It is Knit Knite Day!

Hold me back – Knit Knite is in a few short hours!  Woot Woot Woot! 

Do you all have something you look forward to?  Something you eagerly anticipate?  Somthing that if you miss, your week just does not seem right?  Well, having missed Knit Knite for several weeks due to work/kids/life schedules – I am HUNGERING for an evening with the girls and some sticks and some yarn.  A little laughter, some amazing fellowship, and some knitting time is just what this girl needs to bolster her sanity!!

 We have the most amazing group of women that get together – just amazing.  I know – you all will say that your Knitting groups are amazing as well, and I believe they are.  But, this group of women is extra special.  And, tonight is even more so – Barb is retiring from driving a school bus and we are having a little celebration for her tonight.  More details and pictures tomorrow!

If you are off to your Knit Knite – have a very fibery, wonderful evening!

Oh… and I have cast on the Monkey socks – Monkey see, Monkey do!  Update with photo coming soon!

I have set my rainbow in the clouds…

I have set my rainbow in the clouds…


Wow, huh? It is amazing to see one rainbow but when two miraculously appear it is awe inspiring!  A mirror image of the first – what a glorious sight.  I watched the cars whiz by as we stood outside and basked in the beauty before our eyes and I wondered how many of the people noticed or even cared.  It was nice to stand outside and be reminded that God’s promises are for yesterday, today, and always.  A good reminder for me as somedays it seems that the struggles of daily life can seem overwhelming at times.  Yet, if I remember to look upward – life can be clearer. 

 Graduation was nice – the orchestra played – Heidi was awesome!  I have some pictures to share, but I need to charge the batteries on my camera before I can upload them.  Stay tuned for some photos from the event! 

 Work has been strange, to say the least, it has slowed down drastically.  I got a job offer from a competitor on Friday.  I am going to speak to them about their offer on Friday morning – I will keep you all posted.  I also have some other irons in the fire – with the way the economy is and how many changes are happening in the lending arena – I have been trying to look for opportunities outside of the mortgage world.  I will keep you posted on that front as well.

It was the last day of school today – Heidi and Sam are excited!  I am excited too – this means no more getting up at 5AM to get Heidi to school at the crack of dawn.  I am proud of her for choosing to be part of the Symphony Orchestra – but we are ready for a break.  I will savor the summer days until fall arrives and with it the early mornings again!  Sam started drivers training yesterday – before my eyes, my children are growing up.  It is bittersweet, but I love the young adults they are becoming. 

I better get moving and get in the shower and head off to work!  Have a great Wednesday everyone!

It is June? Where did May go?

Wow, I am stunned to find June has barged right on in – shooing May right out the door!  I was so enjoying May – and now it’s gone for another whole year!!  There were lots of good things about May – tulips blooming, lilacs blooming, trilliums blooming – lots of blooming in May!  My word we even had socks blooming in May!  This was my first year to participate in Amanda’s Bloomin’ Feet sock extravaganza – boy am I happy I signed up!  This swap will remain on my “must do” list for the fall when Toasty Toes comes around!  There is something very theraputic about knitting a pair of socks for someone else!  Living in a house with teenagers – it can be very important to have something besides their chaos to take your mind off the insanity that surrounds life!  May also had Mother’s Day and Memorial Day – lots of M’s there!  It was a truly glorious month!

June has ushered itself in with a BANG – on the 1st I joined the ranks of singleness!  Yes, gentle readers, I am divorced – again!  Now, there is a statement to make – divorced again.  Can you say – don’t get married again?  Well, don’t worry – I am saying those words often so I do not forget! 

Tonight is my daughter’s graduation.  This would be the daughter who wants a new mom – maybe she can “divorce” me too!  It seems like yesterday when she was starting preschool – and back then she did not want a new mom!  It has been a weekend of crazy feelings – happiness, sadness, confusion…. more I cannot even put to words!

I have a couple of photo’s to upload – one of a spectacular double rainbow that was outside my door last night.  A double promise of sorts – or at least that is how I looked at it.  I was comforted greatly by it’s beauty in the sky.  Here I was expecting more “2×4 moments” and what do I get – 2 rainbows.  Most undeserving me was humbled by creations glory. 

On the other kids front – they are keeping me hopping!  Heidi is a social butterfly – and she must be in the “in crowd” because she has been invited to all the “in” graduation parties!  Sam is certainly not easy by any means – I am seriously wondering how someone who is “afraid of the bogeyman” can sneak out of the house at 1AM to TP someones house.  But, alas, he was caught and now he has to pay the piper – or at least the mother!  No internet for a few days and I have found some awesome chores for him to help with!!  He even confessed his crime to his youth leader – Craig.  It was a moment that a mother – even a very angry and very tired mother – was pround of.  Mr. K told Sam that trust is something very fragile and breaking it was not easy to repair.  Sam, I believe sees the error of his ways – and either he will be better at sneaking out – or he learned the value of telling your mom about your plans for the evening!  LOL

I will try and get those photo’s uploaded later tonight – after the graduation.  Have a nice week everyone!

