The Spinning of a Yarn

The Spinning of a Yarn

I recently got a Schacht Matchless and to say I adore it is an understatement. It is an amazing wheel and I am getting my spinning groove back.

In my box Spunky Eclectic had tucked some lovely fiber  and so I divided the fiber in half with a goal of plying the yarn keeping each color separate with gentle gradient transitions between each color change.

I would say my results were very good and the process gave me a good refresher in spinning and plying. I had some thinner spots in spinning, but as I continued, my consistency got better and I achieved a move even single. My plying had some spots where I over spun a bit, but I did not let that deter me and I forged ahead working on applying just enough twist to balance out my yarn. I skeined it up and sent it off to the tub for a nice bath and I ended up with a 2-ply yarn that had 16 WPI.

I tweaked this lozenge stitch scarf pattern and cast on 122 stitches and joined in the round to make a cowl and my results were more than pleasing.


To "tink" or not to "tink," that is the question…

To "tink" or not to "tink," that is the question…

It has been a day of progression, learning, and letting go. I have always told myself I am a process knitter rather than a product knitter, and today I learned that that is most certainly true. I cast on for this sweater some two years ago or so. I painstakingly knit, and knit, and knit, and knit some more on it and as you can see, the end was in sight. One sleeve and the neckband was all that needed to be finished for this sweater to move into the “product” pile. However, I hated it. I did not like how it fit, how it looked, and how it felt… I kept telling myself that it would “grow” on me and wait until more of it is complete and then see how you like it. There were months on end that it languished in my knitting bag while I ignored it, living by the “out of sight, out of mind” policy. Well, all that changed today. In my process of life simplification, I have begun to address all that is “unfinished” in my life, which includes all various knitting projects in all their varied states.

Today, it was this poor sweater’s Day of Atonement…and in the Knitter’s vernacular, the tinking process began. (Tink: (verb) the opposite of Knit, Knit backwards)


Playing catch up…or the faster I go, the behinder I get

Hello All from white and wintry Western Michigan! I know, what on earth am I complaining about – I don’t have 110 inches of snow on the ground like those poor folks in New York State do – it is just that I am hungering for a view of the sun – you know, a small reminder that it still exists! There has been grey clouds with snow flakes falling from them for what seems like an eternity – or at least the past 30 days, or so my weather man tells me. It makes for dreary days – not so great, as I am sure you can all imagine!

So, I believe I am over my ailment – this is a very good thing. I truly appreciate all the kind comments from all of you – 2 days off from work was certainly unexpected and it has made me so behind, here on Tuesday a week later I am still struggling to catch up! I find myself thinking about the story from the Bible – you know the one when the earth stood still for 3 days – this would work wonderfully for me right now – 3 days = 1 and I might be all caught up! So, while I know this won’t be happening – I press on to get as many things as I can finished in the hours alloted in each day. If you have sent me an email recently – be patient – I will get an answer back to you sometime this week, certainly by the weekend.

I have been doing a bit of knitting – I am proud to report. I am working on my Bloomin’ Feet pal’s socks – and I am LOVING the pattern. I am doing “Spindle Socks” and the yarn I have selected is working beautifully with the pattern. I selected Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in the most amazing pale pink – the yarn and the pattern were made for each other! I have turned the heel on sock #1 and am about half way to the toes! I shall try and post a photo of my progress – I am throughly enjoying the pattern – it is fun and an easy knit. I hope my pal will love these – I think they will look awesome on her feet! I am also keeping my eyes open for some fun items to include in her package!! I hope to have sock #1 finished this weekend and begin its mate as well!

Okay – I have finished my tea and I need to get back at it – have an awesome Tuesday everyone!

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