out.  Yeah, enough said.  This stuff is yummy.  I am almost through my first ball, making nice progress.  I will also learn some new techniques in this knit – adding a border.  Yes, that is right, have not done that yet.  I will keep you posted as I begin the borders, so stay tuned!

Knit K-night was interesting this week.  I had some apples that I really needed to use, so I made a big pan of apple crisp and carted that down to feed the masses!  They all wolfed that down in short order!!  And, it seems that the gifts they all knit were exceedingly well received.  All in all, an interesting evening.

I believe I have a plan in place that will have me employed soon.  A good transition for me.  I am eager to get started, and although it will require some education, I have an appointment set for January 3 to start the journey.  New Year, new career. 

I am staying home for New Year’s Eve this year – my kids will be “floating” around – so, I had better stay put.  But, on New Year’s Day – I am heading over to Lansing to visit Threadbear!!  My goal will be to get there early in the morning and head home to watch the last half of the Citrus Bowl.  Michigan plays Florida, it should be a good game!!  Any of you Lansing knitters planning on being at Threadbear on Tuesday???  I’d love to see you all!

Stay tuned for some upcoming news on Blog365….

Have a great weekend all!

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