Drive Time

Hello everyone – Sam has 2 more days of driver’s training…2 more days!  It will be nice to have this aspect of parenting completed!  It has gotten easier with each child – so I am happy to be finished running back and forth to get him there at the various hours the driving school determined.  I am quite sure that the driving school has no concept of time – the schedule has made working a challenge!  But, as long as Sam passes his written test tomorrow – he will have his driving permit!  Now, this is a very good thing – Sam driving equals knitting time for me!!  Woo Hoo!

 Speaking of knitting time, I have been working sporadically on Chapeau Marnier – I have about an inch to go before the decreases!  I also have been working sporadically on my Monkey socks!  I have to sit at a home for the Holland Parade of Homes for the next few nights – so my knitting time will increase hopefully!  I will soon be posting completed objects!

 I have also been working a bit on my package for my partner in Lynne’s Special Swap – June is gardening month and I have been finding fun things to put in my package.  It will be ready to go by month end – a package filled with garden treasures!

How is your spring ending – summer officially starts tomorrow!  What fun things do you have planned?  I am going to San Diego in July for a few days – more on that later.  I have never been to San Diego – any one know of any “knit spots” there? 

Have a great Wednesday everyone – get out there and enjoy the weather!!

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