A Study With Time | April 2024

A Study With Time | April 2024

Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. — Earl Nightingale

One part of my Year of Time was to contemplate blocks of time and I felt like a 100 Day Project was a good thing for contemplation. So way back on January 19th I began a journey. For 100 days, I committed to stitching 15 minutes a day on a 7×5½” piece of fabric… 20-7×5½” pieces of fabric – to be exact.

I was leery of the time constraint … 15 minutes seemed like not enough. I had no idea what I would do. How it would go. But what did I have to lose… 15 minutes a day? Some scraps of fabric? A small investment for a time study.

And so I pulled out a few handfuls of fabric scraps… left over bits… unusable bits. Or so I thought. I am ever so grateful that past me did not just toss these bits!

And over the last 100 days I have discovered that 15 minutes can hold joy. It can help you focus! It can help you discover new ideas… in places you never imagined! Time helped me release every preconceived notion of what I thought… and showed me what could happen when you intentionally let those 15 minutes be all. And those 15 minutes each day… well they were so full! And in those 15 minutes I found an authenticity that I did not know I had… a creativity… a delight in not knowing what was next.

It has been the best use of 15 minutes ever… on any day!

I have “done” 100 day projects before but not one of those had the impact that this project has had for me. If you asked me before January 19th what 15 minutes could hold… I would have said not much. Now today… I can tell you that 15 minutes can be everything!

I don’t love every page… but I learned from them. I stopped “trying” and began just doing… and in that doing I found that those 15 minutes of time was perfect… the most creative minutes of the day. I spent just 15 minutes doing the actual stitching, but as I discovered that creative spark… I spent more time letting ideas simmer. And the ideas just kept coming… it was just so amazing!!

But on April 27 when I put the last stitches on that final page… my heart ached and I shed a few tears. I was not ready to “be done” at all. 100 days and I really felt like I was just beginning! I did not want to lose all that I had discovered. I really did not want to lose my creative momentum… and what stepped into the stitching space was a surprising delight!

On vacation I opened a small art journal I picked up and continued the 15 minute habit with pencil, pen, and sometimes water color paints. Who knew that I would ever consider 15 minutes to be the best minutes of any day… but friends, they are the most magical minutes of all!

How it started… the view from the kitchen window in our Airbnb.

And the apple tree blooming in the back yard.

And the start of one of our favorite paths at Presque Isle. (Excellent for bird watching!)

I am simply loving time this year… it was a brilliant word and I had no idea where it would take me!

I am late to join Carolyn’s link up… but sometimes vacation should just be vacation! (And vacation time… well, it is best if it is uninterrupted!)

See you all back here tomorrow with some Unraveling!


Hello May | 5.6.24

Hello May | 5.6.24

May is the month of expectation, the month of wishes, the month of hope. — Emily Brontë

Simply put… I love May. It is the month of “best of” so many things!

I have, at least, one bunch of allium bulbs that are blooming… and they are stunning. My expectation was low… but the bulbs did their thing… and extraordinarily bloomed!

AND…when we arrived home on Saturday afternoon, I saw hummingbirds visiting those glorious blooms! I am holding hope for the remaining bulbs I planted… if they only do half as good as the current bloomers, I will be happy!

This month I should set some intentions. But if the only thing I accomplish this month will be to assemble my 100 Day Project into a book, I will be happy!


The video above (my backyard birdsong included!!) shows all twenty pages in the order I did them. Today I will make my “cover and last” pages and begin thinking about the order I want them in! The Book is the only tangible thing on my list this month because I think that the real work of this project is about to begin! (And maybe if the rain stops, I can begin the Great Sweater Wash this month as well!)

But I will be savoring lots of intangible things as well… like glorious May days, backyard birding (a pair of robins have “selected” our hedge for their nest and it currently holds one egg), and savoring every moment of this amazing month!

I also have quite a bit of “catch up” to do! I have missed you all and will make my way through what you have been up to! I will also catch you up on some highlights from our vacation… there were some amazing things! And, I have an April update with my word as well!

See you all back here tomorrow with that word update! Happy Monday!


Thursday’s are for Poetry | 4.25.24

Thursday’s are for Poetry | 4.25.24

Welcome to my favorite day of National Poetry MonthPoem In Your Pocket Day!

Every April I like to add a new book to my Poetry Library… and this year, dear Ada Limón had the perfect collection with perfect timing! You Are Here Poetry in the Natural World was published April 2! I have been reading through it with delight! It is full of beautiful poems!

