Secret Pal 9 Goodies!

Hello everyone! Are you all getting hungry for some Turkey and all the fixing? I sure am!! My daughter #2 and I have been menu planning for a couple of weeks now! We have got our “game on” and we have our cooking marathon planned! From potatoes to stuffing, from cranberries to veggies, from turkey (fresh from an Amish friend) to pumpkin pie (from fresh pumpkins and home made crust) Heidi and I are ready to prepare the “Feast”. I am so blessed to have a daughter who loves to cook like I do. She is fun in the kitchen as well – I love the holidays.

I arrived home on Friday and found a wonderful box on my doorstep – my Secret Pal has struck! Inside the box were some wonderful goodies – a great circular needle case, some amazing coffee (I have tried it – wow is it good) Buzz Blend is so wonderful! I also recieved a new tape measure – I, like the Harlot, can never find a tape measure when I need it – there has to be 8 gajillion in my house – however, none in plain sight! She sent me the rare and coveted Black Sheep from Lantern Moon. He is so cute! I love him!! I also got a amazing skein of Alpaca in a great brown/black/grey colorway. It is so soft – wow. Beautiful stuff. Thank you so much Secret Pal – you made my week! I will post pictures on Wednesday when my daughter gets back home from her dad’s house.

Speaking of daughter #2 – she gets her driver’s license on Friday! This will be great. And, she is excited!

I have so many things to be thankful for this year – many, many things. I will share more later – have a great day all.

Yarn Aboard Goodies and more!

Yarn Aboard Goodies and more!

Hello everyone – wow has it been busy here! New job and stuff to learn makes for long days!

I wanted to share with you all the wonderful things I got from Lisa from Yarn Aboard – she sent Lewis and Clark loaded up with lots of goodies!

Anyway, Lisa sent me yarn to make not 1 but 2 pairs of socks! And, one of the yarns was STR that she got at Rhinebeck!! She included such wonderful little treats in her package – tea packets and mini M and M’s and a great little notebook for my knitting bag! She also included some stamps for Easter cards!

Lisa – you are awesome. I really feel like you took the time to read my blog and get to know me! My daughter wants me to knit the funky socks you sent YESTERDAY! 🙂 They are so cute! I am looking forward to casting on with all the yarns you sent me!

Thanks for being a simply awesome pal! And, thanks to Amanda for organizing such a great swap! I will definately sign up again!!!

As for Norovember – I have finished my entrelac bag –

And – I am on the decreases on my Clap – she is looking lovely!

Hope you are all having a great week and will have an awesome weekend.
Night all!

Yarn Aboard!

Lewis and Clark arrived at my doorstep yesterday – updates and photo’s this weekend! 🙂

Post Election Bliss – or not

Post Election Bliss – or not

Hello Everyone. I don’t know about you, but I am soooo happy that all the election ads are OVER! It was impossible to avoid them – they were EVERYWHERE! I never thought I’d be so happy to see November 8 roll around! I will avoid the discussion on winning and loosing candidates – I hope all of you voted – I did, end of subject!

On to Norovember! I am finished felting my entrelac bag – tres’ cute! I will post photo’s soon. I have to just weave in the ends of the Noro mittens I made for daughter #2 – shhhhh, they are a Christmas gift for her! I am two stitch markers from decrease rows on my Clap – I love this knit!! I am so happy I started it! I cast on at lunch yesterday Sursa for my girlfriend – again a Noro creation! My husband leaves Saturday morning for “Deer Camp” (more on my husband in a later post) but then I am going to finish the sweater I am knitting for him for his Christmas gift. Wow, there is a lot of Noro going on here!

My good friend Lynne has a great idea that you all need to sign up for. She is looking for mitten donations for some Buffalo inner city children. Let’s all get over to her blog and sign up to send some mittens her way for This is the perfect way to get your family involved in helping! Knit mittens, buy mittens, clean out your mitten basket and send gently used, clean mittens! Help keep some kids hands warm this winter!

On the work front – I started a new job on Monday – more on that later, when my brain stops swirling around.

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!

Norovember is well under way!

Hello everyone! Hope all of you are having a marvelous week – I am working, knitting, cooking, and doing laundry! Life is hectic here in Holland! We have tests to study for, papers to write, books to read – and those are the things that I have to keep my teenagers on pace for! Halloween was a pretty good sized “speed bump” in the road for them. You know, houses to teepee, etc! 🙂

On top of that, I am loving all of the Norovemberish things I am knitting! I have an entrelac purse that I am almost finished with, knitted in Kureyon – this will get felted and hidden away for a Christmas gift! I am half done with one fun mitten – knit from Kureyon and a strand of mohair – also a Christmas present. I need to cast on the sleeves for Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton’s Larstorp in Iro! As you can see Norovember is well under way here!

Well, I have to get dinner in the oven – so I can sit down and knit 😉

Have a great evening everyone!

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