Unraveled Wednesday | 11.27.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.27.19

Greetings Unravelers! I hope that for a few minutes at least, you can step out of the kitchen and spend a moment or two sharing your dreams of what you could be knitting or reading this week! Once this is posted, it is Pumpkin Pie City for me! Of course, my Pie City is amateur level compared to Carole! However, this year I did make the crust as well as the filling! Small steps, right?

In the realm of making – I never seem to have stagnant times. (However, don’t look too closely at any flat surfaces in my house, dusting almost never wins over making!) This week I finished my second Tsé biníi doo headband. This one with some mystery yarn and some wonderfully fluffy hand spun. The beige yarn is tightly spun, and I am hoping it will bloom *and soften* some in its bath. However, I carried the yarns in such a way that the inside is mostly my hand spun, which is so soft and light. I am going to try and full the inside a bit. I have taken the red headband out for a test walk on Monday and, Unravelers… we have a winner! It is cozy and warm exactly where it needs to be!

Today (when that pie is in the oven) I am going to work on those socks in hopes that I will have soon have a HO** and can start on its mate!

My Evening Dew Cardigan is calling me though… I have roughly 11 inches of the body to go, which if it sounds like a lot of knitting – it is. But if I can get those darned socks done, I can spend some guilt-free time knitting it!

Also, Made by Rae’s Luna pants have been resized (and while I don’t think elastic ankle joggers would even remotely be attractive on me, this hack would!) Anyways, the pattern is on sale and I have added them to my pattern library!

Also… sock knitters, a heads up for you! Did you see Renovare by Jennifer Burke? I know, I am not a sock knitter, but these are gorgeous! (And knit with sport weight yarn, so even more to love!) I got the pattern and plan on these being my “post-holiday” splurge and I’d love it if you’d join me!

Now for the good and the bad of reading this week:

I finished The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates and I loved it. The story is masterfully told as it weaves around the life of Hiram Walker.

I finished Benediction, the final book in the Plainsong Trilogy and loved it also – for very different reasons. The entire trilogy has just been a joy to read, purely for the joy of reading. The writing is straight forward and honest (as in, how most people talk every day). Yet it makes you think. There is good and bad – just how life is. And, yet despite that – life continues. I highly recommend this series!

Finally, I finished The Downstairs Girl which I found to be a bit of a disappointment. It had potential, but never really took off for me.

In the “I could not finish” category: Celine. I could not get into this story at all and gave up about a third of the way in.

And, that is what I have for today – now it is PIE time! I want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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** Half an Object

A Gratitude Focus | November 2019

A Gratitude Focus | November 2019

I am joining Juliann and friends to share my word – Focus.

I started the month off strong with Michelle’s Gratitude Week – her reminders were so perfect and in hindsight, it turns out that start was crucial to surviving a very challenged month for me.

I am grateful that my normal focus carried me through the month – being in the moment, focusing on right now and moving. Bad days are infinitely better when you move your body and get outside for a brisk walk. Fresh air really clears out the doldrums and it is hard to do anything but focus on Pilates when you are doing Pilates!

Add to that my usual knitting focus – and making some impromptu gifts really helped as well. I also learned that rhythmic knitting (read mindless stockinette) sometimes allows you to dwell on problems – but seed stitch keeps you focused on those knits and purls and not on worrisome thinking!

And all of those things have helped me to stay in the moment rather than being consumed by worry beyond that moment. And for that I am holding on to those tiny bits of gratitude.

Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

Quiet Weekending | 11.25.19

Quiet Weekending | 11.25.19

It was a quiet weekend trying to cure my cough/cold and my only trek out was to the post office bright and early on Saturday to mail Genevieve an advent calendar.

Friday, the monumental task of cleaning out the refrigerator was gleefully crossed off my list! All shelves and drawers removed, washed out, dried, and replaced. Food replaced in a more organized fashion. I even gave Steve a quick “tour” to try and eliminate the “I don’t know where X is” discussions! It worked, sort of… lol

Friday night I settled in to cast on Tsé Biníi doo Headband. I had an issue with “color dominance” that made me rip back the first few rows of color work, but I got back on track quickly – and with the white stitches popping nicely. I loved it so much that on Sunday afternoon I started a second in more muted shades. I am hopeful that I will get this done today as I will have time to knit in between working on the daunting (and overflowing) laundry pile.

