Dear, Sweet Friday!

Dear, Sweet Friday!

My dear, sweet Friday – what took you so long to get here?! Was it just me, or did this seem like an exceptionally long week? But, Friday has made it and I could not be happier! Add to that, it was a very grey week here – so these orchid certainly brightened the week considerably!

There have been bits of knitting here and there – but peace knitting is what really kept my sanity this week! I am happily keeping up with each day’s pattern repeat – and I love that it is a simple to put down, simple to pick up knit!

I have also begun part two of the secret Christmas knitting and it is also at the point of simple to put down, simple to pick up. And, it seems to be cruising right along. I should have this gift done next week, which will give me more than enough time to get one more project in for 2016 completion!

Now, how about some links?


Xuan Wrap

The New Knitty has some lovely things!

Romi has a new design that is stunning.

Are you a spinner? Jillian has A New Slant Scarf that might interest you!

Wassail Mittens anyone?

Find Your Fade

Simmer Dim appeared on my radar this week and I can’t stop thinking about it!

And, finally – Tiny Window Cats

That’s it for me this week! Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!!

Peaceful Fiber Friday

Peaceful Fiber Friday

The start of peaceful knitting began yesterday at Casa del KatKnits – and it feels so, well, peaceful and meditative! While knitting yesterday I was thinking of other knitters who are joining me in this journey – there are 2,192 projects currently listed on Ravelry (however as of 11/29 there were over 14k participating!!) but I am especially thinking about those I know who are knitting along with me.

I hope you all managed to get 318 stitches cast on and began knitting yesterday. I completed the cast on and the first 4 rounds yesterday. I will continue today with the second repeat of the pattern. I am happy to say that the pattern is easy to memorize.

I am looking forward to 20 more days of knitting and meditating on peace for this world.


I am fortunate Steve loves me so much, he surprised me yesterday with a pre-holiday package from Miss Babs and Jenny the Potter! A mug for me and some yarn from which I will make a hat for him. Thank you Steve!! And, thank you Miss Babs for the sample of Tarte! This will be the perfect accent for my next pair of Squad Mitts!

Now, how about some links?

That is all I have for this week! Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!!

Wool Friday

Wool Friday

The knitting continues – today this blue yarn will become the slippers that Steve requested earlier this week. It is a super simple pattern and will be done in short order. And, really – thank goodness for stash!


I have also been trying to spin a few minutes a day – which for me has been working out to evening spinning for a few minutes each night. During the week, I got one bobbin done. My goal is an actual 4-ply lace weight yarn. This is some old vintage Spunky Club Polwarth fiber in the “Hungry” colorway. Which after yesterday, I am certainly not! But, it is spinning up beautifully!!

Let’s get to the links, shall we?

This week has some good ones – and again, lots that can be some last-minute gift knitting:

Gift knitting ideas:

Not knitting for Christmas? No problem – some long-term knitting projects here!

I hope your holiday weekend is going well and that you are not still in a turkey coma! See you back here tomorrow!!

Houston, We Have a Mitt!

Houston, We Have a Mitt!

Well, the gauge issues with the Squad Mitts has been solved!

One mitt down, one to go!

I am so happy with how they are turning out – and I am even happier they are 100% handspun yarn, most of which has been spun on a spindle!

And it is Friday!! Bring on the weekend, I am so ready for it! I am starting it off by having tea and some knitting with a friend.

I have nothing else for you except for some links:

Lots of gift knitting ideas here, it is not too late!

Have a fantastic Friday – see you back here tomorrow!!

Rx: More Wool

Rx: More Wool

This has been a very rough week here at Casa del KatKnits. Really, it feels like the longest week ever, but perhaps that is just the way it is in particularly rough weeks.

However, I am going to try to focus on other things – anything other than the doom and gloom that feels like it is smothering me – I think we could all use more wool. Lots of it! Wool, and more wool! And, maybe even more wool!

To begin with, I think that Squad Mitts, the handspun version will be cast on this weekend. I am not sure how I will use the collection of yarns above, but I might add in some of these little skeins from Koigu and Miss Babs.


I need some instant gratification knitting to instantly gratify my spirit!

And, there will be links – it is Friday after all!

How about Knitting for Peace? I am so in – who will join me? This could be instant gratification knitting project #2 and we have time to seek out some yarn.

There were these beauties this week on Ravelry:

And, since it is that season – how about some International (??) Gift knitting ideas:

And, finally – Charity Knitting. Yes, really – a percentage of the proceeds are being donated to Women of Tomorrow. You can donate the hat to a charity of your choice and increase your giving!! We all need something to feel good about this week, don’t we?

That is all I have for today, but it’s November and I will be back tomorrow! I hope your Friday is just what you need to end this week! Hug each other – the world could use more hugs right now.

Little Bits of Sunshine

Little Bits of Sunshine

Every once in a while, life is abundant in little bits of sunshine. This was one of those weeks. And, among the bits of sunshine a sweater was born!


Sigla is a ray of sunshine all by itself because knitting a Mary Jane Mucklestone sweater is really a joy! Thirteen days start to finish and while I did not beat my Stopover time of 35 hours; at the conclusion I have a sweater that I am in love with! I made some modifications to the pattern which you can read about here. Sigla is on her way to becoming a well-worn old friend! (And, thank you Steve for taking pictures just before the downpour began!)

If you have not yet knit one of Mary Jane’s patterns, I strongly urge you to do so! And, for speed of knitting – a lopapeysa is just the thing to ignite your sweater fire!

Now on to the Friday Links, which today are all about gift knitting:

Now to round out the links – there is a very interesting MKAL that will be starting on November 25 to coincide with the Netflix release of the Gilmore Girls Encore Mini-season. There is no way I will get to this before Christmas, but it might be a good Christmas break knit! Who’s interested in joining me?

That is all I have for today, but the good news is that I will see you here tomorrow! NaBloPoMo marches on! My wish for you today is that your knitting is fast and easy and that your beverage of choice is chilled perfectly! Happy FriYAY everyone!


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