Back to work after a long weekend

Hello from Insanity Central!  Why is it that after a day off work is out of control?  My good intentions and my list for the day are buried somewhere on my desk – if you can find them – pass them back to me, please!  Evidently, all of West Michigan was out looking for houses this weekend!  It is just crazy, I am telling you! 

 I also wanted to blog about my weekend – so I am taking a short break to slow down and while I am doing that, I thought I’d tell you all about my exciting weekend!  Golf on Friday was wonderful – I took 10 strokes off my game from the week prior!!  I golf again on Wednesday night as a fill in for a friend who is on a league, here’s to lopping off another 10 strokes!  Woot, woot! 

My diet is going wonderfully – I have misplaced 20 pounds now – here is hoping that they are lost for good and won’t make their way back to my body!  I am doing wonderfully on this diet, and I tried on some items of clothing from the “back” of my closet – some of which fit!!!  Hello, it is like a NEW wardrobe!  I have a few things that are a bit tight, but if I can loose another 10 pounds, my wardrobe will be expanding again!!  There is something invigorating about loosing weight, outside of the fact that there is less of one to haul around, but it is like your own personal cheering section inside you!! 

Yesterday, I spent the day remembering family members – I don’t have too many relatives that have fought in wars – but all my grandparents are deceased and I spent yesterday thinking about them.  I hope that you all had a glorious day with family, friends, and loved ones – and that you all had some great memories to share.  I also took a great, long walk!  It was a truly beautiful day.

I got one Comfy sock done – sock #2 is cast on and has the cuff about done.  I would have gotten more done, but my allergies were obnoxious and I took some medication which promptly put me to sleep!  So much for knitting good intentions!

 Speaking of good intentions, I had better find my list and get back to work!  Have a great Monday oops, Tuesday, everyone!

Sunday mornings are for…

Sunday mornings are for…

Good Morning everyone!  Hopefully I am getting the hang of wordpress – I have some photo’s to share with you.  I have been up for a few hours, listening to my iPod and watching Sam sleep on the sofa.  Sleep on the sofa, you ask?  Yep, Sam is absolutely, positively, 100% convinced that the “Bogey man” is in our home – he has been sleeping on the sofa for safety!  Me thinks he watches too many scary things!  I am more than a bit irritated with my 15 year old son who suddenly is afraid of his shadow!!  So, I got up bright and early this morning – brewed a pot of coffee and sat down to knit.  As you can see, Penny went to “protect” Sammy as he snoozed away! 


On the knitting front – while I did not get to knit night this week – I have found some minutes here and there to knit.  As you can see – sleeve 1 is  moving along nicely on my SKB.  I am working through the sleeve increases –  I have about 8 inches to go to bind off and hope to have that completed today!  Sleeve 2 is waiting anxiously for it’s completion as well.  Then, all I will need to do is frog a bit of the bottom – I need to take one or two decrease sections of the bottom.  It is a bit too large! 


On the “large” front – I have lost 20 pounds on Adkins!  I have to frog a few rows from the bottom of this sweater to take out a few increases – decreasing the bottom!  How about that???? 

On the wordpress front – edited at a later time – things are not going wonderfully!!  I figured out the photo’s – but I need to work on clarity and correct size!  And, how this all got underlined is BEYOND me!  LOL, it is all a learning curve!

I cast on another pair of socks this week as well – socks for Ken!  This is about an hour of knitting!  Give me bulky yarn and size 11 needles!  I got the yarn from  Rose and Ruby – it was 30% off, plus I had a $25 dollar off punch card, 3 skeins later – $25 dollars!  Now, there is the deal of the century!  This yarn is sooo soft – 100% merino.  Ken is amazed at my knitting skills!  LOL, socks are a good start for this relationship – from the ground up.  Appropriate, huh?  I hope to have these babies done and on their recipient before the weekend is over!  No more cold feet!


Have a wonderful remainder to your Holiday weekend everyone – please remember and say a prayer for our service men and women who are serving on our behalf around this world. 

 Have a Happy Memorial Day!

It's Bloomin' at my house!

It's Bloomin' at my house!


I got home last night and what did I find on my doorstep?!? My Bloomin’ Feet socks from Gracie!! She knit them out of Colinette Jitterbug – which I have not yet knit with! They are a bit big – but they are awesome! Thanks Gracie – she also included some chocolate for me – which my kids promptly devoured! This is fine – because I have been doing Adkins and chocolate is a no-no!When I can figure out how to upload my pictures to wordpress – you will see photo’s of them! 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


**editing – okay, they are here – but obviously I need to work on picture size.  Any wordpress users out there – please leave a comment with some help!  🙂  Thanks everyone!

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