Unraveled Wednesday | 1.16.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 1.16.19

Greetings Unravelers! I am just a few LONG rows away from finishing Sarah Jordan's Mini Maximization! Stay tuned for glamor shots next week! In order to show you something NEW and interesting this week, I have some spinning to show you. I have finished skein three of...

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2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Kat has
read 4 books toward
her goal of
80 books.

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The Great March Meltdown

Hello everyone.  If you are a lover of snow, I am sorry because if you listen outside you will hear the snow calling out like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz after Dorothy dumped a bucket of water on her... "I'm melting!!!!" Yes, we are loosing more...

Sunday's in Ann Arbor with Amy

Hello everyone!  Well, it has been a whirlwind weekend for me with Lucy, errr - Sandy (who really needs to get a blog!).   And, it ended on a high note with a visit to the Ann Arbor Library to hear Amy Singer speak about No Sheep For You or knitting with something...

No more Marvin!

Yes, that is correct - I can wrap up my tenure with Michigan's Unemployment Voice Activated Services - or "You can call me Marvin". This is no longer The Home for the Unemployed!! Yes, you read that right - last night I got the phone call from MetroHealth and they...

E is for energized!

E is for energized!

and by the end of the day it will stand for EMPLOYED!  Or at least I hope it will - I know I have a job, but I am waiting for HR to get the paperwork together.  Until I have that, I am in a bit of limbo, but that is alright with me.  Yes, that is right - yesterday I...

With my nose to the grind stone

With my nose to the grind stone

Hello Everyone!  Well, I am knitting and knitting and knitting - and there is a bit of spinning thrown in for balance. I wanted to show you my Totally Tubular Edge - it is just so cool, dudes!  Thank you Ysolda!  As you can see I am working away on Gretel.  I am...

Totally Tubular, Dude!

In my on going effort to learn new things - I am happy to report that I figured out the Tubular Cast-on Friday.  There is a most excellent UTube video for help from the amazing Ysolda With her lilting voice she brings you along with her as she deftly shows you how to...



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