The Avoidance of Friday

The Avoidance of Friday

Friday generally is the best day of the week – the doorway to the weekend.

But, today it seems to be the Monday-est Friday ever. Almost as if all the Monday’s of all time have been rolled into this one day.

Painful times infinity.

Today will be a day of avoidance for me – avoiding news, avoiding Facebook and Twitter, avoiding television and radio (sorry PBS and NPR – today I just can’t). I am not sure how I will manage this with how “technology-centric” my life is – but I am going to try. This also means no emails and no looking at my iPhone – a true challenge.

There will be no links today – although perhaps they might make a good distraction.

I will be reading, knitting, watching the birds (see above – a dule of doves?), and getting ready to stand up with the resistance tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

I have added a book to my “read list” We are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama by E.J. Dionne Jr. and Joy-Ann Reid. It is sad that President Obama’s farewell address is not in this book – I think it should be.

But, I will leave you today with President Obama’s Thank you – it is just what I needed for today, and I hope it is what you need too!


Vacation Reflections

Vacation Reflections

Most of the time a short week is a good thing – but a short week after a vacation was perhaps not the smartest idea. My list barely has a dent in it! (However, laundry is almost done and yogurt is made!)

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea to get one of Steve’s socks for length so I could perhaps finish sock numero uno yesterday. That might have worked if he cut his toes off. Seriously, I thought about suggesting it for more than half a second! Today will find me ripping back the toe and knitting another inch (really, I am knitting WAY more than an inch and hoping they will be just a bit too big!!) Promising him and his size 14 feet a pair of hand knit socks was perhaps the most epic disaster of my knitting life. Really. I will persevere and finish these suckers, however painful it is. And trust me, it is plenty painful! I am trying to avoid the urge to put these socks in Knitting Time Out.

Rather I am going to focus on the beauty that is the Frankfort, Michigan beach.


Instead of feeling bogged down like these poor benches, buried up to their necks in sand!

How about a double dose of Friday Links?? There has been plenty of good stuff over the past couple of weeks:

That is all I have this week. Tonight, there will be a Grand Traverse Distillery Manhattan or two to usher in FriYAY and Steve is taking a half a day – so while it is technically not a “long weekend” it will be starting a wee bit early! The weather is calling for a backyard bonfire too!

I hope your weekend is fantastic, see you back here on Monday!

A Weekend to Remember

A Weekend to Remember

I think it is most fitting that the first poppy blossom opened yesterday in honor of Memorial Day weekend. It was just gorgeous yesterday in the late day sun, almost as amazing as this field of 300,00 knitted poppies at the Chelsea Flower Show. Just.Stunning.

Carole shared a link to BOTNS Book Bingo on Wednesday and Kym shared her card yesterday, so like a good lemming, I printed my card out and am IN IT TO WIN IT! Well, perhaps not with Carole playing – seriously, that girl can read and read fast!! It boggles my mind. Regardless, it seems like a fun way to spend the summer and that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

I am so good with some of these; book set in another country – check! Read another book by an author already used for this Bingo card – check! Book recommended by a librarian – check! (Thanks Carole!!) Perhaps this will be easier than I think. If you wanted to up your reading game this year, this will help! And, I am feeling decidedly child-like, awash in memories of Summer Reading at the library. It was the best thing ever for the summer vacation!

Now on to the Friday Links:

Feeling left out because you don’t have flock of sheep?

The Book of Haps roll out continues, with Tom of Holland and Gudrun Johnston having particularly lovely haps!

And, today’s pattern reveal is just stunning by the Baa-ble Hat creator!

River Flow sounds like the perfect summer knit.

Joji has a beautiful little shawl that takes just one skein of sock yarn! Which also gave me an earworm.

I will be nice and share. Have an amazing FriYAY and an even better LONG weekend! See you all back here on Monday!

With Thoughts of Sheep and Wool

With Thoughts of Sheep and Wool

The Salvia started blooming this week, those rich purple hues are so lovely.

The anticipation is mounting for Maryland Sheep and Wool tomorrow! I have my list, and my camera. I will share the photos and the spoils with you next week! Have a great weekend everyone – let’s hope there is a return of the sun for all of us!

But, it is Friday and I do have some mighty fine links before I head off to succumb to the wool fumes!

Anne Hanson has been very busy lately. Very busy!

I’m just mad about Saffron!

Are you fascinated with caterpillargreen yarns like I am?

Have a knitting problem? Bristol Ivy has the solution with Occam!

Shawl May-nia – free through the end of the month!

Crochet sometimes calls to me…

The New Central Park Hoodie, these cables are so beautiful!

I love gradients, and in a sweater no less!

Something here for everyone!

What to do with those left over bits of yarn!

Have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

P.S. If you will be at Maryland on Saturday – I will be there too! I will be joining the Sheepspot gang in the grassy area outside the main building at noon! Hope to see you there! (We will be heading to the Fleece Barn after lunch and you are welcome to join us!)

Friday with Merchant & Mills

Friday with Merchant & Mills

Whatever plans I had for today went right out the window when the mail-woman brought this gem to my doorstep yesterday! A huge thanks my dear friend for loaning it to me! Fabric stash contemplation is commencing in three, two…


But, before I go, I do have some amazing links to brighten your weekend!

If you count yourself a maker, then perhaps this will interest you!

You still have time for a Whistle Stop

Interested in some color work that is modern?

A metronome for knitters

Do you fear yarn pooling?

Perhaps a quick trip to Etton is in your plans

Are you multi-craftual, then Kollabora might be the spot for you!

It’s a beautiful day to honor Mr. Rogers, so put a sweater on!

Have a good one, gentle reader! See you back here on Monday.

Hello Friday!

Hello Friday!

This week went by at warp speed. It seems like it was just Monday and, blink, here it is Friday already.

Spring is still springing even with a couple of good frosts that we had here this week. I think it helped this bush stay in bloom – although the high winds of yesterday are making it “snow” petals now.

I am itching to get in the garden, but I will settle for taking a stroll through a couple of greenhouses instead. I saw these on Pinterest and we are now reconsidering potatoes again this year. They took up so much garden space last year – potato bags might be the perfect alternative! Have any of you tried them? Good? Bad? Please share!

I also have the urge to Bang Out A Sweater after seeing this on IG and Ravelry yesterday – I may have picked out colors… A lace-weight sweater might be perfect for summer. Who’s in with me??

I hope your Friday is awesome and it ushers in a weekend of perfection.

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