Fiber Friday: 1.26.18

Fiber Friday: 1.26.18

Friday, that day of the week that puts an automatic grin on everyone’s face! And, the sun is shining brightly here with temps that are supposed to get into the 50’s! Steve doesn’t know this (Hi Sweetie!) but I am going to make him go take a walk this afternoon at Boyce Mayview!

On the knitting front, I did manage to get to the colorwork section of Stopover yesterday, but it is not finished…Maybe today, but more likely this weekend, which will give me 3 FO’s for January and my first completed project for my #makenine2018. So, this year is absolutely off to a great start!

I crocheted slipper number one together and I am not quite certain I like how it looks. I will rip it out and try an i-cord join and see if that looks better. I want to get them finished, and have cast on for slipper number two, but have not finished it yet.

My February knitting looks to be just as good as January! I have plans to start Strokkur on the first for Berroco’s Lopi-Along. I need to swatch so I am ready to go! And, I will be mystery sock knitting with Kirsten.

Now, how about some links?

There were some really fun mitten patterns this week: Want to Lopi-Along but a sweater seems daunting? Then perhaps Kate Attherly has the answer for you in her Oh, Canada Mittens and Moose Mittens (And, they are free patterns!!)

Maybe a hat? Lopi-Along with Salt Spring Toque or Saxifrage Tam (again, they are FREE!)

The sweaters were so so so knit-worty this week: Lichen, Sing Winter, Inveraray, Còinneach, Mae Cardigan, [BIG] rubble, Sunday Morning, and Timanfaya (I might be tossing the stash to see what I have that might work for [BIG] rubble!)

The Cooler Side of Warm is a knit-worthy cowl to add to your winter collection! (and free!)

There were some too cute kids knits this week: Odette Hoodie and Namya child cardigan

Valentine’s Day is coming: Palpitation

And, finally, the latest Plucky Collection is just gorgeous.

That is all I have for the week! See you back here on Monday and have a great weekend everyone!

Three on Thursday: 1.25.18

Three on Thursday: 1.25.18

Sometimes the thing you wish for is the thing you get! I am sitting her wondering how on earth it is Thursday already, and then remembered I was hoping for a quick week, and quick it has been!

Thing One:

My new girl crush: Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina! Her comments at the sentencing of Nassar were powerful, brilliant, and I hope, inspiring to the victims.

Thing Two:

I am still working on shedding these last 30 lbs. I got a bit derailed over the holidays and was feeling disappointed in myself…that is until I took my measurements this morning. I have lost 3 more inches which I am entirely crediting to Pilate’s!

Thing Three:

The three tubes became one!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I am off to do a bit of a happy dance, and my Pilates! And, then knit a bit! I am wondering if I can get Stopover done by tomorrow… Happy Almost Friday, err Thursday everyone!

Oh, and if you want to see more things head on over to Carole’s!

Unraveled Wednesday: 1.24.18

Unraveled Wednesday: 1.24.18

Winter time, and the knitting is easy…

The last time I talked about my knitting, I was in the midst of determining if I had enough yarn to finish my Stopover. So, some crazy knitty math was done and it will be close, but by my calculations, I think I will have the tiniest bit of yarn left so I will have enough to kitchner the underarms! I have started my second sleeve and am inching along on it. I have not been doing much knitting (outside of that birthday knitting that is finished and will be blocking today!)

However, Death Cleaning is winning big. I don’t know what got into me, but maybe this stretch of warm weather we have had has given me a bit of Spring Fever and I have been cleaning accordingly!

However, reading has not slowed at all and it has improved dramatically from last week!

I finished The Orphan’s Tale and Lie With Me. One was awesome, the other not so much. I gave The Ophan’s Tale 5-stars. It was moving and at times heartbreaking. I fell in love with Noa and Astrid and I highly recommend it! Lie With Me got 2-stars from me. I had high hopes for this book based upon the description from the publisher but, honestly, for most of the book I felt like this… what the heck is going on??? The story unfolded so slowly, it almost didn’t. The main character is horrid. I disliked him immensely and could not muster any sympathy for him. The ending did tie up so loose ends, but I felt it the story could have been told better. The ending felt rushed after the slog of the first 2/3’s of the book and sadly, I do not recommend this one at all.