The poem I have selected for you to tuck away in your pocket is one written by Ilya Kaminsky, a Ukrainian-American poet. The poem might change the way you look at rain… it certainly did for me! (And I needed a bit of a rain-itude adjustment with the wet April we have had!)


by Ilya Kaminsky

Rain has eaten 1/4 of me

yet I believe
against all evidence

these raindrops
are my letters of recommendation

here is a man worth falling on.

Letters by Ilya Kaminsky, published in You Are Here: Poetry in the Natural World © Milkweed Editions and the Library of Congress © 2024.

Stop and see what Kym, Bonny, and Sarah have for your pocket today! I am heading off to Erie in 3, 2…

See you all back here in May!

Unraveled Wednesday | 4.24.24

Unraveled Wednesday | 4.24.24

Greetings Unravelers and Happy Wednesday to you all!

First, a bit of housekeeping for next week. There will not be any Unraveled Wednesday post next week, May 1st. I will be back from Erie the following week and there will be an Unraveled post on May 8th!

Now that that bit of housekeeping is out of the way, why don’t we ease into some making and reading!

On the making front, with time to spare… I have a new Honey Cowl and I love it. I might have been able to do another round before the final rounds, but I did not feel like playing yarn chicken and losing! It is bright, fun, and will be the perfect addition for the cooler and windier weather on Lake Erie!

I have finished the bottom ribbing on my “pre-knit” sweater and I am much happier with the rip back and size adjustment I made.

That yarn that tried (and failed) to be some Feather and Fan socks has been cast on for another pair of Hermoine’s Everyday Socks. They are easy travel knitting (I don’t need the pattern and I can stop and start as needed) and will likewise be perfect for “nighttime TV watching.” I am also taking the sweater, but I am not really sure how much knitting will get done…

Wee Snowmen who will find a new life!






I started the Last Page yesterday and will be taking it with me to finish the final page. I am excited to put all these pages together! This last page will incorporate some cross-stitch snowmen that I started when Heidi was a very small little girl. I have cut up the fabric and will stitch them onto some “snowy hills.” This has truly been a project that has jumpstarted my creativity… and once the pages are all together, I plan on continuing a similar stitching project!

The reading this week… I had heard about The Salt Path recently and was fortunate that my library had an audio copy. It is my only finish this week. The story is true. It is a compelling, moving story… Moth and Raynor Winn lose their home in Wales, Moth is diagnosed with a terminal illness… and they decide (in their 50’s) to walk The Salt Path and camp along the way. They begin as two beaten down people, and as they continue along something of a wonder begins to happen… they get stronger, their minds get clearer, Moth improves significantly. And so Raynor brings us along on their journey as they walk the longest path in Britain. It is an inspiring story.

At night, I am meandering my way through the book of short stories, Table for Two, by Amor Towles… and they are delicious. I really don’t want the book to end… the stories are just so good! I am about halfway through and savoring every word!

And there you have my week! What about you? What are you thinking about this week?

As always, if you wrote a post to share please leave your link below and thank you!

Sometimes Monday | 4.22.24

Sometimes Monday | 4.22.24

The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. — Lady Bird Johnson

Earth Day 2024… it seems somehow more important after a winter that wasn’t really winter. And spring, well… she has been springing. Lots. But last night’s hard frost will set back things a bit. Sigh. This will be the second year in a row that our “backyard” tree will lose its first leaves to frost. (In previous years, this tree had not bloomed until mid-May.)

Ironically… I put up the new Oriole feeder and heard the sweet song of a Baltimore Oriole yesterday. Fingers crossed they like the jelly I put out for them!

I spent a good bit of time doing some “knitty maths” around my gauge over the weekend. This always makes me a bit nervous, but took my calculations and cast on based upon those calculations… a big yay that I am knitting a smaller size, thanks to my gauge! But still… there are nerves, it is bottom up construction – which is not always the “easiest” to try on for fit… I managed to knit about 30-ish rows which I then threaded on some waste yarn and “tried it on” and then promptly ripped back… I am bumping up a size, because I do not want “snug around my ass ribbing”… so I have a bit more confidence with the second try. I think once I get going, this sweater will move quickly! The pattern is fun… so fun! I am knitting with some skeins of Briar Rose Fibers yarn… Chris has been much on my mind recently and my plan is to knit some love her way…each stitch a meditation for her.

The one yuck thing on my list is packing this week… We head to Erie Thursday afternoon and I have LOTS to get ready between now and then.

So I better get started! See you all back here on Wednesday!


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