Fiber Friday | 3.30.18

Fiber Friday | 3.30.18

First things first! The final round of voting is open! Mary had casually mentioned the idea of knitting the Final Four…which I think is a brilliant! Seeing the wonderful patterns that made the final four, this idea has some merit. Who is interested?

Tonight, clue two for the Lunar Phases MKAL comes out! I must confess to being more than a bit excited to see where this knit will go!

Yesterday, a little treat arrived via the mail!! Uniform arrived on my doorstep and I did look through it a bit yesterday afternoon. Oh.My. It has the recipe for endless sweater combinations… I am thinking about some fun summery knits that will be well worn and loved! As for the sewing… I plan on getting the patterns traced out next week and begin with a simple sleeveless top. I will make a muslin first to verify sizing, but I am so excited to start!

As you can see, I am still (!!) working on my Cluaranach, but the end is in sight. I am into the 4th repeat on the second half, with one more to go. Then I am to the “weighing and knitting” portion of the wrap. I want to use all the yarn up, so I will see how far I can go with the final skein.

I hope that your holiday weekend is full of very good things and now how about some links?

For the tiny people in your life: Oliviana Cardigan and Sagano

The Kestrel 2018 collection has some really fun things!

Notice (spring)

Christina Campbell’s Healthy Knitter MKAL looks interesting… a walk-along is included with a calendar with a daily tip or inspirational item! But, hurry it starts on April 1!

And, finally: Making No. 5 / Color is full of so many good things!

Really… we all just need more making time!!

And, with that – let the weekend begin! Have a most blessed Easter and I will see you back here on Monday!

Three on Thursday | 3.29.18

Three on Thursday | 3.29.18

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful! e.e. cummings

I am desperately trying to see my back yard through the lens of cummings, so today I am sharing three good things about the rain!

Thing One:

After several of moderately warm and rainy days, my forsythia is ready to explode with color and the leaf buds on the lilac bush are ready to burst open. Should this phenomenon happen, expect some brilliant forsythia photos tomorrow! I have my fingers crossed!

Thing Two:

The non-stop rains have helped me focus on my list and in such, I have made excellent headway and the end of the list is near!

Thing Three:

We have a “window” of no rain in the forecast starting Saturday and lasting through Monday! Which is PERFECT because it encompasses both Easter Sunday and Steve’s birthday on Monday! Now, I am not holding my breath because weather forecasting in the Pittsburgh area leaves much to be desired, but I am hopeful!

And, with that I am off to finish those last few things on my list! Want to see more things? Head on over to Carole’s!

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.28.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.28.18

Greetings, Unravelers!

While I would love to say that it is all knitting and reading – all the time here, sometimes life interrupts that scheme. This is one of those weeks with lots of busy-ness with Easter prep. Shopping to do, things to ship, meals to plan…in all days of very full lists!

And, sadly, there also has been the tiniest bits of unraveling this week – thanks to my not color-coding a pattern. But, the first clue of the Lunar Phase MKAL is complete and I am eagerly awaiting clue two! Not that I will get to it this week, but it will be my Easter afternoon treat!

I also have been doing a tiny bit of knitting on my Cluaranach, although these dark rainy days make light a premium for knitting with dark purple yarn!

But, fortunately I have a good book or three to keep me company while I prep and knit!

I finished The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson. I enjoyed this first book in the Sheriff Longmire series and found it a very enjoyable listen! I am late to the Longmire books, but not to the television series and I liked getting to know the familiar characters better in the story. This won’t be my last Longmire book! I gave it 4-stars and recommend.

I also finished Wave, which was a very quick listen. I gave this book 4-stars – I don’t recall how this book came on my radar, but I am so glad it did. How do you go on in the face of unbelievable tragedy? How do you move forward? How do you not give up when everything inside you is telling you that is just what you should do… Sonali Deraniyagala shares her painful journey in the most beautiful and eloquent way. She shares the ugliness, the wrenching despair, and the journey back to the land of the living. I highly recommend.

But, my stand out this week was a NetGalley ARC of Paula McLain’s Love and Ruin. This book did not at all unfold in a way I expected it to but trust me when I tell you that that was a very good thing! The story is about Martha Gellhorn’s life and relationship with Ernest Hemingway. It is a sad, but very compelling story. I gave this book 5-stars and I highly recommend reading it! The writing is truly wonderful, and it was a book I did not want to end!

I am currently about halfway through the audio-book of All the Light We Cannot See and reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and I am enjoying both tremendously!

If you are joining us this week, please leave your link in the comments. What is on your radar this week!

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 3.27.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 3.27.18

Little bits of time,
Every single day creates
Winter memories

When I originally “planned” this year of stitching, I had something much different in mind. And, so I began with that plan, but I was not happy with how it looked and so over the course of the first days of winter my stitching changed. I did not remove the parts I did not like, but rather I incorporated them into the design.

They are a good reminder for me, don’t undo – improve!

Winter had lots of snow, a good bit of sunshine to temper the grey days, swirling winds, and so many birds. I love the memories that this stitching holds.

P.S. Round 4 voting is open!

A Hopeful Monday

A Hopeful Monday

We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us thru that darkness to a safe and sane future. John F. Kennedy

This weekend the light at the end of the tunnel grew profoundly brighter.

I spent a bit of time watching the televised March for Life on Saturday and these kids filled me with hope. Their eloquence, their passion, and their vision for the future is moving. Change is coming and in an overwhelming way.

Thanks to these amazing children, I am no longer cursing the darkness but following their light to a safe and sane future.

Even their silence is compelling.

I was struck by this thought on Saturday, these children are the answer to all those politicians who believed that thoughts and prayers were the solution: The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6

I too think those leaders should be shaking and yes, getting their resumes ready! Change is coming, and it is full of hope!

Have a hope-filled Monday!

P.S. Michigan in the Final Four is not bad either! GO BLUE!

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