A Full Weekending

A Full Weekending

Recipe for the Practically Perfect Summer Weekend:

  • The best Friday Happy Hour, complete with barbecued shrimp and martini’s.
  • Gardening time.
  • Strawberry top infused Blushing Mules, oh my was this good! Oh, and both GIN and vodka are spectacular, just sayin’.
  • Knitting and spinning. (Another item crossed off my Summer Knit Along list!)
  • Moving my blog to a new server. (A million thanks, Steve!!)

This combination makes for a much more palatable Monday.

How was your weekend?

P.S. If you previously subscribed to my blog, you will need to do so again, thank you!




The Yay-est of Days!

The Yay-est of Days!

Friday. Oh how I love you! But, some Friday’s are just uber-appreciated. Today is one of those days.

It has been a busy week here, work has changed things up for me and I have still not gotten into a good rhythm with the new schedule, thus Friday arrives and I am still feeling a bit “behind the eight ball” with a list that still has things to get done.

Time coordination – the bane of my existence. Seriously.

And, apparently plying is right up there as well.

Which brings me to the Fiber portion of today’s post! Thanks to Rachel for hosting Fiber Friday’s!

I spent some time this week plying up the singles I spun. Some of it was lovely, and some…not so much. It is the one aspect of spinning that I really struggle with. I look at all the amazing photos of plied yarns that drift around on Instagram and I am in awe that people do this so well, yet it seems somehow elusive for me. I struggle most with worsted spun yarns – but maybe that is because the loftiness of woolen spun yarns fills in the plying problems I seem to have. I am not sure exactly how to fix this, but I am really thinking a plying class is in order.

But, not one to give up – I will “re-ply” this yarn and see if I cannot improve the areas where it is under-plied, or not plied as the case may be. I will update you next week on how this re-do goes!

There is some welcome rain forecast for today, and while an “on the road” version of Happy Hour is not looking good for today, there will be a snacks and beverages to usher in the weekend. Photos courtesy of last week’s FriYAY celebration that were preempted on Monday for a more somber post.

PicMonkey Collage

And, lest you think there were no links this week – you’d be incorrect! There are a few, even a few spectacular ones:

First off – everyone could use More Love! (and right now it’s free!)

Gradient Knits – how I love thee!

Perhaps you’d like a Party on your needles?

This is such a fascinating construction method.

And, then there is Jutta! I am in love and I am pretty sure that Genevieve needs one!

That’s all I have for today, Gentle Reader. Have a fantastic Friday and be safe this weekend.


Fiber Friday

Fiber Friday

Happy FriYAY everyone! It has been what feels like a long week – insomnia has been an ugly companion most of the week. But, on the bright side – the lack of sleep has spawned an increase in reading and a good bit of thought organization.

I did some sampling this week (while waiting for the Shetland to rest for a few days before I ply it up) Above are some Gulf Coast locks that I got from Sheepspot and I was really not sure what I wanted to do with it. I flicked the locks spun them – this sample is a fingering weight that when plied springs up with a really lovely, airy loft – even though this is spun worsted. I have not washed the sample yet – but I have a bag of locks in this lovely orange-y red and one of a funky green.

It’s Fiber Friday, (thanks Rachel!!) and this post really got me thinking…I had this bump of fiber from ITW that I was really not enamored of the color, but I wanted to try out what Rachel did here, I split the fiber down several times – keeping the colorway intact, but breaking it into smaller segments with more repeats. I will spin up this orange merino that I got from Beth eons ago (really, eons – way back when she owned The Spinning Loft) and then ply the two together. I am really excited to spin this up to see how it turns out.

Plus, I have the Cormo on the Turkish spindle that I am still spinning. There was not much spinning outside with Sherman this week – I used the time to weed the garden beds that were in need of some attention. But, with those beds all cleaned up, I can resume spindling, guilt free!

