Unraveled Wednesday, October 11

Unraveled Wednesday, October 11

Our trip last week included a stop at Wool & Honey – the most amazing yarn shop in the middle of nowhere! This shop is really spectacular and their array of yarns is really wonderful. Oh, and they have the Sleeping Bear Yarn Club! I did do a little stash enhancement and I also picked up the latest issue of Laine (which is an incredibly purchase-worthy magazine!) There are at least 3 things I want to knit from it…asap. Great incentive to get my in process things done so that I can cast on! (Wool & Honey also has a Knit-a-Sweater-in-a-month-along starting October 31st with discounts on yarn through the 13th!!) I am so happy to be back to my regular routine – which will see a return to my regularly scheduled knitting time. So, if there are some “knitting bandwagoner’s” thinking it might be fun to knit a sweater together in November, let me know. I have not pulled the trigger yet on a SQ of Quince Owl, but with a joiner or two, I could be convinced to participate!

Even though there was little to no knitting on vacation, there was so much reading!! I finished Paul Auster’s 4321. Oh.my.gosh. This is an incredible book and it is one that I have been mulling over in my head since finishing it. Especially since the ending is one that makes you replay the book in your mind. I gave it 5 stars and I highly recommend this book! Really… look beyond the number of pages and settle in for an amazing journey! And, I am really pulling for this to win the Man Booker Prize!

I also finished John le Carre’s latest book; A Legacy of Spies. I kind of chuckled to myself that this book is less than 300 pages and my brain said – oh wow, this will be a breeze to read! Ha! A 4-star read!

AND, I finished Moshin Hamid’s Exit West, another 4-star read. Man Booker short-lister’s FTW, although – I am still hoping that 4321 will win!

I am also listening to Rae Meadow’s I Will Send Rain (The library has been very good to me lately and it looks like this will continue as I am suddenly very close on several holds!)

And, I started reading Emily Fridlund’s History of Wolves…

I did have one “epic fail” book this week; The Widow by Fiona Barton. Bad. So, so bad. I gave it more than a fair turn as I listened through chapter 19…it did not engage at all. Life it too short to read bad books.

That is all I have this week. What about you? Is your knitting and reading engaging?

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Unraveled Wednesday, October 4

Unraveled Wednesday, October 4

As you can see not much knitting has been happening on vacation. However, there has been amazing scenery, awesome meals, and LOTS of family time happening. Which makes me miss knitting not at all!

On the reading front, I am still reading 4 3 2 1, but I only have about 300 pages to go! I seriously love this book! Hopefully, I will be done sooner than later as I just got the notification from the library that John le Carre’s new novel is available!

What are you knitting this week?

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Unraveled Wednesday, September 27

Unraveled Wednesday, September 27

I am really happy with how Ponchetta turned out! I am not sure the weather will cooperate to let me wear it on our trip, but I am taking it along!

And, inches have been added and Nekia has been re-blocked. I am much happier with this length!

As for the currently knitting – I am working today on travel knitting. I am planning to only take in process projects with the idea that I will finish them. I am not sure this is such a great idea, and just in case I am taking a skein of sock yarn and sock needles. When in doubt, knit socks! Right?

As for the reading this week:

I finished The Brutal Telling and it was EXCELLENT! I gave it 5 stars and I am on the list at the library for Bury Your Dead, hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait!

I am well into Paul Auster’s 4321. Oh.My.Gosh. I am not sure how to even describe this novel but I am loving it and it is keeping me up late reading every night.

What about you? What are you making (or unmaking) this week!

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Unraveled Wednesday, September 20

Unraveled Wednesday, September 20

I have about 25 rows to go and Ponchetta will be done. Maybe today? Depending on how I do on my list, that is a real possibility for this afternoon!

Up next for knitting? I have some finishes to queue up. Like some charity knitting, Laura Aylor’s Summer Ripples, and a couple of in-process sweaters! I am going to refrain from casting on anything new until after we get back from our visit to Michigan.

And, the reading!

