Currently | 5.15.18

Currently | 5.15.18

It seems with blogging daily I am telling you everything that is going on in my life. Close, but not really. A good bit of time has passed since my last Currently post, and Tuesday’s being an inordinately challenging blog post day, I figure it might be time for some more current and pressing things in my life right now, right?

Watching: I recently binged the London Spy on Netflix. Wow. It was good and had crazy twists and turns. I highly recommend. I am also watching Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale as they drop each week on Wednesday, also so good! And, The American’s is winding down to the series finale. So, lots of mystery and wtf moments in the watching department!

Experiencing: Incredible relief! I had a little sit down about my volunteer activities and it worked out better than I thought it might! Yes, I am still doing some volunteering, but it now feels more like volunteering and less like free work! This is a very good reminder to me that setting boundaries in all things are a best practice.

Planning: Lots of things (some of which I shared yesterday) but really… MEALS! I have somehow strayed from healthy eating. Okay, that makes it seem like I was not at all responsible for what I eat and drink, lol. The fact is I have gained some weight back and it is a good reminder that being healthy is a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. So, we have been spending the month of May focusing on getting back to that lifestyle. It has been a challenge, but I think we are turning the corner. I am not beating myself up over this lapse, but rather using it as a motivational point.

Loving: This post from IG that January One shared on Sunday. It struck a cord with me and was just what I needed to see.

Repurposing: I have discovered that Lotta Jandottor’s Esme Top with cap sleeves (which needs no binding around the sleeves) fits PERFECTLY in a repurposed 100 Acts of Sewing Dress No. 2. I will be sewing up a few more tops in the next week or so and it makes me feel so good that these dresses are not going to waste!

Contemplating:  Planting!! Specifically, tomato and pepper varieties and pondering beans with the hopes that Operation Keep Bunnies Out does do just that.

And, there you have a list of what’s current in my world right now! What about you?

Summer Planning, The Knits

Summer Planning, The Knits

Closing in on the finish line of my Lucinda feels so very good. This weekend’s rain actually helped spur that finish along and just tiny bits of knitting remain.

That can mean but one thing, figuring out my Summer Knit Agenda and I think I have it mapped out fairly well:

First up, a new Vodka Lemonade out of Jaeger Trinity (which is some recently unearthed deep, deep, deep stash). All I need to do is swatch to confirm what size I am knitting and with what needles and that will hopefully be a quick little knit!

My Summer Knit Agenda also includes a Uniform Cardigan out of fingering weight Coast. I ordered the yarn this weekend from Denmark. Why? Believe it or not, the price was insanely better, and they had the color I wanted. I am still working out the recipe I want to knit, but I will have enough yarn to do whatever I’d like!

I also have some Quince Sparrow that will become a (hopefully) quickly completed Eavesdrop.

And, finally I like to knit Tegna with some vintage Briar Rose Fiber yarn.

The only other summer knitting plans I have are for these socks to get mates!

Now that I have my knits plotted out, I now need to organize my Bingo Card in a similar manner so that I have the perfect reads to go with these great knits! But, that is for another post!

What about you? Are you making plans for summer? What’s on your list?

Fiber Friday | 5.11.18

Fiber Friday | 5.11.18

Sometimes the arrival of Friday brings the greatest joy… sometimes, you just want a bit more time for its arrival. This is one of those times. I had hoped to have a finished sweater today (or more finished than it is)… but that did not happen. I will try and knit for a bit this morning, but my list has a plethora of other things on it as well. So, the sweater might have to wait until Monday for its finish! I had worried Lucinda would be too big – she’s not. I had worried how the yarn would work out – it does. I am eager to wear it and it will be the perfect spring to summer to fall sweater!

And, maybe, just maybe I can get some swatching done for my new Vodka Lemonade.

I love it when I have some things to look forward to on Monday!

Now, how about some links:

First up…Mary has 2018 Summer Book Bingo cards ready! I have my card(s)…yes, I printed out two and have not yet decided which I will use. One is definitely easier than the other… (to see the cards more clearly click to embiggen!)