I also began and finished Behold the Dreamers. It was so wonderful, and I really loved it. It is a 5-star book and I highly recommend it. I listened, and the narration is marvelous and even better is the singing that would be lost in the written word. The melodious language is captivating. I laughed, I got angry, and I cried. It is a powerful and moving story!

I also started The Girl in The Ice, I am not far into it, but so far, so good!

I also have some very, very, very good things in my queue:

The Woman Who Smashed Codes, Never Let Me Go, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, and up next is Armand Gamache in A Trick of the Light.

I just want to do nothing but read all the things!

What about you? What is consuming you this week?

If you are joining us today, please leave your link below in the comments and thank you!

What the…

What the…

Tuesday, the most awesome of blog days!! (Not!!) Today I am really jonesing for Carole to bring back 10 on Tuesday prompts. You know, those days when I did not have to think too much! However, today I have some What the Heck items that have me completely dumbfounded and provoking lots of thought!

Tide Pods. Seriously, are we all so stupid now that warnings need to go out to not eat them???

Quince and Co posted on Instagram an image of some cute hats knit with their yarn and they got some a lot of flak for posting it.

I got an email on Sunday from an organization that I think is doing great work, however, they informed me that compromise is a dirty word and anyone participating in any sort of compromise is a target to vote out of office. Really? Perhaps they need a refresher on how government functions… And, before you all start in on me… I am 200% for a Dreamer solution, yesterday. But, as in all things, solutions require compromise – not my way or the highway tactics – which means that sometimes you give on things to get things you want.

Why I keep some of the things I do…The junk drawer contained a tome of things that made me say, what the heck? For example, I found appliance manuals for appliances that have been long gone from this house. The removal of that almost 12-inch stack has brought volumes of space to our junk drawer!

On a brighter note, I appreciate all your sage advice on sock knitting and 100% superwash merino yarn sans nylon. I will get the skein caked and do a bit of swatching. Sokkusu O is a very tightly twisted yarn that just might work. If not… my second choice is Gourmet Stash “Grinchy” sock yarn that does have a good bit of nylon.

Happy Tuesday and I hope your day has absolutely no “what the” moments!

An Energized Monday

An Energized Monday

It was a fly by weekend here and I am hoping this week moves at the same clip.

Friday Happy Hour was extra special with a couple of Blood Orange martini’s (super simple: Gin and Blood Orange juice in a 2-1 ratio and these were so good they got a replay on Sunday for football!). I do so love January citrus! I also laughed at the email from IKEA with an appetizer recipe. Thanks, IKEA! FYI, plain yogurt is an excellent sub for sour cream.

Saturday, the big thaw kicked into high gear and I spent much of the day doing Swedish Death Cleaning while listening to Behold the Dreamers. This cleaning unearthed some well-aged WIP’s. Some have moved into the knitting rotation to be finished and others have been frogged. All this cleaning made a space for my floor loom to move to my office/craft room. I also started a little birthday knitting for daughter number one, which I need to kick into high gear and get done this week!!

I also pulled out a couple of skeins of yarn that might work for Kirsten’s Mystery socks. I am contemplating red and green… and the red should be really winning for February sock knitting, the yarn is 100% wool, so I don’t think it will wear well at all. Have any of you ever knit socks with 100% superwash merino? If so, how did they wear? And, thanks in advance for sharing your tips!

Sunday, I really wanted to head down to Pittsburgh and join the Woman’s March, but prior commitments kept me from doing so, however, the sunset was appropriately pink!

On my list for today: some intensive death cleaning of the overflowing kitchen junk drawer and then some birthday knitting!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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