Health Care for all, but not all for Health Care

Health Care for all, but not all for Health Care


We have seen an historic event happen this week, the victory for all of us with the passing of the Health Care Reform over the weekend.

However, apparently this was not something that some of the citizens of this land were excited about.

In fact, they were so not happy about it that they have determined that they have the right to threaten those that voted for it…not only threaten, there have evidently been acts of violence against some!

Really people, can you not be more constructive that that?

Who knew that writing a letter intelligently expressing ones disagreement and dissatisfaction was passé?


In search of "unbridled, gleeful joy"…

My Bodacious Leader has again posed a question to all those in pursuit of becoming bodacious, “What activity that I do (or did, or want to do) gives me unbridled, gleeful joy? What’s my “thing?”

Miss Janey goes even further and compels us not to be shy or embarrassed, to share our joy liberally!

All right then, without further adieu I present to you all that which gives me great joy:

The List of Joy

  1. Knitting – this is of course first on the list.
  2. Talking with Stevo – thank God for my BFF!
  3. Cooking – so I can do #4
  4. Eating.
  5. Thought provoking conversation.
  6. Learning something new.
  7. My kids.
  8. Listening to music.
  9. Spinning – yes, I like spinning – however my real love is #1.
  10. Change.

So there you have it, ten items that bring me great joy, now you tell me – what brings you joy!

The Dawn of Real Reform

After a Herculean Effort, President Obama saw the passage of the Comprehensive Health Care Reform bill by Congress late last night.

Reforms that will see coverage expand for millions of Americans who currently are uninsured or under-insured, Republican and Democrat alike! Even though Republicans tried hard to rally against it and they held fast to that stance to the end because, voting sadly held to the party lines, even though they also will benefit equally by passing of this bill.

Reform that just the thought of caused Rush Limbaugh to announce that if this bill passed, he might have to move to another country, one with universal health care, I might add.


Welcome Daylight Savings Time

Welcome Daylight Savings Time

My friend, StevoFC, has been doing a MacroMonday Theme on his blog. This was my sunset tonight, at 19:45. While I am struggling with the time change to daylight savings time, I surely like the later lightness of the day.

Spring is coming!


Originally uploaded by As Kat Knits

Sichuan Pork Noodles

Sichuan Pork Noodles

I have long been a fan of Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s The Splendid Table and some years ago, I began subscribing to her Weeknight Kitchen. It really is lovely, once a week I get an email with a recipe and some Lynne Food for Thought!

Over the years, she has sent out some wonderfully delicious recipes, and because they are a “Weeknight” meal, they are simple and easy to prepare.

This week’s recipe was no exception, but it was a departure for my usual Cooking Comfort Zone.

Amazingly, I had most of the ingredients in the house and only needed to get a couple of things – another key to her recipes, they are both good and made with ingredients you have in your pantry.


A Farewell to Interweave Knits…

A Farewell to Interweave Knits…

…or, why all good things eventually end.

I have been knitting for a number of years now and when I started out as a new knitter, someone recommended Knitter’s Magazine to me. I bought several issues, but I never found anything inside that I really wanted to knit.

As I slowly gained some knitting proficiency, I began to look at other knitting magazines. I thought the things in Vogue Knits were lovely, but the magazine that really caught my fancy was Interweave Knits.

Every month there were dozens of items that I wanted to knit… far more choices than there was time for me to spend knitting them!

My appreciation for Interweave Knits grew, and I did what all faithful readers do, I subscribed and six times each year I received a tool that helped me improve my knitting. It helped me learn new techniques; it challenged me to step out of my box.


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