I recently discovered and every day my brain explodes just a bit more at all the insane stitching creativity! Yeah… just amazing inspiration.

I have long been fascinated by Åsa Tricosa’s designs and this week she released a trio of curiosities: Vaudeville, Coucou, and Dusala. The details are quite inspiring, as is her sweater construction. Have you knit any of her designs? If so, please share your thoughts!

Clementine is as adorable as the fruit!

Adine Light

I am no fan of dishcloth knitting and, you will never, ever, ever, ever find me knitting one. However, I have noted that some of you do like to do this phenomenon occasionally so perhaps some of you might enjoy May Flowers.

And, finally a new design by Caitlin Hunter: Sipila

That’s all I have for this week! Have an awesome weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

Three on Thursday | 5.10.18

Three on Thursday | 5.10.18

tipping point
: the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place

Today’s things are all about tipping points.

Thing One:

I have reached the tipping point of my sweater…you know it, that moment when it suddenly looks sweaterish and there is no stopping the outcome: a finished sweater is in sight! Today’s rain will spur along the finish of the front. It feels so good, this downhill portion of the project!

Thing Two:

Last year’s garden had the slow crest to a tipping point and, in fact, we did not even realize we were reaching a tipping point until all the beans and a good portion of the peppers were decimated. Slowly, bit by bit, the rabbits diligently worked their way into the garden – hiding their handiwork behind the wall of raspberry canes. However, dear little bunnies, your comeuppance has arrived! Welcome heavy-duty gage wire! Bunnies!! Your day is over! Long live the beans and peppers!!

Thing Three:

And, finally, I believe that this week we have reached the tipping point of this train-wreck of a presidency. Thank God.

And there, Gentle Reader, you have my tipping points for this week. Want to see more lists of amazing things? Head on over to Carole’s!

Unraveled Wednesday | 5.9.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 5.9.18

Houston…we have sleeve divide!! Yes, at long last I have divided for the sleeves in my Lucinda sweater! That’s lotsa knitting! Although, it was kind of nice to just knit without having to pay much attention being closer to a completed sweater feels so very good!

I am pondering my next project (I know… what on earth is wrong with me!!), and I think it will be a new Vodka Lemonade for me…interspersed with a plethora of socks. Yes, that is right. I am going to work on finishing up the mates for several single socks that have been languishing around my knitting bag!

Now, how about some reading updates:

The reading has slowed down a bit, thankfully!

I sadly finished Amor Towles Rules of Civility. I really loved it and did not want to end! His writing does not disappoint, and the way he uses words can take me away from what I am doing, and I get completely immersed in the story. This book got 5-stars from me and I highly recommend!

I also finished Russian Roulette. It is well-written and offers a clear and concise timeline for all that led up to the election and includes the first months of the Trump presidency. I gave this book 3-stars.

The Sparrow came through from the library, so I started reading that before bed. I am still trying to figure out exactly what is going on, but what I can ascertain is most curious!

I should be done today or tomorrow with The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, which I am enjoying. Listening to the author read this story gets high marks from me, and for me, makes this story more interesting. If I was reading it, I might have glossed over some bits – but listening to Arundhati tell me the story is almost conversational.

That is all I have for this week! What’s on your plate today?

And, if you have prepared a post, please be sure to leave your link below!

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Tiny moments with big impact

Tiny moments with big impact

I don’t want to sit there and be like, ‘Oh, I don’t care what the audience thinks.’ It does matter to me. I just want them to think, to be honest. – Donald Glover

I have debated long with myself about posting this, but the impact that this has had on me is such that I am compelled to share. A warning, the link below contains powerful but graphic images, please proceed with caution.

Sometimes, in that which is incredibly uncomfortable you find that what you cannot comprehend you feel with amazing clarity. You can read some of the thoughts on the symbolism in Glover’s This is America here and here. There is much more on the Twitterverse as this has been trending since the video was posted Saturday night. The imagery in this video is stunning. Each time I watch it, I find new things to see and feel. It is powerful, painful, and perfect.

Thank you, Mr. Glover, for making me think.

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