Fiber Friday | 3.23.18

Fiber Friday | 3.23.18

Lots going on today and it even appears that it will be a nice weekend here in Pittsburgh!

First up…don’t forget to vote! Round Three is open with so many good choices!

Tonight, the first clue in Larissa Brown’s Lunar Phase MKAL will be out! I am so excited to see where this will all go. AND, it’s not too late if you want to join in!

I am steaming along on my Cluaranach as well and am into the body of the second half… basketball will gain me some knitting time this weekend!

Now, how about a few links to close out this crazy week:

First up, everything you every wanted to know about cables is here. Thank you to Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford! (and Kay and Ann!)

For Poe fans everywhere: Nevermore

Did you all see Gramercy Park in the new Twist Collective? This is going on my spring knit list, I just need to figure out what yarn i want to use!

Calyx… oh my!

Holly Dress…! It is so cute!!

And, finally…Evening in Edinburgh. Wow…this is really stunning!

That’s all I have for this week! Have an amazing weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

Three on Thursday | 3.22.18

Three on Thursday | 3.22.18

Thing One:

Spring Envy: Yesterday’s snowmageddon was an assault to my spring longings. The fact that I had to stitch snow into my spring sampler was painful. However, this mornings trek outside with Sherman had me rethinking “painful” as the poor robins in the photo so aptly showed me what painful really is. They are all puffed up and are perhaps even more pissed off with these dregs of winter than I am!

Thing Two:

Knitting Dissatisfaction: The new knitty is out. I had looked with interest at Arashi, but the directions seem unclear to me and a bit too ambiguous, even for an adventurous knitter. And, the other 12 patterns? Well, nothing there screamed “knit me” at all.

Thing Three:

Risky Driving Drawing: Thank you to the Bridgeville Police Department for this brilliant tweet yesterday. A picture is worth a thousand words… or crashes as the case was yesterday! But, note to the artist… next time make sure the map is of Pittsburgh rather than Washington DC!

These are my things for today, random as they are! Want to see more? Head on over to Carole’s!

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.21.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.21.18

Greetings, Unravelers!

First up…some mood music courtesy of the First Full Day of Spring.

Next…Did you vote yet? Round 2 is open until 11:59PM (Pacific time) tonight.

Now that we have that taken care of, on to the knitting which has been very focused this week!! I began the second half of my Cluaranach yesterday! Once I get through the tricky bits of the border lace charts and on to the body charts, I can get a little more than a pattern repeat done each day. I am going to say it and hopefully not jinx this, but I am feeling hopeful that I will get this done before Easter! I need to do some research on how best to kitchner lace and how to kitchner garter stitch. (If you have a link to instructions that you use, please share them!) True confession: I am surprised at how lacking the instructions are on how to do this. The only other complaint I had about the pattern was the lack of direction on the right side decreases in the border charts – how it is written does not mirror the wrong side decreases – meaning right side and wrong side decreases don’t lay the same way if done as the pattern is written. It took some figuring on my part on how to do the right side decrease so that they line up nicely. A note to knit wear designers… please do not assume that the knitter will “just know” how to do what you do. More detail is always better. Those issues outstanding, the lace charts in the body of the wrap are easy to read and memorize – and thankfully are quick to knit!

The reading this week has been good as well:

I finished The Power and wow. This one easily got 5-stars from me. Without giving anything away, it is a chilling novel of “what if”, it is though provoking and yes, a bit scary.

I also finished A Boy in Winter, which is on the long list for the Women’s Prize for Fiction. This was so good, and I gave it 4-stars and I highly recommend this book.

After a surprisingly long wait, two novels came through this week: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson. The first is insanely long and the second not much shorter, but I hope to get through them!

If you are joining us this week; thank you and welcome! Please leave the link to your post in your comment!

What are you working on this week?

Monday Endings

Monday Endings

Sometimes Monday’s are for endings…

Today is the 89th and final day of winter and I will complete my last bit of stitching in Winter later today.

I knit like the wind this weekend and today will bring me to the end of the first skein in my Clauranach.

And, it is the end of March Madness for 48 basketball teams, some quite unexpectedly.

Here is to a brief but spectacular Monday! Or, one that ends quickly and without drama!


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