Unraveled Wednesday | 3.27.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.27.19

I love when I have a finished object to share on Unraveled Wednesday’s! And, I have one today – yes, Deschain is done! And, there were some significant alterations made to the pattern which resulted in a really lovely sweater!

I knit the front and the back longer, doing 6 repeats of the “lacework,” which was one more than the pattern called for. I also did some short rows on the back to balance out sweater a bit. Quite a few people who knit Deschain said they wished the back was a bit longer – and the short rows achieved that perfectly. I ended up knitting the sleeves flat and then seamed them into the sweater. This gives a much neater look and also the seaming prevents the sweater from just being a saggy mess. And, rather than pick up stitches to immediately bind them off – I just did a single crochet edge around the neckline and although that probably took me longer to do than suggested finish – it looks much better.

I think this sweater will get lots of wear (I already wore it yesterday!) and I am formulating some plans to knit a wool version to wear next fall/winter!

Now, on to the reading – first up I read a fantastic article on The Guardian this week which reinforces why I just love librarians!

My finished for the week:

I read another of Louise Erdrich’s books, this time: The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse. Louise is a magnificent story teller – she has a wonderful way of drawing you into the story and then she unleashes her brilliant characters on you. The writing is masterful, and the story is just brilliant – and complicated – and I loved every little bit of it. This book easily gets 5-stars and I highly recommend this story.

I also finished Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility. “It is white people’s responsibility to be less fragile; people of color don’t need to twist themselves into knots trying to navigate us as painlessly as possible.” I don’t think I have ever highlighted so many parts of a book, ever. It is very well written, insightful, and yes – eye opening to my own White Fragility. It gives some great things to think about regarding racism. This book is an excellent reminder to me – keep your mouth shut and listen, listen, listen! I highly recommend this book!

And, I finished a super quick read – Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini. The artwork is precious, as are the words. This book was inspired by the story of the three-year-old Syrian refugee, Alan Kurdi, who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. I have heard it said we are the uninvited. We are the unwelcome. We should take our misfortune elsewhere. But I hear your mother’s voice, over the tide. And she whispers in my ear, “Oh, but if they saw, my darling. Even half of what you have. If they only saw. They would say kinder things, surely.” If you are looking for something to remind you of the humanity of all, Sea Prayer will do just that. 5-stars and I highly recommend!

In the “did I like this book or not” category is Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. The story is fascinating and told in a very curious way. The thing I did not like — the number of narrators for the story and I do not recommend listening to the book for this reason. The book feels like a collection of short stories, but the stories are all intertwined together, and it circles back to finish stories from other perspectives, but not all the stories worked for me. Still, the writing is beautiful – very beautiful and I loved the ending! I gave the book 4-stars.

That is all I have for this week, and as always:

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Why Focus | 3.26.19

Why Focus | 3.26.19

Thank you all for your wished for Heidi and Genevieve yesterday. They are much appreciated!

I am joining Juliann again this month as I review my word and how I did in March.

In January, I spent my days focusing inward and in February, I focused on me.

March has been a month of questioning so many things. And, my thoughts have been turning around the “can you teach an old Kat new tricks” idiom. Yes, I have been focusing on the things I do (and don’t do) and the whys of them.

Things in my focus this month have been –

keeping my closet clean
better dinner planning
and moving more consistently

One of those things continued to be an epic failure all.month.long. (Hello, closet!! I am looking at you!)

Being organized in the tiniest closet ever is not easy – but part of the problem might be too.many.clothes.

But help is on the way!!

Some Closet Kondo-ing is already underway and maybe some Wardrobe Styling are in order. But hopefully, next month my closet (and wardrobe) will have a new focus and stay that way!

What about you? Do you struggle with closet organization?

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels


Oh, Monday | 3.25.19

Oh, Monday | 3.25.19

Sometimes there are no words for Monday, but there are plenty of words to read.

I love these little interviews that The Guardian does!

Is Valium the new Soma?