I managed to finish More Home Cooking: A Writer Returns to the Kitchen by Laurie Colwin. I gave this book 5 stars and felt it was even better than Laurie’s first book! But, really – biscuits, butter, and roast chicken…need I say more?!

I have about 3 more hours of listening in The Brutal Telling. I just love Louise Penny’s writing! Each book is more engaging than the last, which is really appreciated and keeps me anxious for the next book in the series. I should have this done today!

I am also reading Paulette Jiles News of the World. I am about halfway through and I really am enjoying it! However, it will go on hold for a brief bit because a seriously long-awaited library hold came through so I am going to be kind to the next person on the list and read Paul Auster’s 4321 quickly!!

Once I get my list for the day under control, you will find me working on those 25 Ponchetta rows. But, don’t feel too bad for me as I tackle my list – Armand Gamache will be keeping me company!

What are you reading this week?

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Unraveled Wednesday, September 13

Unraveled Wednesday, September 13

I have been plugging away at my Ponchetta, but I have miles to go yet. Sigh. The rows are long but it is good “sit down and watch television” knitting. I have put aside Laura Aylor’s MKAL aside to get it done. Hopefully some focused knitting will have success!

AND… I began stitching on my first Alabama Chanin garment. So far, so good! Although, I have learned that screen printed t-shirts might not be the best thing to start with! But, I am forging ahead. I think the end result will be worth the effort. But, note to self: plain t-shirts might be a better choice! I am trying to get comfortable stitching without a embroidery hoop – it is a challenge!

Then, there is the reading… Oh, my! The reading has been SOOOO good!

I finished 3 books this week! First up, The River at Night by Erica Ferencik. This was an Overdrive suggestion, and while it was a quick read I thought the entire story was a bit of a “Deliverance-wanna-be” and not in a good way. It was a bit farfetched and I thought the characters were shallow and unbelievable. Why did I keep reading? Well, I hoped that it would improve.

Next, I finished Beach Music which is a 5-star book all the way! I did not think it was possible to like a book more than I did South of Broad, but then came Beach Music! This book made me laugh out loud and it made me cry as Jack collected the stories of family members and friends, sharing them so beautifully. Long live Chippy the Dog stories! GRRRRR! GRRRRRR! Pat Conroy’s tender brilliance and agility with the written word is a thing of wonder to read (and listen too!) I strongly recommend this book!

I also finished Viveca Sten’s Closed Circles. While it had a slow start, it picked up nicely and I am enjoying the character development. I gave this book 4-stars. I really felt like I was part of the detective team as they worked through the mystery. In fact, I am starting book 3 “Guiltless” today!

What are you making this week?

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Unraveled Wednesday, September 6

Unraveled Wednesday, September 6

September, oh boy. And, the weather here has been incredibly fall-like. It is almost as if someone flipped the switch on summer. Boo hoo! And, all this cool weather means I have sweaters on the brain and that’s all I really want to knit!

But, I have these projects I need to get done! I am working on clue #4 for Laura Aylor’s end of summer MKAL though. It is a very intriguing construction, but there is lots of row counting. Which is not my favorite thing to do.

I am also working away on my charity knitting which has more row counting, but this is a bit easier…because garter ridges.

My goal is to get both things done asap so I can go back to knitting a sweater (or two)!!

On the reading front:

I finished Ragnar Jonasson’s Snow Blind. This is the first book in the “Dark Iceland” series, I gave it 3 stars but I will try another book to see how the characters are developed. I did not figure out who did it until almost the end, but I think this was more because the author talked very little about this character during the book.

I have about 10 chapters or so to go in Beach Music and it is just so good! I am laughing lots, curiously, at this wonderfully dysfunctional family!

I also picked up More Home Cooking from the library and have begun reading it. Laurie Colwin writes in a very approachable and easy manner – which is how cooking should be.

Outside of knitting and reading, my time has been consumed with the garden – and really, preserving what I am harvesting! I made 4 more pints of raspberry jam this week and have pickled some tomatoes. I will let you know how they are later this week!

What about you? What is consuming your week?

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