Unraveled Wednesday 12.11.19

Unraveled Wednesday 12.11.19

We have sadly arrived at the time of the year when getting good photos is challenging at best! We are in the midst of a dreary week sans any sunshine at all, so I apologize in advance for the poor lighting! However, the third time was absolutely the charm for my slipper making scheme. My son does not read my blog, so I am safe sharing them with you all here today! I made one key change to the pattern directions – I swapped out W&T short rows with German short rows with much better results. (And by much better, I mean results with no holes!)

I have breathed a sigh of relief that I finished these and they will be shortly on their way to Michigan! They are not quite dry, but I am hoping they will be in the morning and I can then wrap them up! As a tiny reward for persevering through this challenging pattern, I cast on Renovare socks on Tuesday night! I am using Tuku Sock yarn… oh my. It is so lovely! I am also trying these socks with the “magic loop” method. This is not how I usually knit socks… but I am giving it a try. As you can see – I am still doing the ribbing, but it felt good to cast on something new!

Reading has been good, but slow going and I have 2 finishes this week:

Ann Cleeve’s Cold Earth was very good. The writing was excellent, and this series just gets better with each book. 4-stars.

Alice Hoffman’s The World That We Knew. I loved this book! Every.single.word. Magic, realism, golems, life, and death are all beautifully woven together! This story touched me deeply and there were so many parts that will stay with me for a very, very long time. 5-stars and I highly recommend! (FYI, I listened to the audio version read by Judith Light of One Life to Live fame – there were times that I struggled with listening to “Karen Wolek” read, however I changed the speed and that helped!)

I am at the point that I am looking at my reading challenge and realizing that it is unlikely that I will hit that goal. I don’t know how close I can get, but I am really not sure if that goal even matters.

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Sometimes Monday | 12.9.19

Sometimes Monday | 12.9.19

Starts with one big, gigantic, LONG to-do list!

I have some frantic knitting to finish up….it seems the third time was the charm for those slippers! One down, one to go!

And, there is wrapping…and more wrapping!

All so I can stand in line at the post office this week!

Ahh, December joys…right?

Have a great Monday everyone!

Gemütlichkeit for Friday | 12.6.19

Gemütlichkeit for Friday | 12.6.19

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. — Edith Sitwell

Sometimes English is, well, so lacking. Other languages have words that are just so more descriptive of conveying something deeper. Gemütlichkeit is one of those words – it is sort of the German equivalent of Hygge. The word reminds me of the feeling that would wash over me when I went to my Nana’s house: cozy and inviting, there was always something good to eat, it was full of love and listening ears – a safe, warm, welcoming place! And with those thoughts in mind, gemütlichkeit seems the perfect word for where I want to go on Friday’s… at least for the winter season! 

It feels like we are racing into winter with these dark, cold days. It is so easy to wish the season away, longing for sunnier, warmer weather. But perhaps in the wishing the season away, I am missing the quiet, dark beauty that is unfolding around me.

So welcome to Gemütlichkeit for Friday’s! Grab a cuppa and let’s get started!

First, perhaps you are wondering how to pronounce gemütlichkeit… wonder no longer:

Yes, it’s a mouthful, but say it a few times and it really rolls off your tongue!

How about some knitting? I might be heading off to Ravelry shortly to see what *other* slippers I might find. I am on the “edge” of admitting defeat with these babies. I have knit one slipper unsuccessfully twice! I am giving it one more try this morning using German short-rows instead of the prescribed W&T method with the hopes that in doing that the gemütlichkeit will radiate from these slippers and the stitches will be knit with love rather than the frustration and bad language that filled previous two attempts! 

I am a year around wool-knitter, but this time of year it is especially nice to fill your lap with some cozy knitting. And, in case you are looking for some cozy knitting to fill your lap with I found some things on Ravelry that scream cozy! First up, an “oldie” but so much goodness: Anne Hanson’s Cluaranach! I have knit Cluraranach and it is my go-to winter wrap. Bonus points for filling your lap quickly as this really is an easy and fast knit!

Next up are a few things that have been on my radar for a while! Love Note, Savage Heart Cardigan, and Felix (or Felix Cardigan). A lap full of a cardigan is the coziest thing ever – and these are some quick, cozy knits! The gemütlichkeit practically oozes from these beauties, amirite?

Finally, can anything be cozier than hand knit socks? I saw Sivia Harding’s Walking into Winter socks and got a strong case of the “I need to knit these” bad! Of course, all these yarns are just so yummy!

