It's chilly outside!

Hello everyone.  Fall has, at long last, arrived!  When I got up this morning it was so crisp and chilly outside.  It smelled so great!  This is a great improvement from the “wet” smell in my condo.  Yes, you read that right – wet.  The switch went out on the sump pump and I have some wet carpet downstairs.  I am fortunate that I caught it early – Servicemaster – who I am on a first name basis with – came late yesterday to extract the water.  I have my own personal wind tunnel now until the carpet is dry!

So, just in case you are all wondering if I will be checking into the loony bin – although I had some serious thoughts about doing just that – I am doing just fine on the edge of crazy here.

I have been working on the finishing touches for Lynne’s Special Swap for this round – the theme surrounds a movie.  I think that this theme has been exceptionally wonderful and I am excited to see what my pal sends me and to see her reaction to what I will be shipping off to her.  I hope to have everything ready to head off this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend – I am picking up my first try at Angel Food Ministries on Saturday.  I will let you all know what my thoughts are on the food I get.  Although – for $25.00, this will be a HUGE savings on the monthly food bill here. 

I heard a lovely reminder this morning on the news – in 2 months it will be Christmas.  Have you started your holiday knitting yet??????  Yeah, I think I have the same answer here that you all have in your homes.  I had better get moving on some easy projects – I have a slate of mittens on my project list, a hat for my son, some slippers for my mom – and I am going to pull out some hibernating WIP’s to move out of here!  This may mean that I have to put the spinning wheel away for awhile!  Stay tuned for some interesting WIP updates!

Last night I sat down and finished spinning the Wensleydale I got at the Allegan Fiber Festival – now all I need to do is ply!  I believe I have gotten the hang of drafting and maintaining a fairly consistant strand while spinning – the plying should be easy, one would think, right?  Well – Blogless Mary and I are taking a plying class in November at The Spinning Loft and I hope to become more proficient at plying then!  I plyed the Corriedale and I have MORE than enough to knit myself a pair of socks.  They will have to wait until after my holiday knitting is completed before being cast on!

Well, I better get off to work – have a good day everyone. 

Weekends are for….

Good morning!!  Yes, we are up bright and early here – I have to head into work shortly and I wanted to finish up the laundry so I was not stuck doing that for the remainder of the day!  This is the best time of the day – it is quiet, I can sip my coffee, catch up on my blog reading and enjoy the start of the day.

It has been a strange week, both with the weather and with work.  I am  more than ready for the weekend! 

There are more trees with vibrant leaves – fall is definately upon us.  The storm did manage to de-foliate quite a few trees, there are still enough left with their fall attire proudly displayed. 

I had dinner with some friends last night and after dinner I walked downtown with Mary – we stopped in to Loker’s Shoe to see what was in the bargain basement.  I found a GREAT bargin indeed.  Some very chic cowboy boots – for $25.00!  Yes, you read that right – $25.00.  I may be looking for a hoe down this weekend to wear them to! 

 I really want to take a drive to view the colors this weekend, but I am not sure that will be accomplished.  There is homework to follow up on, housework to finish, and parents to check in on.

Aging parents can be quite a challenge!  Especially when neither one lives next door!  My mom has had some health struggles recently, and she is not a good patient!  Having been a nurse for her entire life – she could write the book on how to be a bad patient!  Well, I would say, and I think my sister might agree, that Mom could win the prize for not listening to what the doctor says!  I have been tossing the idea around in my head to move her in with me…. I just don’t know where we’d put her!!  So, for the time being, I am grateful that my work brings me to Grand Haven multiple times during the week – it makes it convenient to stop at lunch and after work to check up on her. 

 I had better get moving – have a great weekend everyone!

Friday = Fun day?

Hello everyone – well, last night we had some insane weather blow through our area.  It got dark and windy out – all of a sudden.  Then, the rains came down – lots of rain beating against the house.  Then came the hail – it was like buckshot being blasted at the house!  The cat just loved it – not!  So, I have Copper melded to me because he is terrified of storms, and Miss Noel freaking out – her tail the size of a baseball bat!   Penny, on the other hand, slept through all the turmoil.  Thank goodness Penny is NORMAL!  LOL 

So, I lit some candles just in case the power went out, turned on the tv, got out my  spinning wheel and some corriedale roving and went to town!  Two full bobbins later – Grey’s Anatomy was over, and I was well into ER. 

Does anyone watch “Ugly Betty”?  I have never watched this show – and if you are an Ugly Betty fan, my apologies in advance, but I think this has to be the dumbest show on television!  Just saying – sorry if you love the show!

