Friday Links, Open at your own risk…

Friday Links, Open at your own risk…

This post comes with a disclaimer… these links are dangerous!

I have cast on more things in the past week and there are at least 3 things linked below that I want to I have some seriously knitsanity going on here.

Good thing it is Friday and there is sure to be LOTS of knitting time this weekend! (I know for a fact there will be because there is some crazy football game on Sunday night and yes, I will be knitting and watching!)

Add to all of that, Phil has seen his shadow, so more winter is on tap. Just the added inspiration (if I needed any!!) to keep on knitting! But, really Phil… thanks, NOT!

Yesterday, I started the Mystery socks… sock one is almost done. I hope to get through the cuff of sock two today. So far, so very good. Kirsten writes a great pattern. And, yes – I opted to go with the yarn that had some nylon in it.

Now, on to those links…and don’t say you weren’t warned!

Need a quick but luxurious knit? Azurine Hat and Cowl might be just the thing.

These socks might not be quick, but wow are they stunning!

Boho style Mosaic Cardigan…I mean really. I can’t even, it is so cute!

Ahem, Carole and Vicki…. Did you see Elwood?

Immortalists… oh my!

Brae Cove Tunic. I mean really…WANT! And, I love how this pattern came to be: “One afternoon, in a cozy cabin called Brae Cove, a group of knitters imagined the perfect knit tunic. It would be simply constructed for easy knitting, but it would also have a bit of optional colorwork for knitters who wanted more of a challenge. The design would be knit in the round, top-down, so you could try it on as you knit, opening the door to easy modifications. And the style could be worn on its own or layered, flattering a range of body types. With notes taken and inspiration blooming, lo and behold, the Brae Cove Tunic was born!”

Log Cabin Mitts…and free.

Joji has The Easy One and a Bulky version.

And, finally – Beth Smith is hosting a Rhinebeck Retreat…oh, and I am doing the cooking! You really don’t want to miss out on this!

That, my friends, is all I have this week. Have an amazing weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

3 on Thursday: 2.1.18

3 on Thursday: 2.1.18

The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within. William C. Bryant

While there is no sun today, these words this morning filled my meditations with hope. February is short, and her days are lengthening! In Pittsburgh we will gain 28 minutes of daylight this month! There is lots of good things going on this month, and here are a few of my favorites!

Thing One:

Knitting all the things: Socks, Bang-out-a-Carbeth, and Lopi-Along will consume my knitting time. My knitters heart is all a-flutter about so much fun knitting! I swatched for Carbeth yesterday and got gauge. My Lopi is underway, and I will cast on those socks today! It’s a good month to be a knitter!

Thing Two:

Appreciating pen and paper as I begin on my letter writing journey this month. I have my list, if you commented here, watch your email for my request for your snail mail address!

Thing Three:

Queue up some binge-worthy TV! My queue includes Top of the Lake on Hulu and The Doctor Blake Mysteries and Retribution on Netflix.

These are the things occupying my mind on this first day of February. Want to see more things? Head over to Carole’s where all the good things are!

Unraveled Wednesday: 1.31.18

Unraveled Wednesday: 1.31.18

Welcome, Unravelers!

And, just like that January is over!

It was a good month for knitting! I managed to finish three projects! And, I have cast on another sweater for Berroco’s Lopi-Along! I started Strokkur yesterday but, I am not too far along. I love how Ysolda has me counting rows rather than measuring. I did get row gauge (which is very good) but I did not get stitch gauge, so I am knitting accordingly. It was a cold and blustery day yesterday, which makes for wonderful knitting time!

But, better than knitting was my January reading! The month started out with a bit of disappointment in the book selections, but it closed out with some really wonderful reads and I somehow managed to finish 12 books this month!

I finished reading The Girl in the Ice and loved it! A well written crime mystery. I gave it 4-stars and will try another book from this series!

I also finished listening to A Trick of the Light! Ahhhh! There is just something wonderful about Armand Gamache, and this is my favorite one yet! (I know, I say that every time, but really – the character development is just amazing and so touching in this book!) 5-stars and I highly recommend this series!

I started listening to The Woman Who Smashed Codes on Monday and really did not want to stop listening! It is wonderful!

I started reading The Snow Child.

Here is to this long month being over. The days are feeling less dark and February, while still cold, is, thankfully, not long! And, there is so much fun in February! Want to Lopi-Along? You can still join in, there is plenty of time! Are you up for some Olympic Knitting? I am pretty sure Team Rules Schmules still has openings! Perhaps, you dream of Banging out a Carbeth…and, if none of those strike your fancy, tomorrow clue #1 of Kirsten Kapur’s sock MKAL starts! So much knitting, so few days!

If you are joining in today with all the Unraveler’s, please leave your link in your comment! Have an amazing Wednesday and thank you for stopping by!

Tiny Moment Tuesday: 1.30.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday: 1.30.18

Juliann began with this idea on her blog last week and it just feels like the perfect thing, so I will be joining her here.

Today, my thoughts are all about letters and handwriting as I get ready for the Month of Letters in February!

Want to be on my list? Let me know in the comments!

Yay, Monday?

Yay, Monday?

It was a full weekend that perhaps went just a bit too fast.

But, Stopover is done – save weaving in ends and just in time for the return of winter tonight!

I had planned on swatching for Strokkur over the weekend, but I outside of finishing Stopover, I barely knit. I know, what is up with that?

I might have entirely lost my mind, but I am going to join team rules schmules and do a little Olympic knitting, because a sweater and socks are not enough. Hahaha!

Fortunately, my list is not overwhelming today and includes finishing slipper number 2, weaving in ends, and swatching!

I hope you have a happy Monday and I am wondering what is on your list today?

Fiber Friday: 1.26.18

Fiber Friday: 1.26.18

Friday, that day of the week that puts an automatic grin on everyone’s face! And, the sun is shining brightly here with temps that are supposed to get into the 50’s! Steve doesn’t know this (Hi Sweetie!) but I am going to make him go take a walk this afternoon at Boyce Mayview!

On the knitting front, I did manage to get to the colorwork section of Stopover yesterday, but it is not finished…Maybe today, but more likely this weekend, which will give me 3 FO’s for January and my first completed project for my #makenine2018. So, this year is absolutely off to a great start!

I crocheted slipper number one together and I am not quite certain I like how it looks. I will rip it out and try an i-cord join and see if that looks better. I want to get them finished, and have cast on for slipper number two, but have not finished it yet.

My February knitting looks to be just as good as January! I have plans to start Strokkur on the first for Berroco’s Lopi-Along. I need to swatch so I am ready to go! And, I will be mystery sock knitting with Kirsten.

Now, how about some links?

There were some really fun mitten patterns this week: Want to Lopi-Along but a sweater seems daunting? Then perhaps Kate Attherly has the answer for you in her Oh, Canada Mittens and Moose Mittens (And, they are free patterns!!)

Maybe a hat? Lopi-Along with Salt Spring Toque or Saxifrage Tam (again, they are FREE!)

The sweaters were so so so knit-worty this week: Lichen, Sing Winter, Inveraray, Còinneach, Mae Cardigan, [BIG] rubble, Sunday Morning, and Timanfaya (I might be tossing the stash to see what I have that might work for [BIG] rubble!)

The Cooler Side of Warm is a knit-worthy cowl to add to your winter collection! (and free!)

There were some too cute kids knits this week: Odette Hoodie and Namya child cardigan

Valentine’s Day is coming: Palpitation

And, finally, the latest Plucky Collection is just gorgeous.

That is all I have for the week! See you back here on Monday and have a great weekend everyone!

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