There were some really great links this week in the fiber world:

I also made a tiny bit of progress on clue two of Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Shawl, which I plan to finish up this weekend. I have picked up button band stitches on Indigo Cones and will be heading out to do some Pergola Knitting momentarily! That is all I have today, have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

Cooler with a side of knitting and reading

Cooler with a side of knitting and reading

The weather has taken a detour back to spring temperatures over the past 24 hours. The humidity has gone elsewhere (sorry if elsewhere is where you are) and the high temperature yesterday was on 73, and last night was perfect sleeping weather! This is so welcome, because I am not a fan of air conditioning and never really sleep well with it running non-stop. However, this weather is supposed to be with us for a few days, so on top of perfect sleeping conditions; I have some real motivation to get a summery sweater done!

I am making progress on Indigo Cones, with a number of modifications. It is strange that no one else has had these issues – or if they did they have not posted any notes about them. Just a heads up knitters – if you alter a pattern or if a pattern has issues, please post some notes about this!! It is helpful for the knitters that will come behind you!

indicones collageAnyways, the openings for the sleeves were HUGE (each opening is 15 inches from shoulder to body) – so my alteration for this was to seam up the openings (I am using mattress stitch and seaming 5 inches on each side) then I picked up sleeve stitches. One sleeve is done, the other to join its partner shortly! Then all that is left is to decipher the button band instructions – wish me luck! I hope to have this completed before the week is over!


Clue number two for Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery shawl is out today and I am eager to continue knitting that!

I also am happy to report that I almost finished with The Goldfinch! I have just under 200 pages to go and hopefully will have it done this week! I have some good things in the “on deck reading circle” so I have some good incentive to get it done!

How is your summer reading going?

I am off to try to finish this sleeve and the button band. If you are looking for knitting or reading inspiration, there is always something good to be found on Ginny’s Yarn Along!

Have a great Wednesday!

Fiber Friday

Fiber Friday

Happy Friday! I would say that it took long enough getting here, but it was a short week. However, I have felt confused on what day it is all week long! Tuesday felt like Monday, etc. But, today is Friday and that means I am joining Rachel for Fiber Friday.

I have been faithful to spinning on my Jenkins Turkish Spindle when I am outside with Sherman. I am happy to report that I am more than half way through the bump! The fiber is Cormo from Sheepspot Breed Club in the December in Ontario colorway. This was a good choice for me to drop spindle as it is so easy to spin! My spindling has improved as well!


I have not been spinning much this week on my Matchless, as I have been trying to get some knitting projects done instead, however I have so little of the Shetland to finish I will just sit down and get it done this weekend! (Perhaps while watching Shetland that I just picked up from the library!) We have rain in the forecast for the weekend so that might just work perfectly!

On a quick side note, my garden is going mad! There are peppers growing on the pepper plants, we have one tomatillo started, and (while there is not a picture) the potatoes are growing! My roses are crazy with blooms and buds right now too, as are my raspberries! It is a very happy time in the garden!

garden colage

As usual, I have a few links for you today…

Have a fantastic weekend, see you all back here on Monday!

P.S. Thanks for sharing all the books you did not like, I now have an awesome list to choose from!

Mystery Knitting

Mystery Knitting

It is Wednesday (although it feels like Tuesday to me!) and that means it is time for some Yarn Along with Ginny. But, really – summer officially beings for me today!


Well, the arrival of Clue 1 of Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery Shawl means the start of summer for me and that clue is here!

This will be the fourth time I have participated in her Shawl MKAL and I really like getting a bit of a pattern each week to work on. The first few clues can be completed fairly quickly, and they pique my interest for what will unfold in the remaining clues. This year will be extra special though as there are some blog friends participating (Hello Vicki, Patty, Margene, and Bev!!)

My yarn is caked, the pattern printed and as soon as I have my work for today done, I will cast on and get started!

Summer Knit-Along knitting is also making progress! I am making my way through the pattern repeats of Indigo Cones, I should have the back done today. Then it will be on to the right front. I have read ahead in the pattern and realized why I set this aside. The neckband instructions seem very unclear to me. I am hoping they will make more sense once I have the body of the sweater done. Time will tell, I will spend a bit of time today seeing if anyone has some good notes on Ravelry that can assist me. My fingers are crossed!

My summer reading has begun as well! I am working on my Book Bingo card. Book One – The Goldfinch, which covers my “with an animal on the cover or in the title” square! I am not too far into it yet, but so far I am enjoying it immensely!

What’s in your summer reading queue?

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