 Have I told you how calming spinning is?  There is just something about that soothing, repetitive motion that soothes one so perfectly!  Wish I could show you a photo of how my evening ended up – Copper asleep with his head on my lap, Penny snoring on the back of the sofa, and Miss Noel perched next to her.  I am so excited, I think I will have more than enough to knit myself a pair of socks!!!  I have gotten the hang of drafting and this attempt is amazingly even and consistant.  I would post a photo, but I cannot find my camera!!

Today at work is a “run around” day – I need to go and pick up things from several people and I am even working tomorrow.  Although, I did interview for a new job this week – I hope to know something by next Friday, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow afternoon will be a “get away” day for me as well – I am heading out of town for the evening. 

Have a glorious Friday everyone!  Talk to you next week!

Rhinebeck Envy…

Hello Everyone! 

We are truly in the midst of Autumn here.  It seems that every other day we have overcast skies, damp, chilly weather, and intermittent rain.  This is the time of year that the color of the trees makes up for the lack of sunshine.  Against the gray background the reds of the maples seem redder – and the yellows and oranges are vibrant!  Not that I am loving days and days and days of rain – but it is a bright spot.

I wanted to thank you all for your kind and encouraging words – they meant more than you know.  Each day I think of the thoughts of all of you and I am reminded that I need to keep those thoughts going towards my friends families.  I called my girlfriend yesterday – I had checked in with her last week.  She was still surrounded by friends and family in the aftermath of the funeral.  And, when I called her yesterday – they had all gone back to their lives.  Good reminder, gentle reader – don’t fall off.  Yet, there were surprising acts of kindness that made us both cry.  Her husband’s employer is providing medical insurance through the end of the year for my pregnant girlfriend and her son.  Then, her husband’s co-worker’s are all chipping in some money from their pay to have the insurance continue for 2008.  I will be taking her out to lunch one day next week.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Okay –  now for a lighter note –

After reading all the blog posts about Rhinebeck and the chatter on Ravelry – I am really envious of all you east coast people!  I have to work on Saturday, but, the urge to drive there is buzzing around my head.

I will be watching for all your stash enhancement that happens over the weekend – with great envy!  I really need to plan a road trip next year to participate! 

I had better get off to work – have a great day everyone!!

Kids and kittens

Kids and kittens

Hello everyone!

 It seems fall has arrived – kicking summer to the curb in it’s excitement to arrive.  So, today dawned gray, rainy, and cold – with no trace of summer who was lolling around on the sofa yesterday. 

 Words of warning – be careful of what you wish for – it may just happen!

So, I arrive home to find a new kitten at my home. Yes…you all read that right – a new kitten.

Now, no “awws” people.  One cat was wonderful – two I am not so sure about.  So now the dogs, Noel, and I have this “spitting” kitten to deal with.  Oh – it spits – at me, at the dogs, at the cat, – heavens – even at it’s image in a mirror.  Okay – I admit that is funny, but the dogs are definately not amused. 

So, I am still debating with my children about this kitten … stay posted for the news updates.

 Some of you asked for an “action” photo of my wine flip flop in action – and without further adieu… the flip flop in action!

Now – a more somber note…

 You have all been forewarned – so enter at your own risk for the remainder of this post…..

It has been a heck of a week or two (although it seems like the days have stood still at times)…. a good friend of mine committed suicide recently.  I have not blogged about it because of how painful it has been.  Then, as I was struggling to understand that – a very, very dear friend lost her husband very unexpectedly.  They had just found out they were expecting their second child.  This also knocked the wind out of my sails.  Some days life does not make sense… at all… it just hurts – so terribly much.  And there are no words to say….

This post is dedicated to two Steve’s  – may they live forever in the thoughts and hearts of those who loved them. 

Too hot to….

Hello Everyone – here it is a week into October and it was 90 plus degrees out today. 

That’s right, 90 plus – on October 7th.


Hello, Autumn? 

Are you there????

I can honestly say it was almost too hot to knit today.  Yep, the wool had to go… Banished back to the knitting bag.  With dreams of sitting on a beach somewhere –  sipping a nice cold beverage, I pulled out the Handmaiden Sea Silk I recently got – and began knitting the  Montego Bay Scarf.  Wow, this stuff is delicious!  Amazingly delicious.  It is cool and incredibly  silky – with the faint aroma of saltiness. 

The colors are definitely “fall” but this is truly a “hot weather” yarn. 

So, until Autumn decides to grace us with his presence this summery yarn will be sliding over my fingers. 

If you find yourself experiencing the “hot weather knitting blues” get yourself some of this stuff – it will cure what ails you!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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