Unknitting and Reading

Unknitting and Reading

There are days when the yarn and the pattern play well together, and then there is today.

I love the yarn, I love the pattern, but together they don’t work well together. I liked the lace, but the short row sections just are too much bulk for the shawl.


So today is for unknitting, i.e. ripping it all out. There is something quite therapeutic about this process; it is freeing, liberating, moving on, a fresh start!


Fortunately, Wednesday’s Ginny hosts the Yarn Along, and I especially like seeing what projects other knitters are making. Especially today as I look for inspiration for what this yarn wants to become.


Good thing my reading is going better than my knitting! I am reading The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough. I am not quite half way through and I am really enjoying the book.

Here is hoping that your knitting is going much more smoothly than mine! Happy Wednesday everyone!

A Day for Knitting and Reading

A Day for Knitting and Reading

It has been a very hectic week thus far, and apparently spring has sprung in the midst of all this busyness. Or, maybe we are skipping spring all together and going directly to summer…

Hello 70°F, nice of you to come visit. (Rumor has it that we will be approaching 80 later today…)

Anyways, today I am joining Ginny in her Yarn Along, hoping to get some serious knitting time and complete the border on this shawl.

Because, Easter…

And, on my list of reading today is The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook, and yes, it is some work reading.

IMG_1217Enter that moment of bliss when work is not really work at all.

Thursday Things

Thursday Things

I have been obsessed with the patterns by JumperCables lately, especially this and this and this! Do I think any of them would look good on me? No. But that does not stop me from thinking about them. There is one that I think I can pull off – Puddle. This seems like an excellent summer project, mindless knitting that would not fill my lap and the end result would give me a lovely warm cowl come fall.

Konmari and my office have become such great friends. Now, to figure out what to do with over 200 CD’s… Seems kind of wasteful to throw them away (not to mention not environmentally nice) and I really don’t want another box of stuff to put somewhere. Any ideas would be appreciated…

I am so proud of Daughter Number 2 – this week she donated over 500 ounces of breast milk to some in need moms. And, she has over 700 ounces more to give. She is a super mom in my book!

I have been enjoying Sonya Philip’s Periscope broadcasts each week – she has great, thought-provoking conversation. If you have not tried Periscope – you should. A great way to get quick, fun updates from a variety of sources. Ones I especially love – Ysolda, Goulet Pens, and Kay Gardiner (especially when she reads through the latest Rowan Magazine…)

Making mistakes work is something that does not always happen. However, this week I had one that worked incredibly well. Best mistake ever…bias tape on the outside FTW!

As for now I am heading to watch some Netflix and work on finishing some projects before Easter gets here!

Leap Days and Mondays

Leap Days and Mondays

Every four years we get an extra day and today, Gentle Reader, is that day! I am not sure that having an extra Monday is the best thing. But, what is a day – right?

And, it is certainly much more than a leap second! Even Google and Apple think so! And, perhaps it won’t be at all like a normal Monday!

I have big plans for my extra day – plans of tracing, cutting, and sewing. Okay, maybe that is a bit much for just one extra day, but at the very least, I want to get everything traced and cut out!

Hopefully, this stack of fabric will be transformed into pants, dresses, and pillows by the end of this extra day!

I hope your extra day is filled with all the extras you love and none of the usual Mondayness.

Reading and Knitting

Reading and Knitting

I discovered this lovely blog by accident last week, thanks to one of Carole’s 10 on Tuesday participants.

Wednesday’s are for Yarn Along and it never ceases to amaze me how much good stuff lives on the internet that I do not know about!

All I can say is that you will find lots of good on Ginny’s blog if you poke around a bit. Her photography is so beautiful and inspiring.

I am hoping that Yarn Along will help me to get my knitting back on track, since the BangOutASweater phenomena has apparently derailed my knitting mojo. And by derailed I mean that all my current projects are in strong consideration for the Frog Pond because I have lost that loving feeling for every last one of them. In an attempt to avoid that rash decision, I have pulled out this long forgotten WIP in a Herculean effort to get it back on track. Anne Hanson is always good for what ails you, and if anyone can revive your knitting mojo, it is her! Wish me luck as I channel Anne today!


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