Reading with Maurice…

Maurice Sendak died today. A light in my world extinguished.

In January it’s so nice

While slipping on the sliding ice

To sip hot chicken soup with rice

Sipping once, sipping twice

Sipping chicken soup with rice

Long ago, a little brown haired girl was learning to read, sitting in the cafeteria with a school aide. Dick and Jane running were no fun at all – but Chicken Soup with Rice captured her imagination.

Reading skills quickly advanced, and with it came bigger books the little brown haired girl was growing up.

Soon, the little brown haired girl was little no more. Maurice Sendak tucked away in some corner of her mind with other childhood memories.

Before long, the brown haired girl had children of her own. She introduced Maurice to her little ones, and they loved him as she did.

We “paddled” down the Chicken soup-y Nile and Whooped about Witches, Goblins, and Ghosts. We marveled in our baubled and bangled Christmas tree. Maurice in his gentle wisdom opened our minds to looking at things in unexpected ways.

He reminded us that even when we grow old it is important to nurture the child.

I told you once, I told you twice

All seasons of the year are nice

For eating chicken soup with rice.

Farewell Maurice. You left this world a better place. Thank you…

When you need a little Christmas…

When you need a little Christmas…

I cannot believe that Christmas will be here in less than one week. I have been in desperate need of a little Christmas – or at least one of Santa’s elves to make an appearance in my home, and work a bit of Christmas Magic! Alas, no elves have appeared but last weekend Sam did go with me to get a tree.

Slowly, over the week, I placed ornaments on the tree. However, trimming a tree sans little children is just not quite the same.



Who me?

Who me?

My creation, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

He looks oh so cute and innocent, but do not let looks deceive you.

Pillows all off the sofa?


Cat food out of the dish and all over the floor?


Plants un-earthed?

You guessed it, Evinrude.

He has perfected the Art of Looking Innocent even though I am not buying it at all!

Perhaps I should see if I could get a good “end of the season deal” on a squirt gun!

Start your engines….

Start your engines….

Evinrude, originally uploaded by As Kat Knits.

Too bad this picture cannot convey the volume of purring that is emanating from this little kitten.

Because, trust me… it is loud!

Meet the newest member of Casa del KatKnits…


As for Milli Vanilli… the jury is still out on whether or not she likes him, but there was an eye witness to some mutual playing earlier today between the two of them.

I am thinking that with a purr this loud he is sure to win her over, and soon.

The Importance of Being Educated

There has been sadly little in the news recently on education.

However, unemployment makes the headlines daily, and with good reason as a large portion of our citizenry is either unemployed or under-employed.

How little we think of unemployment and education being vitally important to each other…and then last week I came across an article about employment and a company’s woes as it tried to hire some 1300 people and their lament of only being able to find less than a hundred whom they could employ. Why, you ask? It is easy, less than 100 applicants could pass the simple 9th grade mathematics exam for employment! That is correct, Gentle Reader, they have some 1300 positions they are trying to fill but cannot find workers who are capable of doing the work because they cannot do 9th grade math!


Cat comes on little rainy feet…

Cat comes on little rainy feet…

It has been an interesting week here at Casa del KatKnits, one with teasing glimpses at the sun bookended by gloomy, grey, rainy, and cold days.

Monday was one such gloomy and wet day, but waking at my usual hour I set about to brew some coffee and what to my wondering ears did I hear?

A cat was hanging from my back screen door meowing miserably outside in the chilly, grey, dampness of dawn. Her plaintiff cries were not quite enough to overcome the fact that she was doing a remarkably wonderful job of slicing up my screen.

However, she was persistent and when she was still miserably meowing some 2 hours later and with threatening skies, I took pity on her, put her in the garage, and headed off to Job #1.

Upon arrival home from Job #2 some hours later in the day, the rain was showing no signs of letting up at all. I let the little imp in the house for the night and set out the next morning to pick up a bit of cat food for her.

Today, she has been bathed, had her toenails trimmed and it appears she is staying.

She certainly does not look like she is in a hurry to leave, does she?

Now what do you think I should name her? I am looking for suggestions, Gentle Reader!

Here is some perhaps pertinent information about her to assist you in your challenge:

She is milky white, with some black spots. She has a Siamese-ish face, and she follows me about as if she is a dog.

Therefore, we implore you; please leave us a comment here with your name suggestions…

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