Hello everyone. 

You have all humbled me with your kind and supportive responses. 

This blog was started when I lost a long time job and when I started it I had no clue where life would take me.  I am amazed at how much calmer I am today, in the light of uncertainty, than I was two and a half years ago. 

Sometimes life is all about preparing you for the next step.  My eyes are open to so much more today than they were. 

I had been looking at other employment opportunites for some time now – I knew in my heart that I needed to find other work.  The housing industry in Michigan is shaky, at best.  I had been looking in West Michigan – and was a bit depressed at how depressed the economy truly is around here.  But, not being much of a “glass half empty” person, I could not linger in that state long. 

Then came the shake up of job loss and with a renewed sense of direction – I began to look outside my comfort zone. 

I need to apply to my life what I have been telling my children for years – change is inevitable.  Change happens daily because each day is different than the last.  Learn to embrace and accept change – life will be so much easier. 

Sometimes the hardest thing is to do what you tell others to do.

So, I am heading on a new journey.  One that I do not know where it is leading to.  But, I know that I am not traveling on this journey alone.

This could actually be a very good thing – think of how many knitting minutes I will now have between now and Christmas! 

Life is in fact very, very good.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some knitting and spinning content!

Thanks for your prayers and support – they are truly a balm to my soul!

And the name is….

Hello everyone.  Well, we have narrowed the choices down and are trying a few out on “Little Kitty” – I hope we have a decision soon.  Of course, we all like a different name.  I will keep you posted and announce the winning name later on.  I will also email the name suggester as well. 

I am convinced that life does not get easier as you get older.  Last week I lost my job.  Yep, how awesome is that?  In this economy I am a bit concerned about finding a replacement job.  I have interviewed, but I have not heard anything.  I am determined to not “read” anything into not hearing anything from them.  I obviously need to work on patience.  I have gotten a couple of phone calls from other lenders – but I am not certain that I want to continue lending in this marketplace. 

I have been reading other friends blogs – and loosing ones job seems inconsequential compared to what  is happening in other bloggers lives.  I also need to work on seeing benefits instead of problems!

So, what did I do all weekend? 

Well – I did some spinning, some knitting, some reading, and a lot of meditation.  I am thankful that my craft allows me to clear my mind of what is stressing me out and focus on where I need to be. 

I am blessed to have supportive friends, a loving family, and faith that this will all be alright. 

I am also extremely blessed to find solace in a most unexpected place, from a most unexpected person. 

My ex-husband.

So, stay tuned to see where this leads….

Stay safe and warm – we have cold weather heading in and SNOW in the forecast!


Hello Everyone!  Well, here we are starting out the 11th month on an interesting note.  Last year I was part of Noro-vember.  I love knitting with Noro so much, I have pulled out some from my stash and will most certainly cast on a few things and knit to my hearts content.

I got a couple of skeins of Kureyon from a secret pal some time back – and I think I am going to knit myself a pair of socks from them.  A quick, easy knit and just in time for cold weather – so they will keep my toesies warm!  I also have some holiday knitting that I want to work on.  It will be a Noro-bember-ly delicious month!

So, the challenge for me this month is to have good content for NaBloPoMo – do I think I can do it?  Well, I will certainly give it a good try!

Things coming up for me this month – a plying class the weekend of the 17th.  I am eagerly awaiting this class.  EAGERLY!!  My wheel has become a much loved item in my home.  It is on the list for “If there was a fire, what would I take…. ”  What was I thinking, resisting the spinning bug for so long????  Sheer craziness I tell you. 

Last knit there was some Knitting with Grey’s though… I do enjoy that show.   Thursday nights are a good knit night – I did not get to my normal Knit Nite – Heidi and Sam both have some major tests at school today so there was lots of “quizzing” going on here last night.  This is, at times, a humbling experience…. sometimes I am amazed at how much I remember from school… other times, like last night – my brain is struggling with the “I am sure I never had this in high school” syndrome.  Yeah, last night I would not have disagreed with my kids had they said – “oh mom, you don’t know anything”.  Not that they ever say that outloud… but, you know they are soooo thinking it!

Well… I had better get moving.  Have a good day all… catch you tomorrow!



Hello Everyone – keep those kitty names coming – comments will be open until noon tomorrow!  The winner will be announced next week!  You have sent in some great names!! 

I have signed up for NaBloPoMo – that’s right – it is November!  If you hurry there will still be time to get in on the fun. 

Speaking of fun – I got my package from the lovely Leah!  Check this out – this month’s Secret Swap theme was “Take your pal to the movies”  and look were Leah is taking me!  The Prestige – hmmm, have not seen it!  Looks good!!  You will find me curled up this weekend watching this and knitting!  She included some other goodies in the package – a great little bag filled with Burt’s Bee’s treats, some amazing Green & Black’s Organic Bittersweet chocolate.  Ladies, this stuff has 70% cocoa content in it – that makes it heart healthy!  I love eating chocolate to lower my cholesterol!!  She also sent me some Organic Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn – wow, they make organic popcorn???  Who’d of thunk that you could get healthy with secret pal gifts?! 

She did not scrimp on the yarny goodies either!  Check this out…..

Rooks Farm Superwash wool/silk/viscose blend in a truly “Magic” colorway.  Very nice!

And, if that was not enough – she sent me a skein of Feece Artist – Spring Colorway.

Wow Leah, I love each and every thing you sent!  I will send you my movie review and let you know how I liked the film!

