A Harlot's Tale

A Harlot's Tale

Hello Everyone! Well, hope you all had a marvelous weekend – mine sure ended on an up note. I traveled across this great state from Holland to Ann Arbor to see The Yarn Harlot – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak at the library there.

I headed out right after church, it would certainly be busy and I wanted a seat, so I arrived in Ann Arbor shortly before 1PM. This is great, I thought – AND – I found a parking spot less than a block from the library, even better!! On my way in, I met a wonderful woman from Kalamazoo (I am so sorry I do not remember her name!!), she was sitting outside in the glorious sunshine knitting a sock, of course!

Inside the library, down stairs in the conference room were dozens of knitters! It was truly a great experience! Shortly after my arrival (I had already purchased 3 books for The Harlot to sign – one for me, and one for Rose, and one for Ruby) we all learned that Stephanie was delayed – there was fog at the Detroit Airport – she could not land – they shipped her back to Chicago.

Now, imagine this picture – dozens and dozens of knitters all anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Yarn Harlot – and there is no uproar at all – we all simply pulled out our knitting and began to knit. It was the BEST SnB I have ever attended! The library was kind enough to offer us some substitute entertainment as we patiently knitted away on our socks, sweaters, lace work, etc. It was also April Fool’s Day and the library had the children all making the most amazing of hats – they paraded past us knitters’ in a lovely parade!

Finally, the word came that Stephanie had arrived (her cell phone had long since died – charger in Detroit, cell phone in Chicago). It was so worth the wait!! Please excuse my pitiful pictures – I was overcome with excitement to be seeing Stephanie (can you imagine this???!!!)

I was in the back row – but here she is! In a sea of knitting heads – our fearless leader appeared! She was breathless and thankful to some kind gentleman who drove her from the airport to Ann Arbor – his wife must be a knitter!!
She took our picture, we took hers, and we listened to her worries and concerns. And, while I was listening a thought popped into my head. We knitters do make a difference! And, in a very big way – to quote Stephanie “one small stitch at a time”. I read today that Caps for the Capital collected over 280,000 caps. Does that make a statement to all of you? I have a proposal for all of you – if we all took a stand and made our stand known – peace could happen! We could knit for peace! If there were more people knitting for peace – wars just might cease! After all, how many violent knitters do you know? I don’t know exactly how to go about it, but I believe that we can make a difference. What do you all think?
Okay – I apologize profusely Stephanie and I owe you a drink or two for posting this photo – this is operator error, not object error! But, here is The Harlot holding my “Bloomin’ Feet” sock! Woo Hoo! Pretty amazing, huh? And, don’t you just love Stephanie’s sweater – it glowed – seriously! I am sure that Stephanie will have a marvelous tale to tell about her travels to Michigan. Check out her blog and see!

Have a great day everyone – watch out – we have SNOW in the forcast Lynne!! 🙂

April Showers…

Good Morning everyone! First off, we have a winner – Beth had the correct guess of 30! Congratulations!!

Did you all have a good Palm Sunday? I know I did – up early and off to church, then I headed out for Ann Arbor to hear The Yarn Harlot.

I have pictures that I will post later – it was an awesome day. I met some amazing knitters, and Stephanie was truly worth the wait!

More details and photo’s later – I cannot be late for work!!

Have a great day all!

One year and counting!

One year and counting!

Good morning everyone! TGIF! It has been an eventful week here at the Christensen Huis – my kids were bouncing off the walls because Spring Break starts today (and when they are teenagers, it makes for some pretty heavy duty bouncing!!) – they are headed off with their Dad to the Bahamas for a week of fun in the sun. It has been insane at work – major changes in lending criteria have made the learning curve steep! My boss was a casualty of “being downsized” – his position was eliminated yesterday. When he called to tell me I cried – he is the provider for his family. I liked him and feel awful that this happened to him. It also means that my “new” boss is in the Detroit area – miles away from our team – and the markets are vastly different. My team-mates and I are nervous about what will shake down next. We lost our “go to” person who fought our battles for us. Change is not always good.

On a brighter note – it is Friday, I am thankfully busy at work and low enough on the totem pole that our jobs are safe. We are the peons after all!

Spring is unfurling slowly and beautifully here – my tree in the front yard has leaf buds on it, the birds are singing their beautiful chorus’, and it smells so good outside! I took this photo of my “Sunday sky”, an amazing sunset that we had on Sunday night. Beautiful, isn’t it?

So, yesterday I mentioned a small contest to celebrate 1 year of blogging. That’s right, it was a year ago that “As Kat Knits” was born. I have enjoyed the process of this tremendously and even more – have enjoyed finding other knitting bloggers. I enjoy reading your blogs as much as I enjoy blogging. I have made some good friends that I would have never met if it were not for this media! To celebrate I have a fun little contest… taking a page from my friend Lynne – I have filled my antique Irish Bread bowl with yarn. Guess how many skeins I have filled it with. Here you go …
Or maybe this view is better…
Or perhaps this one?

