Fiber Friday | 8.10.18

Fiber Friday | 8.10.18

There is a part of me that is entirely ready for the neighborhood kids to all be back in school… really.badly. However, that will mean that summer is ending. Yeah, the inner debate is most interesting, let me tell you! Ha!

BUT!!! I am so excited to do a little test run of the Endless Summer Tunic! I have a MUCH too large Dress No. 3 that will work perfectly, and this brings me to the bottom of my re-purpose stack! I traced the pattern out yesterday and plan to do some cutting this morning! All this sewing has really made clear that I need to do some re-ordering of my “craft office” … I need a space for the sewing machine to live where it is easy to access, but not in the way. I have been mulling this over in my mind all week so if there is any rain at all this weekend, operation craft room reorganization will be underway!

I also have this insane urge to cast on all the things… really, every day there is something new on Ravelry that catches my eye. AND, Kym taunted me yesterday with her start of Tegna…But, I am determined to ignore this urge and knit faster on Rock the Lobster! I now have about 3 inches to go before the ribbing and then the STEEK!! And, I want to thank you all for the GREAT zipper tutorials!

So, how about you? Are you craving a new knit? Here are some links to tempt you!

Stop the presses – have you all seen the Autumn Issue of Pom Pom Quarterly? I especially love Sky Map – the stitching possibilities!

Have you seen this gorgeous cowl by Erica Mercer knit with my friend Carla’s CJKoho Designs yarn!

Eddy Hat and Cowl the “lite” version of The Eddy Sweater/Wrap

Sweater season is fast approaching: St Catherines and Lambert both caught my eye!

And, finally… a new take on a knitted beverage accessory: Dreieck (and it is free!)

And, that’s a wrap for this week…my list today also includes the utilization of some of the Basil from the Basil Jungle in a libation for Happy Hour tonight. I will let you know how it turns out on Monday! Have an awesome weekend!

Three on Thursday | 8.9.18

Three on Thursday | 8.9.18

Happy Thursday everyone! (and it is especially happy here! Yesterday, the post office delivered the loveliest of packages for me!

Last month, Bridget had a fun Christmas in July Give Away on her blog and I was one of the lucky recipients! It is almost as if this package was put together just for me, because it is simply perfect!

Thing One:

Alabama Stitch Book by Natalie Chanin! Oh, my! I got lost looking through this yesterday afternoon! It is chock full of ideas and inspiration!

Thing Two:

AVFKW’s Endless Summer Tunic! PERFECT! And, yes… the idea of Endless Summer is just such a grand idea! I am pondering fabrics this morning and can’t wait to stitch this up! (Also… NO DARTS! Ha!)

Thing Three:

Milk + Honey® Lotion Bar…wow! This is my first experience with a lotion bar and how on earth can that be true! Where has this been all my life! This is the perfect balm for my garden-worn hands! It is just the right amount of moisture and does not feel tacky or sticky at all!

Thank you so much, Bridget, for this amazing package of goodies!

Want to see more lists? Head on over to Carole’s!

Unraveled Wednesday | 8.8.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 8.8.18

Greetings, Unravelers!

I have a finished object to share with you all today! That’s right…Kirsten Kapur’s Summer Mystery Shawl is finished, and she is gorgeous! I really love how it turned out, and I knit the extended version of the shawl. Six weeks of clues, and yes… six different lace motifs that merged beautifully into the completed shawl. There was no boredom knitting this, each clue brought new “ooh’s and aah’s” as I knit. It is masterful how well the designs “grow” together! I think this will become a well-worn piece once shawl weather arrives! You can see all the details (and more pictures) here.

My knitting this week has been consumed with my Rock the Lobster… two sleeves are done, and I have about 7 inches of the body completed. I have been sort of obsessed with getting it done since I pulled it out and started knitting it again last weekend. I am debating about trying to install a zipper, rather than knit button bands…but I have never done this with a knit garment. Do any of you have any experience with this? If yes, please share all your tips – good and bad!

My reading has been just as obsessive as my knitting! Ha!

Finishes for me since we last talked:

I flew through The Remains of the Day, and I simply loved it. What a brilliantly written novel and I gave it 5-stars!

Likewise, Paris in the Present Tense was phenomenal listen. I laughed, I cried, I could not stop listening! This too was a 5-star read. This was my first Mark Helprin novel and it won’t be my last!

Brave New World… oh boy. Where does one begin? Honestly, I have read better dystopian novels, but this was a banned book that I had not read. I hope none of this ever comes true and I gave it 3-stars.

