Three on Thursday | 5.16.19

Three on Thursday | 5.16.19

I am joining up with Carole and friends to share three things happening in my world this week!

Thing One:

Sometimes doing one thing leads to a another and sometimes it leads to a catastrophe! Case in point: Monday’s AC Check revealed an electrical disaster that resulted in the replacement of the weather head, all exterior wiring, the box for the AC unit, and a new electric panel in the house (which thanks to our Pittsburgh toilet** had to be relocated to a new location). These repairs coming on the heels of an extended vacation was such an awesome bonus…NOT!

Thing Two:

It is mid-May and I am sitting here writing this post wearing winter pajamas and a thick wool sweater. Mid-freaking-May (and that is not even talking about the amount of rain we’ve had!!) I would like to put my “cold weather” wardrobe away for the season…instead my closet has had an “all the seasons” bomb explode in it! However, the forecast looks like we are warming up over the next few days, so maybe some semblance of Closet Order can return, and I can finally put the winter wardrobe away. Fingers crossed!

Thing Three:

I see some sewing in my “weekend forecast” all because Rose is here! Coming up this weekend, a Capri muslin for starters and I am so excited!

Those are my things but, what about you? What things are in your world this week?

**thankfully our Pittsburgh Toilet is not just a toilet sitting in the open in the basement – there has been a bathroom constructed around it, lol.

Unraveled Wednesday | 5.15.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 5.15.19

Do you think May is moving at warp speed, or is it just me? It feels like it is flying by and its going too darned fast! I need to find the brake and slow this month down!

However, I do have a Finished Object to share – The TRAVEL Socks are done! That’s right – the socks I started for Steve last October are now on his feet. Good thing the weather has been decidedly sock-ish the past few days. I got a thumbs up on them – despite them not matching perfectly. Now, some notes from the knitter – I used this pattern, but I cast on 72 stitches instead of the what the pattern called for. Steve does not like “tall socks” so I knit to a height of 4 inches on the leg… and then that foot. Size 14 feet take forever to knit, just saying. The bonus to these socks is that they have been knit on in almost all the drinking establishments in Northern Michigan, including the Empire Hops Festival, much to Steve’s dismay – he actually thinks that I am the only person who knits in public. I know – I think that is so hilarious.

This week I should have been hanging out on Sleeve Island with my Marsa Alam – but I have not knit one stitch on it. I was advised on Sunday by the person who asked me to do some charity knitting that she told me the wrong date – it is not the end of June, but the end of May that they need the shawl I am knitting. So, in my brief moments to myself on Sunday – I got just past the halfway point. I should be able to get further tomorrow thanks to some stunningly amazing news we got on Monday during our “Annual AC Check Up” on Monday. The electric panel has become “unraveled” and will be replaced Tuesday (fingers crossed it just just Tuesday!!)

Thus – I will spend a good bit of Tuesday without power. (I am writing this post on Monday as insurance just in case their 10-hour estimate is somehow extended – because that would be just our luck! LOL)

Thank goodness for reading for always being the best escape ever and I have some amazing finishes this week!

There was more John Boyne, and each was so incredible: First up – Noah Barleywater Runs Away. This is an amazing, yet poignant tale. The story revolves around the title character – who has run away from home. He ends up in a simply magical place where he is able to unpack what has caused him to run away (no spoilers here). Boyne is a master of bringing you into the story and he delivers things in such an incredible way that you gasp as you take in the words. He is hands down my favorite writer – ever.

My second Boyne finish is Stay Where You Are and Then Leave. This is another WWI story – and delightedly it has some of the same characters as The Absolutist. This story, however, is told from the perspective of a boy whose father goes off to war. I would suggest reading this before you read The Absolutist – I think the flow will be a bit better. Both books got 5-stars from me and I highly recommend each of them!

The Tattooist of Auschwitz: This book was everything I hoped it would be and more. It is the story of Lale Sokolov, the Tätowierer of Auschwitz and Birkenau. The humanity that is miraculously maintained by the prisoners in the midst of the sea of hatred surrounding them is incredible. I highly recommend this beautifully retold story – 5-stars.

Ghost Wall: A Novel: this was a short, gritty read. Down and dirty with no wasted words – the ending… oh man…it was so unexpected!! 4-stars and I enjoyed this on a very visceral reading level!

Finally, The Girl with Seven Names: I started this Tuesday and finished it Tuesday! (I am updating this at 8:30 PM, yes that would be 12 hours after the power was shut off!! AND, it is back on and they are finished!! YAY!!!) This book grabbed me from the beginning sentence: “My name is Hyeonseo Lee. It is not the name I was born with, nor one of the names forced on me, at different times, by different circumstances. But it is the one I gave myself, once I’d reached freedom.” This is an amazing story of one woman’s escape from North Korea. I was moved, I was on pins and needles for Hyeonseo in her journey, and I was elated with the ending. 5-stars and I highly recommend! (P.S. Thanks to Hyeonseo, I did not knit a single stitch on Tuesday… I am correcting that problem today! Ha!!)

