Annus Mirabilis

Annus Mirabilis

Welcome to 2016, Gentle Reader, one I hope will be truly a remarkable year!

But, New Year – new you? I hope not so much, I spent much of last year trying to improve me. I wanted to learn more and do more.

And, I think I did fairly well.

2015 saw me become a student of yoga, which has become an almost daily ritual for me. I am happy about this but I need to do more. Every year I fool myself about losing weight, well the days of fooling myself are over. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. What this equates to is more action needs to happen in my life, as in MOVE IT! Which is a struggle when all your favorite activities are sedentary ones.

However, knitting and walking is apparently thing… Stay tuned for more on this become a thing in my life as 2016 unfolds.

I loved the stitching process in making my daughters “family tree” so you can expect more stitching projects in 2016. I am a long way from the beauty that Bonnie Sennott stitches, but I won’t let that stop me. This book might be the perfect addition to my library.

But, what I really want to focus on this year is gratitude. I will be working through 365Grateful this year. You will see things about this all year-long here on the blog, but if you want to see my daily gratitude, follow me on Instagram!

And so, what I am especially grateful for today: coffee, in a very special mug.

Happy New Year!

Happy, Fulfilled, and Proud

Happy, Fulfilled, and Proud

Carole has me reviewing my year to determine the following:

10 Things You Did in 2015 That Made You Feel Proud

Wow, this one is a bit of a challenge! I am certainly proud of my new granddaughter, Genevieve – but she is not something I did. I am also proud of my children for a variety of reasons, but especially now that they are all out of school I am so proud of how well they are all doing at “being adults” – but again, not something I did either.

For me, 2015 was a “Year of Making” coupled with lots of learning! Please join me as I look at the things I did, learned, and made this year – things that make me proud of myself!

  • 2015 was a very good year for knitting at Casa del KatKnits – I took a fantastic class with Amy Herzog and finished knitting not one, but three sweaters that fit! This was truly a herculean task as in my 15 years of knitting, I had, to date, never knit a sweater that fit. I also knit a good bit for Genevieve, and I completed my third summer at Camp Loopy! Sixteen projects in the “complete” column prove that I did lots of knitting this year!
  • It was also a good year for spinning, I spun more yardage for Spinzilla than I ever have before and the yarn made from that spinning was pretty darn impressive as well!


When All Else Fails

After yesterday’s post, this week’s 10 on Tuesday from Carole might be just what Santa ordered – 10 Gifts You Can Pick Up at the Grocery Store.

This could come in very handy in the 10 remaining days before Christmas!

  • Wine! Although you cannot get this at a grocery store in PA, you could stop at the Wine and Spirits store and get a nice bottle of wine (as well as something with a bit more kick for yourself, if need be)
  • Beer, which you can get at some grocery stores in PA! Luckily there are dozens of holiday beers to enrich every palate.
  • Cheese, cured meats, and crackers. Bonus in that most stores have holiday themed cheese trays available this time of year.
  • Holiday Coffee’s for the coffee lover on your list! You could even add in a nice mug or two!
  • No coffee lover’s on your list? No problem – you can get Holiday Tea’s as well.
  • Christmas Cookies! You can even get a holiday container to put them in and none will be the wiser that you did not bake them yourself, and I won’t ever tell.
  • Nuts. This would go especially well with gifts one, two, and three!
  • Fresh fruit baskets are thankfully at every market this time of year.
  • Is there a baker or a want-to-be baker on your list? Take your favorite recipe and get all the ingredients to make it – you might even be able to pick up a festive bag to put them all in as well!
  • If none of these ideas work, you can always get a gift card to all sorts of places!

There you go, Gentle Reader, if you’re feeling the pressure of failing – FEAR NOT and just go shopping!

Ten Fabulous Things to Help You Get Your Holiday Cheer On!

Ten Fabulous Things to Help You Get Your Holiday Cheer On!

Carole knows that Christmas is fast approaching and for this 10 on Tuesday, she wants to know everything we enjoy about the Holiday season, well at least 10 of our most enjoyable things!

This is perhaps one of my favorite times of the year and selecting just ten items is a challenge for me! But, here is my Top Ten list of things to ramp up your enjoyment of the holidays! If you are lacking in Christmas Cheer, get this list going in your life ASAP!


The Best of November

The Best of November

It is Tuesday and that means Carole has sent out a challenge for our Ten on Tuesday post!

Today it is a fantastic one: 10 Best Things You Did in November, so without further ado here is my list!

  1. I blogged every day, completing a successful NaBloPoMo!
  2. I used my camera every day and I have a new favorite lens as a result!
  3. I “figured out” how to do my shorter hair and it only took a couple of weeks!
  4. I did some of the best spinning and, more importantly, the best plying I have ever done! 
  5. I grew my weaving skills and gave myself permission to make many mistakes without stressing over them!
  6. I finished some knitting projects, even if they were small ones!
  7. I made nine quarts of turkey stock and four turkey pot pies with Thanksgiving leftovers!
  8. I got all my Christmas decorating done, freeing up December for finishing the few “me-made” Christmas gifts on my list!
  9. Finding .98¢ poinsettia’s and a $6 orchid on my only venture out on “Black Friday” (and there was practically no one at Home Depot!)
  10. Finding a true connection with yoga, I feel like my day is just not right if I do not do yoga.

I think these are some very good “bests” for my November!

Happy 10 on Tuesday, Gentle Reader!

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