Three on Thursday | 5.31.18

Three on Thursday | 5.31.18

Last Thursday we got our vegetable gardens all planted. It was a long day's work, but it was a very good distraction so the worry about Sherman did not overwhelm me. It got me thinking about things I do to avoid being overwhelmed by something else. Okay, confession...

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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B is for Blizzards and Bobbins…

If you seek a pleasant peninsula, you might want to head to Florida this morning.  If you can get there from here, that is. All of West Michigan is having some difficulty in travel today.  Yesterday we had that nice, if brief, January Thaw - and over night Old Man...

It's a roller coaster world….

The weather has warmed up considerably.  The snow is almost all melted.  So, the 2 feet or so that we had is but a few crusty inches.  And, I have a river running through my back yard which is quite lovely, not! Currently it is 46 degrees outside (that is Farenheit...

Day One is now over or Button, Button who's got the button.

Homework - done. Dinner - done. Laundry - done. Knitting time - you have got to be kidding me! Who'd of ever thunk that I'd find myself at the end of a day and not wanting to pick up a knitting needle and while away the time knitting. That day has arrived, gentle...

Eureka with an award on top!

Hold the phone, gentle readers, I have success!!  Yes, after much trial and tribulation and a couple of trips to the frog pond - the answer came to me today as I showered. Here is the test of true knitterly thinking, you cannot stop puzzling over a problem - it swirls...

It could become a Habit….

... a Franklin Habit Yes, that is correct - The Panopticon was at Mecca today doing a photo shoot for his 1000 Knitters Project.  And was it busy!!  I pulled in the parking lot shortly after noon and it was packed.  There had to be 500 knitters vehicles in the lot....

You want me to sign what?

So, I had orientation for school today and when I left there I headed over to pick up my text book.   Why? Because I have 5 chapters to read by class time on Monday.  Yes - you read that right, 5 chapters! We can say good bye to knitting this weekend...  it was nice...



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