Weekending Things

Weekending Things

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope your weekend was good and that you are refreshed and energized to tackle the week!

We had an abrupt return to winter on Saturday and I am a bit concerned for all the things that are now growing in my yard…

  • Forsythia are about to bloom
  • Tarragon, mint, chives, and thyme are growing like mad
  • The lilac bush has oodles of leaf buds on it (however, I do not see any flower buds yet…)
  • The Spiraea in the front yard is filled with a beautiful green haze of new leaves
  • And, I have a plethora of perennials coming up all over

So, the snow and bitter winds on Sunday were especially unwelcome.

Despite the wild weather – it was a good weekend!

There was another “huddle” with my fellow resister’s which has become something I am really looking forward to. The bit of time in camaraderie with like-minded souls is definitely a boost!

I discovered when I was almost done with the first part of the chart on sock one that I somehow skipped 12 rows. So… riiiiiiiip! I am glad I discovered this before getting much further – AND before beginning sock two. I am back on track with a post it™ to help me with my obvious confusion! However, both socks being done before the final clue comes out on Wednesday is highly unlikely.

We also found some nice looking Romanesco at Whole Paycheck (although they were not insanely expensive) and made my favorite salad, Romanesco alla Diavola, with it to accompany pasta with meatballs for dinner last night. It was so good!

We watched some of the Oscars, but being the lively, stay-up-late crew that we are we did not last until the end. (Actually, it was far from the end, and as such we missed all the uproar over the best picture!!) Now, I am waiting for the same thing to happen with our last general election…

And that brings us to Monday – a hit the ground running morning here. How about you?

A Walking Weekend

A Walking Weekend

Good Morning, Gentle Readers!

How is your weekend going? I hope as wonderfully as it has here!

I am not sure what weather in the upper 60’s in February says about Global Warming, but it sure makes for a glorious weekend!

There was an abundance of walking this weekend in an effort to spend as much time as possible outside! Saturday we walked in our “old standby” out at Boyce Mayview Park – clear blue skies and warm sunshine coupled with a cacophony of birds singing and the distant rat-a-tat-tat of woodpeckers made for a wonderful walk!

Sunday we decided to venture outside our usual walking route and headed to Dormont Park where the walk was invigorating (lots of hills in Pittsburgh means a walk can be a good work out!) And, the views from the park were incredible as you can see above! On our way home, we decided to stop in Carnegie at their park and imagine my surprise in finding a Skate Park there! It was busy and we had fun watching the variety of ages all zipping around on bikes and boards.

Hopefully there will be a bit more time to walk today because this weather surely cannot be here for good – can it? (Although we have forecasts of 60’s all week!)

Have a great Monday everyone!

Jonquils and Mondays

Jonquils and Mondays

For a weekend in which we had no plans, we sure as heck did lots of things!

Saturday, I went to my local Huddle and let me tell you this – when you find your people, it is so INSPIRING!!

Then Steve and I walked at the mall – because well, rain made it nicer to be dry inside. Bonus, a 1 Day Macy’s Sale scored a new suit for Steve.

We stopped by the “new” Whole Foods near us to see what all the hype was about. Sushi and Lobster tails somehow fell into our cart. And, maybe 2 donuts…

Then there was a massive joint Kon-Mari-thon for the remainder of the day on Saturday and half the day on Sunday. Sometimes you need to Kon-Mari with someone else, to help you over those rough patches – you know those “it does not spark joy, but…” moments.

I even managed to get half way through Clue #2 of TTL’s MKAL – one sock down, one to go! And, there was even some stitching time!

There was a quick trip to TJ’s and Steve got me a couple of bouquets of daffodils. This morning their sunny faces sure made it feel cheerier than a typical February grey Monday in Pittsburgh. AND Monday is not quite so painful knowing that this is only a 4-day week.

Super Weekending

Super Weekending

Do you think the weekend just flew by, or Is it just me?

Friday happy hour started early (as it has been since Hair Hitler has taken office). Steve also hooked up a new PC for me – so there was all that “transfer” stuff that goes on with all of that. There are still things not on the new PC yet.

Saturday was “Outlet Mall Retail Therapy” Day. I will say one thing, dieting is definitely not good for the clothing budget.

Sunday I cast on MKAL Sock #2, but I did not get it completed, however the cuff is done! We watched the Super Bowl (Steve watched until the end of regular play – I did not make it that long.) I was thrilled to wake up at 2am-ish and discover the Pat’s had pulled it out!

And, today is the birthday of one very special woman – my Rachel is 28 today! This is one of my favorite photos of her with her siblings – Rachel is in the middle. Happiest of Birthday’s dearest Rachel!

Have a happy Monday all!

Stand Together Monday

Stand Together Monday

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet.”
― Alice Walker

I know it is hard to believe it has only been 10 days since the start of the new administration, however in those 10 days there have been 3 large scale and entirely peaceful protests. In case you forgot – first there was the Woman’s March on Washington DC (which also spawned Sister Rallies worldwide)

Then began #StopTrumpTuesdays with rallies taking place at congressional offices nationwide.

And, then this weekend happened

I had no clue that we are a nation of super hero’s – activated and ready – but, I could not be more proud!

Here is to an active and fantastic Monday everyone!

The Resistance Community

The Resistance Community

We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community. – Dorothy Day

Friday was a low day – I felt bleak, without hope, and fearful. I attempted to avoid the as much of the news of the day that I could manage. I did not watch the inauguration and it seems I was in good company as the numbers watching both in person and per the Nielsen ratings reflected that much of America did the same! (Despite what the Liar-in-Chief and his band of dolts want to tell us)

I really wanted to attend the March in Washington, but Steve was concerned that something would happen – so I stayed home and attended the Pittsburgh Sister March. I dragged Steve with me – although he would not wear a pink hat (there were many amazing men wearing pussy hats though! Bravo to them!!) Saturday’s march in Pittsburgh was incredible – the people just kept coming! People of all ages, men and women – it was incredible! The estimates for the march were 25,000, however, I think the number was a bit more than that. (And, if you went to a march you can register your presence by texting “count me” to 89800 – they have an active Google Doc with the tallies).

However, something magical happened on Saturday – the bleak, hopeless, fearful feelings were replaced with feelings of hope and promise. 25k (plus) people who were all kind, focused, non-violent, caring, and unified – it was so amazing. Suddenly, it clicked – I am not alone, I have this incredible community! It was so phenomenal watching the news about the other entirely peaceful marches that happened all over the world on Saturday – peaceful, no violence – kind of impossible to imagine, but the reality is that this is the perfect foil for the name calling, lie-filled opposition. It is energizing – and I am ready to get to work on the next thing!

That’s right, Saturday was not a one-off for me – last night I was on the MoveOn.org, Indivisible, and Working Families Party phone call to get my plan ready for #ResistTrumpTuesday – more community means increase feelings of hope and promise. When the first things discussed on the call revolved around only loving, peaceful protest – I knew without a doubt that this movement is not starting off in a bad way.

Now – I want to share with you a couple of easy actions for you join me in doing today:

  1. The 65 is rallying around Protesting Betsy DeVos’s confirmationso call your State Representatives today!!
  2. Also – MoveOn.org and #ResistTrumpTuesday – these will be ongoing for the next 100 days. This week’s action can be found at moveon.org/jan24 There is a search option to find a group near you – JOIN THEM! It is the community you want to be part of! (I will make sure that I keep you all updated on what the plan is for the following week – really, we are in this together!)

Happy Monday and welcome to the community!

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