Unraveled Wednesday | 4.24.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 4.24.19

Post Easter unraveling means April is waning and I am eager for May! I did not do too much knitting over the weekend, but I did fix the problem in my donation shawl! I am back on track and even making some progress! I have 6 repeats done with about 12-ish more to go but it is not due until the end of June and it will be long done by then.

And Marsa Alam… I have reached the ribbing!! But, holy cow! Those last 3 or so inches seemed to take forever! I expect the body will be done sometime today. I think I will tackle the button bands and the neck band before I begin the sleeves as I am having a bit of a debate with myself on knitting them flat versus knitting them in the round.

After a very long wait, Circe finally was available for me! I enjoyed it however, I don’t think it lived up to the hype or the wait. I did enjoy it but I was hoping for more. I listened to it, and the narrator, Perdita Weeks, was wonderful!  3-stars.

After the Fire – book two of the Fredrik Werlin series. As with Italian Shoes, the writing is really wonderful. Werlin has a bit of a mystery going on – he wakes in the night to find his house on fire. He makes it out alive, but everything in the house is a loss. The story progresses as he figures out how to rebuild – and not just his house. The ending is so poignant and it makes me think that Mankell might have had one more story about dear Fredrik. I highly recommend this book and it got 5-stars.

As I read this post yesterday, I was struck by how much it reminded me of A Place in the Woods, which had been sitting on my bedside table for over a month! I finally picked it up Sunday afternoon and finished it on Monday – It was the perfect book to finish on Earth Day. But, oh boy – while I deeply loved this story I am not about to head off to the wilds of Northern Minnesota. The honesty with which this book is written makes you realize just how hard life without amenities is. The writing is beautiful. 4-stars and I highly recommend. Also, the blog post linked above is 5-stars and I urge you to go read it now!

That is all I have for this week, and as always – if you wrote a post to share, please leave your link below!

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Sometimes Monday | 4.22.19

Sometimes Monday | 4.22.19

Are for looking back…

This was the first thing I saw yesterday morning when I out with Sherman in the wee, dark hours. The view stopped me in my tracks and filled me with such wonder. That glowing dogwood will fill my thoughts for many days to come!

I hope that you found things over the weekend that filled you with wonder too!

Happy Monday everyone!

Eye Candy Friday | 4.19.19

Eye Candy Friday | 4.19.19

It’s a holiday weekend and Steve has the day off. I thought today would be the perfect day to share our brief but spectacular bush (Maybe Bridal Veil? I am not sure what it is.) Anyways, it blooms and is over before you can really even appreciate it, sort of like weekends are occasionally!

If you celebrate Easter or Passover – have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all back here next week!

Unraveled Wednesday | 4.17.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 4.17.19

Greetings Unravelers! The weather here has been decidedly fickle and we went from warm, breezy days to freezing rains mixed with a sprinkling of snow and back to warm breezy days. It was a great reminder that it is not quite time to put away the woolens. I was thankful to have a warm woolly sweater on Monday because I really did not want to turn the furnace on again – but I lost that battle in the early afternoon, despite my sweater. Thankfully the windows were back open on Tuesday with no need for woolens!

The weather has afforded me some nice bits of knitting time though and I am making good progress on Marsa Alam! Yes, I have been monogamously knitting away on it and am just over the half way point of the body. I should be working on my donation shawl, but I have a mistake and I need to do a bit of ripping back to get it on track  and so I have been avoiding it.

The reading this week was really good!

My Sister, the Serial Killer finally came through from the library and it was a quick listen! It is a curious story and the book pulls you in from the beginning and keeps your attention as it draws you into this dark, yet at times humorous story. I enjoyed it and gave it 4-stars.

I was really in need of something on my Kindle to read at night and Henning Mankell came to the rescue with Italian Shoes. How is it possible that this is my first Mankell read?? The writing is wonderful and the unconventional story unfolds in a most lovely way. I fell in love with Fredrik Werlin despite himself, his self-deprecating humor is brilliant, ” I keep a diary of a life that has lost its way.” The story tells about how Fredrik begins to make amends for his lost life, and eventually find his way again. I loved it so much, that I got the second Werlin story immediately and am half way through it! 5-stars and I highly recommend!

