Fiber Friday | 8.10.18

Fiber Friday | 8.10.18

There is a part of me that is entirely ready for the neighborhood kids to all be back in school… really.badly. However, that will mean that summer is ending. Yeah, the inner debate is most interesting, let me tell you! Ha! BUT!!! I am so excited to do a little test...

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Simply Sunday

Hello everyone!  It is a nice quiet Sunday here - a bit of grocery shopping, dinner on the stove, and some knitting time - I am working on some socks and the second Snow on Cedars Mitt - making one complete pair! Not working has led to some menu planning and more...

Go Ask Alice!

Okay, I am not regressing back to the 60's - but if you are wondering how much house work I got done - Go Ask Alice.  If you are wondering how much laundry I got done - Go Ask Alice.  If you are wondering how much knitting I got done - Go Ask Alice.  Do you see the...

Tag, you are it!

Chris in an effort to give me something to blog about for my NaBloPoMo effort has tagged me for share with you the answers to 38 questions that you did not know you were dying to learn about me.  So, without further ado - the answers to my questions.  Oh... and you...

Actual Knitting Content!

I know - don't fall off your chairs!  I have been knitting!  The lovely Anne has an awesome pattern for fingerless mittens - Snow on Cedars.  I truly enjoy knitting Anne's patterns.  She is a talented knitter and a gifted designer!  So, I cast on mitt #1 last night...

Hump Day?

 Can you have a hump day if you are not working?  Wednesday's are the "down hill from here" day in the work-a-day world.  So, do you get a Hump Day if you are in the ranks of the unemployed? How about a Hump Month? Can it be all down hill from here? If it is all down...


Hello everyone.  You have all humbled me with your kind and supportive responses.  This blog was started when I lost a long time job and when I started it I had no clue where life would take me.  I am amazed at how much calmer I am today, in the light of uncertainty,...



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