After my outing, I spent much of the remainder of the day camped out on the sofa watching a bit of The Man in the High Castle and then some winning Michigan football.

Sunday brought another helping of the previous day, sans Michigan football, but with a surprise photo from my daughter. I love this picture so much – and I could see her mother doing that very same thing so many years ago in my minds eye.

And that after that quiet weekend, I am feeling much better and ready to get things organized for Thanksgiving!

I will be back tomorrow to join Julianne in sharing my word update! Happy Monday all!


TGIF | 11.22.19

TGIF | 11.22.19

The last Friday before Thanksgiving looms large in my house. While I did pretty good at checking off most of my list, I did not quite get everything crossed off…Refrigerator, I am looking at you! But a rainy Friday and an engaging audio book will help me get it cleaned out this morning! (Proof on Monday, I promise!)

(sort of) Tiny Gnomes –

My Gnome knitting is completed and delivered! The hat was absolutely the fussiest part of the entire thing. But he is so cute, and Steve’s mom loved this new addition to her collection!

Gaining –

Yes, I am making progress in my other knitting project(s)! I have finally reached the point of joining the fronts and back of Evening Dew!! AND, I have the heel flap *almost* done on sock one of those Gift Socks!

IN love –

I had been thinking that this “half-hat” would be perfect, but then I saw this in the first Making Winter! I have yarn that will work, and my subscription has been renewed (just this morning!) Entrelac vs Colorwork… it seemed an easy choice! PLUS!! Making Winter is full of more lovely little things that could keep me busy the entire winter season and beyond!

Fiona and the Women –

I have been watching the impeachment hearings faithfully, and while I have been so impressed and comforted at the steady, hard-working, doing the right thing career government employees, Dr. Fiona Hill really was something to behold. I have a bit of a fan-girl crush on her – she is incredibly well-spoken, smarter than everyone in the hearing room, and with incredible recall. She has attained Superhero status in my book!

And adding to all my joy over Dr. Hill – did you catch the debate on Wednesday night? There were more women than men on the stage! Of the 14 on stage, there were 8 women including the 4 moderators. IMO, it was the best debate thus far. And, I am thinking this morning how much better everything would be if smart women were in charge.

And, that is all I have for this week! I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.20.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 11.20.19

Late November unraveling feels a bit frantic; do you agree?

I have a pair of socks I’d like to finish for a Christmas gift… this from the person who might just be the slowest sock knitter in the Northern Hemisphere. I don’t even have a HO (and that damned clock is ticking!) And these socks are knit on a bigger than usual needle and it is still slow going!

However, the Gnome has been started and I think the fiddliest bits are done (that three-pointed cap was a bitch, just sayin’) I am almost to the body decreases so the speed of knitting has picked up dramatically!

(And, my poor Evening Dew Cardigan has not seen much knitting time at all this week!)

But I do have a finished object!! Yes… it took a long time (I really can’t even remember when I started this hat – but it was a while ago) It has been languishing and fell into the out of sight, out of mind black hole. However, a bit of cleaning on Saturday and it resurfaced – and some attention on Saturday night, and a wee bit on Sunday and by Monday morning I was doing the decreases and now I have a blocked finished Sockhead Slouch Hat to keep Steve’s head warm!

His exuberance is overwhelming, no?

Books this week included Ann Cleeve’s sixth book in her Shetland series; Thin Air. I struggled to get into this series, but perseverance has paid off because this was my favorite one yet! 4-stars and I truly recommend this series!

I also finished Eventide, the second in Kent Haruf’s Plaintide trilogy. I loved it more than the first. I especially love how he has woven the stories of the people from Holt, CO together. If you are looking for a series that is the perfect thing for a “holiday read” look no further! I highly recommend (and Eventide got 5-stars!)

That is all I have for this week and if you wrote a post to share, please leave your link below!

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