Weaving With Miss Bab's

Weaving With Miss Bab's

I joined the Miss Bab’s Weave Along this month and I continue to work on my weaving skills. Beating evenly needs lots of work, as you can clearly see in this scarf. I really love the colors, though. I used Miss Bab’s 2-ply Yummy in Biker Chick paired with String Theory Bluestocking in Pewter.

The drape of the scarf is better (more fluid) on the area’s where the beating was not so firm. The color’s were more muted there also.

But the end result is a textile I really love, and I will wear it often.

Reading and Knitting

Reading and Knitting

I discovered this lovely blog by accident last week, thanks to one of Carole’s 10 on Tuesday participants.

Wednesday’s are for Yarn Along and it never ceases to amaze me how much good stuff lives on the internet that I do not know about!

All I can say is that you will find lots of good on Ginny’s blog if you poke around a bit. Her photography is so beautiful and inspiring.

I am hoping that Yarn Along will help me to get my knitting back on track, since the BangOutASweater phenomena has apparently derailed my knitting mojo. And by derailed I mean that all my current projects are in strong consideration for the Frog Pond because I have lost that loving feeling for every last one of them. In an attempt to avoid that rash decision, I have pulled out this long forgotten WIP in a Herculean effort to get it back on track. Anne Hanson is always good for what ails you, and if anyone can revive your knitting mojo, it is her! Wish me luck as I channel Anne today!


Make it Monday, Tuesday Edition

Make it Monday, Tuesday Edition

Our regularly scheduled Ten on Tuesday is on hiatus this week while our illustrious leader, Carole, is off on vacation this week.

However, since yesterday was a holiday, you get the Tuesday Edition of Make it Monday!

Last week, I finished the warp from before Christmas. I ended up with just under 50 inches of cloth. What to do with such an odd length – too short for a scarf. However, after being inspired by this gorgeous cowl, I thought I could incorporate some of those techniques into a small table scarf that will be perfect for Friday night Happy Hour!


I am happy to report that I have gotten over my fear of cutting my woven cloth! I trust that my setting of the fabric will prevent anything from instantly unraveling. I had some left over yarn from weaving that I will use to stitch decoratively down the center panel and around the edges.

This project will be perfect for catching up on the most recent episode of Downton Abbey!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Experiments in Weaving

Experiments in Weaving

I am still working through the warp from before Christmas, and I have this lovely skein of yarn I spun from ITW. It is 75/25 BFL and Tussah Silk from their December 2014 Luxe Club, colorway ‘Flounce’.

I started weaving late yesterday and I  hope to finish the remaining yarn today.

And finish the laundry.

I find pairing the fun with the mundane works well, don’t you?

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