That is all I have this week! And, the weather is supposed to be sort of nice – and at least not raining! And maybe even with a bit of sunshine!

What about you? What are you reading this week?

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Sometimes Monday | 5.13.19

Sometimes Monday | 5.13.19

…mean taking a few minutes to sit quietly listening to the birdsong and rainfall while knitting a few rows before Monday Reality takes over.

My thoughts linger on the weekend – especially Saturday, which was spent working outside all day. Thankfully it was sunny but not too warm almost all day. We expanded a garden bed. We washed all the outdoor furniture and put it back in new places! We put the canopy on the pergola and rearranged the new lights a bit. And we discussed expanding another garden bed. It was along but very productive day.

I love this simple change of furniture on the porch – I think it will get lots of use in the coming months!

How was your weekend? Are there moments that are lingering for you this morning?

TGIF | 5.10.19

TGIF | 5.10.19

It feels like ages since it has been Friday while simultaneously feeling like I have had a month of Friday’s!

Today my thoughts are full of getting my brain and body moving back to a normal schedule – vacation eating, drinking, and sleeping are not the same as home eating, drinking, and sleeping. My body is ready to move on from vacation even if my brain is not. And, to begin that return to normal, I thought that a TGIF post was the perfect transition!

Thrilled –

My garden and especially my rhubarb! Two years ago, I divided my plant and last year I thought I had killed it. Several of the plants looked like they were not going to make it. I did not harvest any stalks and it was a very sad year. This year is a different story though – while I did lose a couple of the divided plants those that survived are thriving! I will be harvesting stalks soon and I was surprised to see these interesting blooms. I will be making rhubarb syrup soon and I am also going to make some rhubarb compote to add to my morning yogurt.

Gobsmacked –

I did indeed go to the quilt show yesterday and was absolutely amazed at the beauty I saw! Every quilt was amazing and there were so many of them! I saw and voted for my friend’s quilt, of course. But the Best of Show was truly stunning! I tried to get photos, but the lighting was just so horrid, so I apologize for these less than wonderful photos – but these quilts were some of my favorites! Bonus…Steve won some money while I was spending some! Haha

Inspired –

#memademay – I have been participating but am not as creative as Mary! If you have not been following her on IG, you are missing out! I am impressed with her lack of repeats 10 days in – I have had repeats, partially because of my limited vacation wardrobe. But, honestly – I was totally okay with those repeats. Things that good very good rotation were my Sigla sweater and a couple of Esme tunics. And, when I think about what I want to wear every day something easy like those items are the first thing I grab. What I really need though are a couple more pairs of capri length leggings and I think I might try and make a self-drafted pattern. I also have an eons old Chico’s linen shirt (truly, it is at least 15 years old) that I wear and wear and wear – I have often thought about drafting a pattern from it, but it has so many pieces (collar, cuffs, facings, button plackets) but maybe I can modify a pattern I already have to give it the things I love about the shirt.

Fun –

I took so many photos this time in Michigan – I think because I only took my iPhone and left the “big camera” at home. I also took a good bit of video! I have been thinking about how best to utilize, save, and share the images and videos I took. I will be spending some time next week playing with some programs to put something together. It is amazing the volume of apps there are to do this, but not all of them are “this user” friendly, lol… but stay tuned!

That is all I have for today! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother’s Day and I will see you back here on Monday!

Three on Thursday | 5.9.19

Three on Thursday | 5.9.19

I am joining Carole and friends today to share with you three things today!

It feels so good to almost be back to my normal routine (Steve still has a couple of days of vacation left this week) but it was especially wonderful to sleep in my own bed last night! I really love the little “cottage” we stay at in Interlochen, but that bed… and there is just something about sleeping in your own space, amirite? I get more restful sleep for sure! But as we are still technically “on vacation” – my things today are all about what’s happening around here as we wind down our vacation with a few days of stay-cation!

Thing One:

Asparagus is IN at my local Farm Market! These are my favorite words ever! And, we plan to head there to load up! When the asparagus is in, it is almost all we eat, and my mouth is just watering thinking about it!

Thing Two:

This weekend is Mother’s Day and Steve is going to the Three Rivers Quilt Show with me… okay, maybe he is going to the casino while I go to the Quilt Show, lol. I am super excited to see it because one of the knitters from Tuesday night has a quilt entered!

Thing Three:

Spring continues in my world – I came home to find my iris blooming and this year the display is fantastic! My rose bushes are covered in buds and I am excited to see that some of the poppy seeds I planted much earlier this spring are also growing! But the craziest thing of all is the volume of “helicopters” that cover my lawn (front and back!) from our maple tree. I am not sure what that means regarding weather – but they are a carpet on my lawn and my tree is still loaded with them!

There you have the things that are filling my brain but what’s on your list today?

P.S. I know I have a back log of comments and blogs to catch up on! I hope to get caught up over the weekend! XO

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