Three on Thursday | 7.26.18

Three on Thursday | 7.26.18

Things, just three of them, should be easy to come up with each week…amirite?

Not so much, so today’s things are current things on my brain right this very moment!

Thing One:

Tia Coleman, who is on everyone’s mind. Honestly, I am not sure I would want to survive what she has, and she is most certainly in my thoughts.

Thing Two:

Contemplating more sewing…perhaps this, and this, and this. And, I have been looking at fabrics online… I especially like how Clementine has set up a ‘by project’ page.

Thing Three:

Thanks to Castle Rock on Hulu, I completed clue 4 of TTL’s MKAL and clue 5 is underway. I have still not finished skein one and I am contemplating sizing as Kirsten has said that the last clue will have options to “extend” the shawl. However, what I am really jonesing to cast on is Tegna but, I have promised myself I won’t even swatch before I have clue 5 done…

There you have my things for today! Want to see more? Head on over to Carole’s!

Three on Thursday | 7.19.18

Three on Thursday | 7.19.18

Last week Carole shared a most interesting list and several others posted luxury lists of their own. It really got me thinking about luxuries. But, what is a luxury? The dictionary says it is “the state of great comfort and extravagant living” and the list of synonyms include opulence, grandeur, magnificence, splendor, and lavishness. All this sounds very expensive, doesn’t it?

But, all that sort of flies in the face of this quote from Coco Chanel: “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

Much better, yes?

Today my things are luxuries that are the opposite of vulgarity – and ones that I think are truly luxurious.

Thing One:

The ability to “not have to work” and spend my days doing exactly what I want to do. I am so fortunate that I can do this, and I am most appreciative of that fact!

Thing Two:

Making. This is perhaps the best luxury of all – knitting, stitching, sewing, cooking, baking, etc. Being a maker, I am sure was not always thought of as a luxury and was more a necessity. But, being able to create with my own hands things for those I love is lavish.

Thing Three:

The unexpected luxury of less humid weather mid-July and all that it brings – open windows, no AC, and yes…much longer walks.

There you have my unconventional luxury list. What about you? What do you consider a luxury in your life?

Want to see more lists? Head on over to Carole’s!

Three on Thursday | 7.19.18

Three on Thursday, Insomniac Edition

Over the course of my life, I have had bouts of insomnia. Sometimes, the cause of the insomnia was easy to identify and other times I spent many a sleepless night pondering the reason of my inability to sleep. These days the cause of my sleeplessness is easily identified, but sadly – it is not so easily solved.

I thought I’d share what I do when I can’t sleep at night.

Thing One: Read

My first response is to try to fill my brain with a new place to go and most times filling my brain with something else brings sleep. It disrupts the train of worried thoughts that is racing around my head. I am unbelievably thankful for my iPad which allows me to read in bed without disturbing Steve because I have been doing lots of night reading the past week weeks!

Thing Two: Make Lists

If reading is not cutting it, my next “fix” is to de-clutter my brain (or clutter it more?) by thinking about things I need to get done, things I want to get done, things I want to try, and things I need to remember (my mammogram percolated to the top last week in one of these list making sessions, and you will be happy to know I go next Wednesday to get that mammogram done!) It amazes me at how much I remember from these nocturnal lists – which, sadly, means that I am pondering these lists all too regularly.

Thing Three: Meditate

It seems there is no shortage of things to meditate on these days… good and bad. But, my latest meditations include asking those Thai Navy Seals to come here to help with the reunification of the thousands of children trapped in Trump Hell… I think if they could successfully navigate the treacherous caves with such success, perhaps they can do the same here.

There you have my insomniac ramblings! Want to see more lists? Head on over to Carole’s!

Three on Thursday | 7.19.18

Three on Thursday | 7.5.18

My three things today are all about routine maintenance…

Thing One:

I need to schedule my mammogram today. I am posting it here for some accountability because I saw my doctor last week and have an order to get it done…but have forgotten to schedule it every day since then.

Thing Two:

Sometimes those routine maintenance appointments (i.e. annual physical) are not much fun. However, sometimes a year of hard work pays off. That was the case for me last week! My A1C was no longer in the bad range! I was happy, and my doctor was too! And, yay for weight loss, Pilates, and walking!

Thing Three:

Finally, I need to get the shingles vaccine…but apparently so did everyone else in America and that has caused a shortage of the vaccine. I am on the wait list at the pharmacy. They will call me when they have it in.

Those are my things for today, but what about you? Do you have any routine maintenance you’ve been putting off?

Want to see more and probably way better lists? Head on over to Carole’s!

Three on Thursday | 6.28.18

Three on Thursday | 6.28.18

I have been trying to set aside some time each week to do some sewing. It has been so much fun and so energizing to repurpose something that did not fit into something that does!

Thing one:

My go to favorite is Lotta Jansdottor’s Esme Tunic/Top. I love it as a top, but yesterday I made a tunic length and wore it with leggings. (That’s right, it is easy enough to cut out and sew and wear in the same day!) I have one more cut out from some lightweight denim that I will sew up today! I also want to try this bell-sleeve variation but this will mean a trip to the fabric store to get some new fabric!

Thing two:

My embroidery has gotten more than a bit off track. I got woefully behind on my “Spring” piece and have yet to get caught up. So, I have made the decision to set aside embroidery for the summer. Sadly, there are only so many hours in the day and the garden, being outdoors, and yes, knitting are my priorities right now. I hope to begin stitching again in the fall, but perhaps with a bit of a different focus.

Thing three:

Finally, Inspired by Mary I am going to see if I can repurpose two pair of Pants No. 1 into something wearable!

There you have things that have percolated to the top of my brain today. As you know, Carole and Dale are away on vacation and you can see that they are having a marvelous time! Oh… and tomorrow is Friday!

What’s on your mind today?

Three on Thursday | 6.21.18

Three on Thursday | 6.21.18

Welcome Summer! And, my three things today are songs that no matter what season I hear them in, I am thrown back to the warm days of summer. I also spent a few minutes creating a little Summer Songs playlist on Spotify, you are welcome to follow it!

The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City

Bananarama – Cruel Summer

Although, everything the Drifters did sings summer to me, Under the Boardwalk is one of my favorites.

Again, here is my Spotify Playlist – enjoy!

There are my things to welcome summer! Want to see more? Just head on over to Carole’s

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