Sleeper Novel: The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley. Really… wow. I loved this book and had no idea where it was going to go! It easily gets 5-stars and I highly recommend! It is well written and a wonderfully told story.

My Current Reads/Listens:

I am listening to Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential read by the author. Bittersweet and brilliant, and I am just about halfway though.

And, The House at the Edge of Night, which I just started on my iPad. No thoughts formulated yet.

My second bingo card is filling nicely, and I have several good things in my queue. I am hoping some holds come through, and if they do – I could see a second cover all for the summer.

That’s all I have for today! What about you? What are you reading and making this week?

If you wrote a post to share today, please leave your link below!

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Tiny Moment Tuesday | 8.7.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 8.7.18

The luxury of having an indulgent morning is really quite lovely. It almost outweighs the condition of my hands and nails when August arrives each year. Yes, all the weeding, digging, cultivating, and watering are taking their toll on my hands and nails.

Sitting still while waiting for your nails to dry is saved from sheer boredom by the company of a wonderful book.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Just Another Manic Monday?

Just Another Manic Monday?

Except, I am not at all wishing it was Sunday again! Yes, it’s that time of the year when it seems the weekend is almost all work! Take this weekend for example:

After picking 5 lbs. of cherry tomatoes over 2 days, I knew Tomato Jam time had arrived. And, yes, that meant a good chunk of Sunday was spent in the kitchen cooking… but I do have some jam to show for it!

I also made another plum crostata – this time with more tart plums. It was delicious, but we thought the earlier plums were better. But, alas… they are done for the year.

Sunday afternoon we had these crazy pop-up storms complete with several large cracks of thunder that sounded ominously close! And, close it was! Our neighbor’s tree was struck by lightning and we had a bit of a fire show until the fire department arrived to take control of the situation. Nothing says neighborhood bonding like something on fire, amirite? Yes, we all stood in the rain watching the firemen do what they do best – spray water on things. I wonder if they do gardens?

There was lots of laundry because why not right?

We watched Ready Player One, which caused me to change my review of the book. All in all, even though the effects were incredible, I was very disappointed in the movie. Special effects do not trump reading…ever. Pro-tip: read the book and skip the movie!

I also finished the mystery shawl! OH.MY.GOSH!! It still needs a good soak and the tiniest bit of blocking but stay tuned for the big reveal later this week!

I have a bad case of “I want to cast on all the things” but I am trying hard to ignore it. I pulled out this and knit sleeve two while watching Ready Player One and I made good progress (read, I have said sleeve done!) It is going to stay out until I have it finished. This should tell you that I am losing steam with my Vodka Lemonade, but I only have about 14 rows to the sleeve divide when I know things go faster. My focus word for the week is persevere! Ha!

And, with that… let’s get this Monday started! How was your weekend?

Fiber Friday | 8.3.18

Fiber Friday | 8.3.18

I don’t know about you, but I am having a really hard time with the reality that it is August…my brain doth protests much and seems to be stuck in July.

However, yesterday when I posted about a Blanket for Annie… I had hoped that I might get a few knitters who wanted to help. But, I never ever imagined that I would have TWELVE knitters! I have emailed Ann and Kay and I am waiting patiently to hear from them. Blanket knitters… look for an email later today and THANK YOU!! I am so excited!

I had so many finishes this week, but not the Mystery Shawl! KK’s beautiful bind off is slow going but I love how it looks. Also, I think I am doing one too many petals in my flowers, but I like how it looks so I am continuing with the extra petal but, as you can see, I have more than enough yarn. I will settle in this morning with Paris in the Present Tense and see if I can make some good progress on it!

However, my favorite finish is my Notorious Dress inspired by Vicki! I love it!

How about some links to round out your week and perhaps give you some inspiration?

The sweater was strong this week on Ravelry: Sweatershirt and Shamrock if you are a “pullover” person. Or Soyokaze and Margot (Lady) if cardigans are your jam. Don’t like sleeves? Joji has just the thing for you in fingering or sport weight!

Want to knit sweaters for wee people? Bean Cardigan and Waszka

There was some amazing inspiration in the Rectangle Shawl Category this past week as well: Fauxtarsia Wave, Obvious are all gorgeous. I love that eelliotknits posted more yarn ideas for her Fauxtarsia Wave on IG yesterday.

Like short-rows? Then Arabian tales and Summer Dunes have exactly that!

And, for you wash cloth knitters… who can resist Macaron Cloths?

And, I love Cover Your Plans and I might need to do this for the planner I carry in my purse!

That is all I have for this week! Have an amazing weekend and I will see you all back here on Monday!

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