Posthumous James Baldwin makes me want to read all his essays!

Hey, Kym! I think your Bunnies need some friends! (Psst, here are some Ready to Knit Kits)

This is a genius idea, and to start with French.Onion.Soup is brilliant!

Wait, what? Alcohol without the alcohol

P.S. We had a rough weekend around my house – a grand-dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The tears have flowed heavily and consoling a 3-year-old who loves her Dolly seems impossible. And, my poor daughter has put her grief aside to comfort Genevieve – but it was just Heidi and Dolly for a long, long time.

If you could send some good thoughts (and prayers if you are so inclined) to my daughter today – they would be greatly appreciated.

TGI-Fotograph Friday | 3.22.19

TGI-Fotograph Friday | 3.22.19

This has been a very mixed bag week, but it is finally Friday, so I am setting the week aside and making room for the weekend!

Tracking my brackets!

This might be my best start of any bracket I have done in years! And, believe me there have been years that my bracket was blown on Day One, but this year I only missed two picks on the first day! And, there were some crazy good games yesterday!! You would think with all this basketball, I’d have some knitting to show for it… think again, lol.

Good plans, bad timing??

So, my plans for knitting yesterday somehow went by the wayside. There was a trip to Costco and then during dinner a conversation started about possibly moving the bedroom furniture around… which then morphed into moving the bedroom furniture around after dinner. Yes, we have completely and totally lost our minds. We managed to get things moved enough to go to bed – but it was not pretty. You know what I am doing today… more bedroom furniture moving!!

Inspired to Sew…

A few Bunny Bags to fill with treats for the kids and Genevieve! These were courtesy of the Bernina We All Sew Newsletter yesterday – and so timely. I would love to join Kym with her latest knitting obsession, but I think the sewing of bunnies might be easier (and quicker) than knitting an army of bunnies!

I also stumbled upon a new-to-me magazine yesterday which has FREE PATTERNS available on their website!

Fotograph Friday!

And, finally – I am joining kmkat again this week with a photograph from one year ago! Yes – we had a doozy of a snow storm and damned if we don’t have snow and gale-freaking-force winds in the forecast today. Spring!! I am looking at you! I am a wee bit concerned about my lilacs!!

That’s all I have for this week! Have a great weekend everyone!

Three on Thursday | 3.21.19

Three on Thursday | 3.21.19

I am joining with Carole to share some things today!

Thing One:

I believe in the “three strikes and you are out” theory. Because, generally if after three tries of doing something one way unsuccessfully, continued tries in the same manner means you are heading down the path to insanity. And, so yesterday Deschain and I sort of had it out – in a big way. I will spare you the gritty details, but I will tell you that cotton yarn and picking up stitches in a fabric knit at a loose gauge were beyond my capabilities. End result? I have taken out the side seams and I am knitting those blasted sleeves flat. Once done – I will seam it all together. All this has reinforced to me that I am a wool knitter. Period. If I want a cotton sweater – I will buy the damned thing! LOL

Thing Two:

A fun fact about Pugs – they are perpetual shedders. So, if you don’t like dog hair – you don’t want a Pug. However, a couple of times a year they go from being a perpetual shedder to an Oh My Gosh, How Can This Small Dog Have This Much Hair, Super Shedder! However, one of these Super Shedder phases always happens about now and so Sherman and I spend a good bit of time in the back yard where I attempt to defur him. I calculate the amount of hair removed in “Pug-sized” quantities and the past two mornings have reached the “three pugs worth” of hair. However, within 30 minutes every last bit of hair is gone from the yard – carried away by the nesting birds. I like knowing that this year’s baby bird crop will be snug in a nest lined with Sherman!

Thing Three:

There is some success in the seeds I planted! Beans and Basil and Atomic Cherry Tomatoes are spouting! Also – this hilarious photo my daughter sent yesterday! Genevieve all decked out in her “strawberry” clothes ready to start gardening! I am too, Vivi – I am too!

That is all I have for today! What about you? What things are on your list today?

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