Hope your Halloween was safe and filled with fun!  Have a great evening everyone.

A Halloween Contest….

A Halloween Contest….

 Hello Everyone! 

Are you ready for All Hallows Eve? 

Do you have your treats ready?

It has been a busy end of month – I am amazed at how mild it has been.  The weather man did not need to tell me that it has been one of the warmest October’s on record – I have been appreciating how nice it has been.  We still have some pockets of vibrant color outside – all in all, it has been a truly lovely fall.

I have been busy spinning – this is truly addicting.  This summer I bought some beautiful Wensleydale fiber from Flying Fibers at the Allegan Fiber Festival.  I also met the sheep who gave this lovely fiber.  So, from sheep to yarn – here is a great example.  I wish I had bought more of this yummy stuff.  As you can see – it is natural – no dyes.  My girlfriend, blogless Mary, bought some as well.  I am going to buy it from her and spin up a bit more.  I see a clapotis in this yarn’s future.  I wish that you all could feel how soft this stuff is.   

I am very happy with my spinning on this.  The color in the photo does not do the yarn justice – it is really a very intense brown-grey. 

I had hoped to get my “Special Swap” package out on Saturday, but that did not happen.  I have it all set to go out today.  I had fun putting this package together – our theme was “movie night”.  I hope my pal enjoys the treats I put in her package!

Things have been a bit topsy turvy here also – remember the kitten that Heidi brought home?  Well, she took that kitten over to her dad’s home.  They were looking for a kitten – so, he moved over to their home. 

A co-worker had a black kitten that she was hoping to find a home for… and this is the cutest little kitty!  I had the dickens of a time trying to get a picture of her this morning though. 

Here she is in all her green-eyed glory.  She is so funny.  She loves the dogs.  But, Miss Noel is not so sure about this little rascal yet…

Here is where the contest comes in – help us name Little Kitty and I will send off some yarny goodness to the winning name. 

Leave your name suggestions in the comments – you have until Friday at noon EST. 

Happy Halloween everyone!  Have a fun day!

Waning October!

Waning October!

 Hello everyone!  Is anyone else amazed that this is the last Friday in October?  Yeah – where did the month go?

Tonight Heidi has her Decomposer’s Festival Concert – this is one of the kids favorite concerts all year.  There will be great music, light refreshments, and Crane’s Pies available for ordering.  If you are not doing anything tonight – there are 2 concert times (different from last year, but the demand for this concert is so great they needed to add an extra show!).  The early show is at 6PM and the late show begins at 8PM.  Leave me a comment if you are in the area and want to add this to your “must do” for the weekend.  Tickets are $5.00 – a great deal for the event of the season.

Now, moving on to bring you some fiber content!  For quite some time I have resisted spinning.  I did not really want to learn a new thing and I thought that knitting was the be all, end all.  While knitting is amazing – I am in no way giving up knitting – spinning  is beyond that.  It is soothing like knitting is but in a much different way.  I have the bug people.  This past week I worked on plying some fiber Rose and Ruby gave me when I bought my wheel.  I don’t know what the fiber is – but I have about 74 yds. of varigated yarn.  

There are still some spots where the yarn is thicker and thinner.  I am working on being more consistant.  I think it is lovely though, and I see a pair of wrist warmers in this yarn’s future. 

 Next, I got a bag of Corriedale roving and have been working on spinning that up.  It was a bit of a challenge at first, it seemed to have a shorter fiber and I stuggled a bit with drafting.  But, I kept going and this week I finished spinning up the bag and I plied it this week.  After a short bath to set my twist, this is what I ended up with. 

Still some areas of thick and thin, but much more consistant than the fiber above.  There is lots of this yarn!  By my calculations I have 1440 yards of this stuff!  I was hoping to get socks – and I have more than enough to do that.  I think I might have enough to knit a vest up!  I will be surfing Ravelry this weekend to see what I can find there.  I love the colorway and the subtle variation in this yarn.  It is soft and squishy.  I am very pleased with how this turned out.

I have some amazing Wensleydale hanging in my bathroom to dry – 1800 yards of Wensleydale.  I will post a photo when it is dry.  Gentle reader – if you could feel this fiber… Oh. My. Gosh.  It is purely amazing.  The faint lanolin aroma is divine.  I met the sheep that this fiber came from – making it all the more special.  He won some blue ribbons at the Allegan Fiber Festival – Best of Show was one of them.  I was able to spin this much more evenly – a nice fine spin.  I finished plying it last night.  1800 yards people – of amazingly soft yarn.  Stay tuned for photos.

I am taking a plying class in November in Howell, MI.  I am not sure I am doing this portion right, and The Spinning Loft has a spinner coming in from Vermont, I think, to teach plying techniques.  Oh – and I signed up for a dyeing class at ThreadBear in December.  Lots of new things coming up.

In case you are thinking there has been no knitting – I have cast on a pair of socks from IW’s Favorite Socks book – I found a new sock yarn from Zitron – Life Style – it is 100% Merino and has a very nice varigation pattern.  Self-striping – which normally I am not a big fan of – but this is looking like a nicely aged rag sock, without the bulk.  I am knitting the Undulating Rib Socks – and have the cuff done and have started on the Undulating Rib pattern.   They are the perfect “take along” pattern.  If you see me – look in my purse, they will be there!

 Well, have a safe and spooky weekend.  Later gaters!

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