A couple of years ago, I put up fairy lights in January to help those dark winter nights. But last year I left them up – little bits of light certainly help ease the dark winter nights and they are also nice on warm summer nights! I have a strand of them on the mantle, but my favorite way I am using them is in this pitcher! It is the nicest “light” and gives off the coziest glow. For the holidays I have added a few Christmas baubles.

It can become challenging to keep Friday Night Snacks from feeling rote so when I saw this recipe in a Smitten Kitchen email I thought it would be the perfect wintry addition! I love the idea of serving them warm as well – the perfect cozy addition to our Friday table!

Finally, for all of us who *don’t* wash our hair every day – the morning bed head blues can be challenging – no? I have tried dozens of tips and tricks but this little twitter thread yesterday was a new one! I gave it a trial run last night and this morning my bed head blues were somehow transformed into an ode to joy! I am going to give this a few more tries to validate the results – but holy cow peeps! It was exactly as the tweeter described – “a shield against the next 8 hours…It’s like pressing pause on your hair…”

I wish you all a weekend full of Gemütlichkeit and I will you back here on Monday!

Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels socks


Unraveled Wednesday | 12.4.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 12.4.19

I hope this week does not find you frantically knitting objects that you cannot share on your blog. Sadly, for me… that is my life in knitting right now so you get a bit the fluffy goodness that is my languishing Evening Dew Cardigan.

Those pesky socks are finished and have had their soak and are laying carefully to dry.

However, I mentioned on Monday that my dear son mentioned something over the weekend and then Kym was kind enough to save me from spending a couple of hours searching on Ravelry for the perfect item. She wins the award this week of the most helpful link…ever! This morning I am tossing the stash to find something I can use to knit those slippers! I think 2 strands of worsted weight yarn equal bulky…correct? If that is true, then I will be settling in this afternoon to see how far I can get on a pair of those babies!

Now on to reading:

First finish is The Echo Maker by Richard Powers (of The Overstory fame). This book was suggested to me via Overdrive as he is the December speaker for Pittsburgh’s Ten Evenings event. I loved The Overstory and gladly downloaded the audio book. This is a fascinating story in a similar multi-pronged way, yet very different from The Overstory – it is a longer book (20 hours of listening time) but the story keeps you engaged. Without giving anything away, it tells a story about traumatic brain injury from a variety of perspectives. 4-stars and if you liked The Overstory for its depth and details – you will enjoy The Echo Maker. (Also, it happens in Nebraska – so if you live there, you will find it very familiar!)

Second finish was a book I won on a Goodreads give away! In the Shadow of Power, book 7 in the Sandhamn Mystery series. I enjoyed it – yet another murder on Sandhamn. A very fun read! 3-stars.

Now, in case you are looking for some things to fill up your reading queue – the book lists have stared! NPR’s Book Concierge list has so many good things and has some things I have added to my list! I love that it is searchable by category and with 350+ books, it will have something for everyone!

I also stumbled across this gem on NPR’s Facebook page. It is a worthy listen!

Finally – Bonny, Carole, and Kym announced the new Read With Us book yesterday! Think about joining us to discuss in February next year!

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Looking Back | November 2019

Looking Back | November 2019

I have come to regard November as the older, harder man’s October. I appreciate the early darkness and cooler temperatures. It puts my mind in a different place than October. It is a month for a quieter, slightly more subdued celebration of summer’s death as winter tightens its grip. — Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins certainly has November pegged! This month saw the most dramatic changes, I think. From colored leaves to bare trees. From gently warming days to repeated frosts. And, rain… a colder wintry rain, no longer the warm rains of summer and early fall! There was one day (the 6th) that the photos were so spectacular, I could not pick just one! It was a month that in looking back upon, there was much to be full of gratitude for, which if you asked me before this post – I would have been was hard pressed to say there was much to find gratitude in at all! I am profoundly grateful for these images that have helped me refocus.

November in 58 seconds was not bad either!

There was moving my body – indoors and out! There was so much good food and even a bit of snow! I sadly missed one day of video – so you get a double dose of Steve in his Jerome Bettis super-special and amazing jersey… only in Pittsburgh is this such a big deal! (Also, please note that though Steve hates modeling knitwear, he is eager to show off his jersey… just sayin’ lol)

I hope your November was spectacular as well! See you all back here tomorrow for a bit of Unraveling!

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