Unraveled Wednesday | 4.4.18

Unraveled Wednesday | 4.4.18

The knitting continues, steady and slow. I have enough yarn to do one more repeat on each side and then the joining begins! I am also knitting my Lunar Phases MKAL, but I am refraining from sharing "spoilers" until it is done. Confession time, I have absolutely no...

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Friday Follies

Hello Everyone!  Well, it is Friday!  It was a LONG week, but one that ended on a very high note.  I got to "work" at Friends of Wool today!  If you can call spending the entire day in my LYS work!!  So, how did I get so lucky?  Well, Rose and Ruby were heading to...

There's a whole lot of nothing going on!

Hello everyone!  So, here is the blogger challenge - to blog when nothing is going on!  I have been reading lots of forum posts on Ravelry - one of particular interest - what to blog about - and especially, what not to blog about.  It seems that everyone has definate...

The Dog Days of Summer

Hello everyone - can it really be August?  This summer is just flying by - rapidly!  We had some much needed rain last night - a nice, slow, all-night rain.  It rained most of the morning as well.  I think this is the first rain we have had in several months.  So,...

Has Francisco moved?

Who would of ever thought that the chuckles I got over Crazy Aunt Purl's gardener woes would come back to haunt me.  Well, imagine my surprise when I arrived home to discover Francisco's weed wacker happy cousin - Paco - working in our condo yards!  My neighbors have...

"F" is for weekend!?!

Well hello everyone!  Hope you all had a "FANTASTIC" weekend!  Filled with "FUN"!  I had a "FABULOUS" weekend up at Lake Charlevoix with Ken's "FAMILY".   On Saturday, we (this would be Ken and me- and no, he did not think it was a Viper Festival - he was ready to...


It seems that change is inevitable - whether we want it or not.  Sometimes the change is from within ourselves, but other times the change is from external forces.  I think that a large part of lifes stess is due to my inability to accept change.  Now, that being said...



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