Tiny Moment Tuesday | 4.3.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 4.3.18

Yellow daffodils
Bring sunshine on fragile stems
On grey, rainy days

Steve is back at work today, and #The100DayProject begins today. For me that means 100 days of movement, and yes, even on grey rainy days!

I hope your Tuesday, like mine, finds you back to your regular schedule!

Mother Nature, Supreme Jokester

Mother Nature, Supreme Jokester

This is what we woke up to this morning.

Mother Nature apparently did not realize that yesterday was April Fool’s Day, however, weekending continues as Steve has today off for his birthday!

But, maybe the joke is on her because tomorrow it it supposed to be in the 60’s here. Ahhh, springtime in Pittsburgh!

I hope your Monday is less white than mine!

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 3.27.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 3.27.18

Little bits of time,
Every single day creates
Winter memories

When I originally “planned” this year of stitching, I had something much different in mind. And, so I began with that plan, but I was not happy with how it looked and so over the course of the first days of winter my stitching changed. I did not remove the parts I did not like, but rather I incorporated them into the design.

They are a good reminder for me, don’t undo – improve!

Winter had lots of snow, a good bit of sunshine to temper the grey days, swirling winds, and so many birds. I love the memories that this stitching holds.

P.S. Round 4 voting is open!

A Hopeful Monday

A Hopeful Monday

We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us thru that darkness to a safe and sane future. John F. Kennedy

This weekend the light at the end of the tunnel grew profoundly brighter.

I spent a bit of time watching the televised March for Life on Saturday and these kids filled me with hope. Their eloquence, their passion, and their vision for the future is moving. Change is coming and in an overwhelming way.

Thanks to these amazing children, I am no longer cursing the darkness but following their light to a safe and sane future.

Even their silence is compelling.

I was struck by this thought on Saturday, these children are the answer to all those politicians who believed that thoughts and prayers were the solution: The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6

I too think those leaders should be shaking and yes, getting their resumes ready! Change is coming, and it is full of hope!

Have a hope-filled Monday!

P.S. Michigan in the Final Four is not bad either! GO BLUE!

Monday Endings

Monday Endings

Sometimes Monday’s are for endings…

Today is the 89th and final day of winter and I will complete my last bit of stitching in Winter later today.

I knit like the wind this weekend and today will bring me to the end of the first skein in my Clauranach.

And, it is the end of March Madness for 48 basketball teams, some quite unexpectedly.

Here is to a brief but spectacular Monday! Or, one that ends quickly and without drama!


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