Get your guesses in – you will have until Sunday night, April Fool’s Day to vote.

What will you win? I have 3 skeins of Cotton Chenile ready to ship off to the winner in lovely “spring” colors. So, gentle readers – get out there and vote! Have a fantastic Friday.

It's Blogiversary Eve!

Wow, tomorrow As Kat Knits will be 1 year young! Where did the time go? It is hard to imagine how much change has happened in the last year of my life – job changes, life changes, knitting challenges, and new friends! I feel a contest coming on – I shall ponder it over the evening and post the details in the morning.

The weather here has been just lovely! Hope it is equally lovely in your corner of the world.

Stay tuned for more…

Traveling Tuesday!

Hello everyone. I have been working on travel plans – knitting travel plans. Where am I going, you ask? Well, it is not me going – I am in Lynne’s Special Swap and the theme for March and April is to send our pal on a “knitting journey”. I have been working on all the fun stops for my pal to travel on. I think I have her “itinerary” about complete, but am looking for 1 or 2 last “must” stops. This has been so much fun, and I am excited to see where she is going to “send” me!!

Has everyone been bitten by the “Spring Fever Bug”? I know I certainly have – I am itching to get outside and play! I saw signs of life in my garden this morning – my yarrow is coming up!! The birds are all singing amazing chorus’, it is so grand to have the windows open to listen to them. It is also grand to have the HEAT OFF!

I have Knitter’s Guild tonight – it is WWIT night. I know we all have had those moments of weakness – the “What Was I Thinking” knitting blunders. I am bring 3 WWIT items tonight – I will post photo’s of my lovelies later. I think you will all agree – What was I thinking! Trust me ladies – if you are over 12 and weigh more than 100 pounds, a “furry poncho” just does not work! Heck, a “non-furry poncho” does not work! If you recall “Virtual Kat” from a month ago – you can easily see why a poncho and the “wide angle backside” do not go well together! So, I am hauling off my early knitting adventures off for “new ideas” at the Guild meeting tonight. There should be laughs for all – at least with what I am bringing. The knitting blunder I am not bringing is the sweater I knit for my “dear, departed husband” (and before all of you start commenting and asking if he died – no he is alive and well, or at least that is what I last heard! He just has “moved on” – to another state!). Some ideas that some of the gals from SnB were rather funny… the one I thought was funniest was take the sweater out with me to “find a new owner”. Can you see me walking down the streets of Holland holding my sweater up to male passers-by, sizing them up? My fear is that it is (excuse my language here…) asshole sized and I am certainly not looking for another one of those! Another thought was to “felt” it a bit so it can fit my son – but, the same connotation is ringing in my head, and my son is very dear to me! It is gorgeous yarn – Noro Cochoran – a real waste of good yarn, if you ask me. It was the first sweater I finished and sending it to the Frog Pond would be painful! I think I will keep it as a reminder of what not to seek in a male companion!

Okay, enough of this line of thought – watch for photo’s of my WWIT – hmmm, I think I can add a picture of my husband to that line up as well!

Have a fabulous Tuesday all!

Weekends are for knitting…

Weekends are for knitting…

Hello everyone! It was such a lovely weekend here, right now it is 70 degrees outside – it was an amazing day. I did quite a bit of knitting this weekend watching March Maddness – see how far I am on my Simple Knitted Bodice!!
What are those 2 cakes of yarn you ask? Well, as I went through my stash – I discovered that I did not have enough yarn to complete this sweater! I had to go buy 2 additional balls of Ultra Alpaca – different dye lots, thus I am working them in with my other yarn. I am working on the waist portion, almost ready to start the lace work. I am having so much fun knitting this! Top down sweaters are definately my cup of tea! I love how I can try it on as I go!! This sweater will be sure to fit!

I have plans for this summer that I am dying to share with you all! I have arrived in knitting – I truly believe that! Rose from my LYS asked me if I wanted to go to Sievers School this summer for a week long class with her! Now, Rose is an amazing knitter. She has taught me so many new and fun things – she was the one who encouraged me to take the class with Beth Brown Reinsel! So, what is on the class list this summer? Knitting from South Sweden with Carol Huebscher Rhoades as our instructor!! Think on this gentle readers – a week of knitting!!! In my prior life this would not have been possible, but it surely is now! And, you cannot imagine how honored I am that Rose has asked me!!! Can life get any better???

I am working on my Bloomin’ Feet socks as well, but I have to tell you – it has been hard to put down SKB this week. I promise to do better next week Amanda and post a photo of my sock progression for you! Hopefully I will be done with sock #1 and have sock #2 started. That is my plan and I am sticking to it!!

Have a good Monday everyone!!

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