Three on Thursday, December 7

Three on Thursday, November 30

Today’s three things are all about celebration! So, first, a little listening music for this celebration post!

Thing 1:

Today is the final day of another successful NaBloPoMo! Yahoo! This is our celebration!

Thing 2:

My November stitching will get its last stitches today and tomorrow I will begin December! And, December will bring to the close this Year of Stitching. I cannot tell you how much I have loved growing in this project! I have such incredible ideas for next year, I can’t wait to share it with you all in December! Celebrate good times, come on!

Thing 3:

The Peace Train starts tomorrow! And, after a quick toss of the stash, I have found the perfect yarn for my Peace Shawl. And, it is hand spun yarn to boot!! Let’s celebrate!

There you have my celebratory  things for this final day of November! If you want to see more Thursday Things, head over to Carole’s!

Three on Thursday, December 7

Three on Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today’s post is short and simple, I’ve got some cooking to do! Today my things are things that I am profoundly thankful for!

Thing 1:

Thing 2:

Thing 3:

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Three on Thursday, December 7

Three on Thursday, November 16

It seems like there is a lot of hectic going around lately! Must be the season, amirtie?

Thing 1:

Peeling 12 lbs of apples is a heck of a task, just sayin’. Oh, and there were 6, but we had one for dinner. It was delicious.

Thing 2:

This one is for Bonny! The easy button band is almost done, I think 2 more rows and then the bind off and I am about to start my third wheel.

Thing 3:

I can’t wait. And, bonus points for adding in my favorite non-colors!

Sometimes, simplicity wins.

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Three on Thursday, December 7

Three on Thursday, November 9

It is sometimes hard to believe that it has only been a year since this nightmare began. Yes, that’s right a year ago today (I know it seems like an eternity!!)

However, this week I began to see a silver lining! In fact, a big old pink sparkly silver lining!

Handknit as it were….

Thing one!

If you don’t take us seriously, we will defeat you!

Thing two!

If you take away our bathrooms, we will defeat you!

Thing three!

And, if you squash diversity, we will defeat you!

This week it really feels like the funk I have been immersed in for the past year has lifted.

PLUS, a bonus link that will make readers happy. (and increase their “to read” list!)

Three on Thursday, November 2

Three on Thursday, November 2

Day Two of NaBloPoMo and so far, SO GOOD! I know, it is laughable and I am joking but, I hope that in this joke you also see how easy and fun NaBloPoMo is!

So, now on to my things….

Thing One:

November stitching… So, what does it mean if you dream in stitching? I don’t know, but I have and that will be my stitching for this month! Also, you may not be aware, but I am keeping a “stitch journal” of the month with that days “color” saved on each day. My plan is to put these in a journal, or somehow bind them (as in book binding sort of). My thoughts were to stitch these together in January and to make some kind of nice cover to hold them in. Now, this will most likely be something my kids will wish that I would have “Death Cleaned” but I am excited to have figured out something special for the paper portion of my stitch journey.

Thing Two:

So, what will my “stitch journal” paper look like in my plans for my stitching next year? Yeah, I have been thinking about that quite a bit and going back and forth – do I do it or not? Well, I was going to toss it out – after all my plan is for a much longer project with my plan to stitch the seasons. It is kind of hard to have a “stitch journal” that starts mid-December and goes on through mid-March. However, then I started this on Pinterest… (thanks Kym for inspiring me with so many of these!) So, my brain is working out how to incorporate a bit of watercolor with the days threads. Maybe too much? I don’t know, and I probably won’t paint every day, but I will add in bits and pieces as I am moved.

Thing Three:

And, totally unrelated to either stitching, book-making, or painting… after a LONG stretch of weight loss stagnation (I mean we are talking more than a couple of months) I have finally gotten back to the path of losing a little bit every week. This is a long journey and not for the faint of heart, let me tell you! However, I think that at long last the benefits of faithfully doing Pilates and making sure I am moving every single day is paying off and the muscle I am building (albeit slowly!!) is doing what it’s supposed to – burning fat! Yay! Really, this caused much celebration and dancing with joy!

There are my things for this week! But, what about you? Do you have any fun things this week?

P.S. if you want to see lots of other things, you can find them all here at Carole’s!

P.P.S. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is on sale today for $2.99!!

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