Three on Thursday | 2.28.19

Three on Thursday | 2.28.19

I am joining with Carole and the Three on Thursday gang today! And, though it hardly seems possible – February is OVER! I am so ready for March! And, March? One of my favorite months from the Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak! Bring on those blow-y winds,...

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2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
Kat has
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80 books.

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It is June? Where did May go?

Wow, I am stunned to find June has barged right on in - shooing May right out the door!  I was so enjoying May - and now it's gone for another whole year!!  There were lots of good things about May - tulips blooming, lilacs blooming, trilliums blooming - lots of...

Back to work after a long weekend

Hello from Insanity Central!  Why is it that after a day off work is out of control?  My good intentions and my list for the day are buried somewhere on my desk - if you can find them - pass them back to me, please!  Evidently, all of West Michigan was out looking for...

Sunday mornings are for…

Sunday mornings are for…

Good Morning everyone!  Hopefully I am getting the hang of wordpress - I have some photo's to share with you.  I have been up for a few hours, listening to my iPod and watching Sam sleep on the sofa.  Sleep on the sofa, you ask?  Yep, Sam is absolutely, positively,...

It's Bloomin' at my house!

It's Bloomin' at my house!

I got home last night and what did I find on my doorstep?!? My Bloomin' Feet socks from Gracie!! She knit them out of Colinette Jitterbug - which I have not yet knit with! They are a bit big - but they are awesome! Thanks Gracie - she also included some chocolate for...

Monday Morning Blah's?

Am I the only one who feels like the weekend is a total blur?  Did we have a weekend?  It was hectic - and Heidi had her All City Concert on Sunday afternoon.  It was lovely!  Just amazing - I am stunned at how good she is getting, and how good the groups she plays in...

Moving Day!

Hello everyone - well, I have made the BIG move over to - head on over and see! I still have some housekeeping things to do, but I will be waiting for your arrival! Here is the link you there!



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