This weeks reading rounds out with The Light Between the Oceans. This was such a melancholy story – but it is so beautifully written. It is a tale of love and loss – and through the loss, the duration of that love. I wished it had ended as I was hoping it would, but the ending was still hauntingly beautiful. This is a book I will be thinking about for a long time.

That is all I have for this week, and as always:

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Weekending | 4.15.19

Weekending | 4.15.19

Monday’s are never fun, but when Monday and Tax Day fall on The.Same.Day. Well, that should just be against the law, imo!

Happy Tax-Monday…NOT!

So, rather than dwell on the Monday-est Monday ever – let’s rewind the weekend a bit, shall we?

Friday, I managed to get a good bit of knitting done on my sweater, but it did not get anymore “knit time” during the weekend except for a few brief moments on Sunday. Still – borrowing a great idea from a brilliant blogger – I have visible progress! Woo hoo!

Happy hour was fantastic – martini’s with bleu cheese stuffed olives are simply divine! And, the meatballs were not bad either! Haha!

Saturday, oh Saturday… we wondered if Janoski’s might have asparagus in – but alas, it is still a couple of weeks out. So, back to the task of the day… taming the back yard. It took most of the day, but not as long as either of us imagined… which was a good thing. Steve grilled burgers for dinner (which as also a good thing!) Now, here is where our age factor showed up – by 6PM I was MORE than ready for bed – as was Steve. I wish I was kidding… but sometimes reality bites…and early bedtimes are a must! Haha!

Sunday brought rains and Palm Sunday church was wonderful as was the pedicure after church! Remind me to do that next year the day after “Back Yard Clean Up” because that massage chair… oh yeah! The day rounded out with a jump start on laundry, a wee bit of knitting, and omelets for dinner.

The perfect, and simple, ending to a too short weekend!

How about you? How was your weekend?

TGIF | 4.12.19

TGIF | 4.12.19

It was a full week and next week will be more of the same so today I am just taking a deep breath and planning on spending some time today knitting on my Marsa Alam, because I don’t think there will be many knitting moments this weekend – the yard is fairly screaming for some attention and the Yard Work Fairies have yet to show up, darn it all!

But all that aside, it was such a good week!

Thinking about –

Gardening… it is that time of the year! I stumbled across this article about a garden that is still thriving…six decades after the death of the gardener! This makes me think about my yard and garden beds in different ways – ways that are more long term and lasting. I am also reminded of our visit last year to Fallingwater and all the rhododendrons that were planted all over the grounds – the forethought of this truly impacts the beauty of the grounds today. Gardening with purpose is something I always want to do, but I don’t always achieve that. These are good reminders as we begin a new season.

Grateful for –

My library. Truly. It is a place beyond measure. A place to gather with friends, a place for stirring conversation, a place with unending books ready to take you away…and this morning I saw this! This sparks all kinds of joy inside me! I am adding “nurturer of crafting” to the list of things my library does!

Inspired by –

Courtney, as always – and the timeliness of her messages. How does she know? Her words of wisdom about how to deal with being busy – even too busy – are just what I needed this week. I have been thinking about the things I spend my time on – and have been paring some things back. At first these things were hard to “give up” – but after a couple of days I found I did not miss the constant scrolling I was doing on IG – I check it, but only at the end of the day. Am I missing things? Yes, I am quite certain I am. But if you don’t know you are missing something, are you really missing it? I am also not spending hours each day “surfing the net” with much the same results – at first, it was so hard to get up and walk away from my pc! But like the IG phenomenon, after a few days it was not hard to get up at all. In fact, each day it is easier and some mornings I have had to make myself go and sit at the pc! What am I doing with all this extra time? Well, for one thing – my meditation time has really improved since cutting back on my screen time! And that is absolutely inspiring!

Fun –

This weekend Steve and I are heading into the “wilds” of our yard to tame the overgrown bushes. Is this going to be fun – oh, hell no! But!! I am going into it with the following mindset – I am going to be quiet no matter how much Steve yells (and he will be yelling, oh my! lol) I am going to be patient no matter how much I want to be doing something else – my mantra will be, “this too shall pass”, and I am going to be cheerful even when I don’t want to be (because it is hard to yell at a cheerful person right?) Wish me luck!!

And, there you have it! I wish you all a wonderful weekend – full of every little thing you want! See you all back here next week!

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