Unraveled Wednesday | 3.27.19

Unraveled Wednesday | 3.27.19

I love when I have a finished object to share on Unraveled Wednesday's! And, I have one today – yes, Deschain is done! And, there were some significant alterations made to the pattern which resulted in a really lovely sweater! I knit the front...

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2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Kat has
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80 books.

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Weekends are for….

Good morning!!  Yes, we are up bright and early here - I have to head into work shortly and I wanted to finish up the laundry so I was not stuck doing that for the remainder of the day!  This is the best time of the day - it is quiet, I can sip my coffee, catch up on...

Friday = Fun day?

Hello everyone - well, last night we had some insane weather blow through our area.  It got dark and windy out - all of a sudden.  Then, the rains came down - lots of rain beating against the house.  Then came the hail - it was like buckshot being blasted at the...

Rhinebeck Envy…

Hello Everyone!  We are truly in the midst of Autumn here.  It seems that every other day we have overcast skies, damp, chilly weather, and intermittent rain.  This is the time of year that the color of the trees makes up for the lack of sunshine.  Against the gray...

Kids and kittens

Kids and kittens

Hello everyone!  It seems fall has arrived - kicking summer to the curb in it's excitement to arrive.  So, today dawned gray, rainy, and cold - with no trace of summer who was lolling around on the sofa yesterday.   Words of warning - be careful of what you wish for -...

Too hot to….

Hello Everyone - here it is a week into October and it was 90 plus degrees out today.  That's right, 90 plus - on October 7th. Ummmm....... Hello, Autumn?  Are you there???? I can honestly say it was almost too hot to knit today.  Yep, the wool had to go... Banished...

October skies

Hello Everyone - have you all noticed how it seems like "overnight" that Autumn is in the air?  The trees are beginning to have a riot of color on those roads that hug the Lake Michigan coast - and in the rain this morning the smell of fall was in the air.  It was...



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