Fiber Friday | 5.11.18

Fiber Friday | 5.11.18

Sometimes the arrival of Friday brings the greatest joy… sometimes, you just want a bit more time for its arrival. This is one of those times. I had hoped to have a finished sweater today (or more finished than it is)… but that did not happen. I will try and knit for...

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Giving up something for Lent?

Make mine snow, please. Yes, I will suffer through and give up snow for Lent.  I know, it will be difficult, but I will try and persevere! Yeah.  I know.  I'll let you all know how that works! Well, in the reality of things, we have gotten volumes of snow this year...

ABC Spectrum Along's

Wow, am I glad it is the weekend!  Catch up time for laundry, house work, and knitting!  Without these I'd have to leave the house naked, eating off paper plates, stressed beyond my limits!  Yes, that would be a scary, scary world!  Thus, I am making sure I get lots...

Six words and out…

I listen to NPR religiously and yesterday I heard a great story on Six Word Memoirs So I bring you mine. Loving mother.  Spinning knitter.  Student.  Daughter.

Thirsty Thursday?

Well, after the week I have had, I most definitely declare today... Thirsty Thursday! After driving to work most of the week on bad roads, with bad drivers. Studying my brains out. I am so in need of a break!  And, a nice cold glass of wine! Thus, Thirsty Thursday is...

Wacky Wednesday it is!

Okay, so the weatherman has discovered Nirvanna here in West Michigan. However, if you have to drive in this stuff, it is not as much fun! We have gotten multiple inches of rain, sleet, and snow today.  Multiple inches approaching double digits! Yeah.  Hooray. It is...

So now it is Super Tuesday?

Super Sunday followed by a so so Monday and now it is Super Tuesday again? So, I am calling it for tomorrow - Wacky Wednesday! Wacky weather - it was raining tonight - now it is sleeting - soon to be snowing. And it seems we are in for a large volume of snowfall....



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