Monday Endings

Monday Endings

Sometimes Monday’s are for endings…

Today is the 89th and final day of winter and I will complete my last bit of stitching in Winter later today.

I knit like the wind this weekend and today will bring me to the end of the first skein in my Clauranach.

And, it is the end of March Madness for 48 basketball teams, some quite unexpectedly.

Here is to a brief but spectacular Monday! Or, one that ends quickly and without drama!


Daylight Saving Weekending

Daylight Saving Weekending

We got so much done over the weekend despite it missing an hour of time.

We had our requisite visits from campaign canvasser’s – yes, that is plural visits as in 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday (and that does not count the times they have been here during the week!) Truly, I am not sure how many times you have to confirm that YES, you are voting on Tuesday, and YES, you are voting for their candidate!

19 Crimes has finally made its way to our Wine and Spirits stores! I am totally enamored with the animated wine labels! Apparently, I am easily amused, especially when drinking! Ha! (Living Wine Labels App is available for both iOS and Android devices in the App Store)

Keeping with the drinking theme… we discovered Neapolitan Milk Stout. Oh boy. No, really. It is so good! And, the joy that filled my being at finding beer from the Saugatuck Brewing Company in Pittsburgh is off the charts!

But, lest you think all we did was drink all weekend…we worked more on the not-enough-storage issue and ended the weekend on Sunday night with the same amount of storage, but less things to store. Döstädning is our new obsession! Now, we are by no means done – but we made an impressive dent in the clutter!

Daylight Saving Time is back, and while the added light was truly a treat as we wound down the weekend on Sunday night, I must confess though that I was ready to get in bed at the obscenely early time of 7PM last night. Really, I wish I was kidding, but these are the facts.

I hope you are feeling well-rested, have electricity, and are ready to tackle Monday. It’s a big week…March Madness starts! I have lots on my list today so that I can spend some time knitting and watching games later this week! What’s on your list today?

Currently | 3.6.18

Currently | 3.6.18

Watching Loch Ness which I borrowed from the library.

Reading A Stash of One’s Own by Clara Parkes – this one will fill a slot on my Read Harder Challenge list.

Listening to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and I am enjoying it tremendously.

Making a bunny in a bear suit, mystery socks (which still are a mystery to me!), and sleeves on my Strokkur!

Feeling eager for the arrival of spring, gardening, and spending more time out-of-doors and ennui about my current knitting projects (except that little bear which is getting all the love!)

Planning lots of things! Starting with my participation in The 100 Day Project again this year. I would like to do something a bit more creative than I did last year. I am thinking about how I can successfully accomplish this. I am also planning some “days of sewing” coming up – why days? Well, when I get out the sewing machine – I’d like to have a few things to work on while it is out! And, the garden – lots of planning is happening over what to grow this year!

Loving the longer days and these surprisingly sturdy snowdrops that survived the weekends gale-force winds!

Fiddly-ness Factor

Fiddly-ness Factor

The weekend was kind of a chaotic blur. In the perpetual search for storage in a house with no storage, which is the bane of our existence, we again reorganized/reworked some rooms. It did not end well, and Steve is back at work today, sans that weekend feeling. End result, we fiddled with a few rooms with no real solutions found. Sadly, you cannot create storage space where it does not exist.

On a brighter note, if there had been more knitting time, I might have gotten this little bear done! But, even with the scant amount of time I did spend knitting this week, I got a surprising amount done! Several of you have asked about the Fiddly-ness of the kitting of this little bear. It starts out in a very easy and straightforward manner. The instructions are clear and concise – my one pro-tip, thus far: attach the bear head to the body after you have knit a good bit of the hood. Knitting the hood around the bear head has been the fiddliest part of the process thus far. I will let you know how the arms and legs go, but I am not foreseeing any major issues! I really love how she has configured picking up stitches! It is so insanely easy!

With so much chaos all weekend, it was easy to convince Steve that Sunday supper should include Margarita’s and happy hour food and at least for a few moments we did not care at all that Monday was looming large!

Usually my list for Monday includes several loads of laundry, but today I am passing that task on to Tuesday’s list! I am reclaiming some weekend minutes before Steve gets home from work today.

How was your weekend?

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 2.27.18

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 2.27.18

This morning was frigid, but glorious. Sunshine and a cacophony of birdsong greeted me when I took Sherman out.

And snowdrops. A plethora of snowdrops!

I did not plant them, they were here when we moved in, just one solo little cluster of tiny flowers. But, this year, they have spread and there are 7 or 8 clusters!

My favorite harbinger of spring with their tremulous little blossoms – hardy and fragile at the same time.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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