Sometimes Monday | 4.22.19

Sometimes Monday | 4.22.19

Are for looking back… This was the first thing I saw yesterday morning when I out with Sherman in the wee, dark hours. The view stopped me in my tracks and filled me with such wonder. That glowing dogwood will fill my thoughts for many days to come! I hope that you...

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2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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Graceful, thy name is not Kat

Hey everyone. Lent has begun and who'd of thunk I'd be giving up knitting! Yesterday, on a morning that the sunrise was gorgeous after a beautiful starry night - think no clouds - I headed out to work, on a mission to purchase some "paczki's" for the Tuesday morning...

Virtual Me?

Virtual Me?

Okay, while reading Lynne's blog today - I about died laughing - until I went to My Virtual Model myself. Hmmm, can you say diet?Here I am in all my virtual glory! I put clothes on her to hide the hips and thighs!! Please notice there is no rotating allowed here like...

Sunday Sunset

Sunday Sunset

Hello everyone!I hope you all had a great weekend - it was snowy yesterday, but we had some sunshine today. At least enough to have a sunset this evening.It was a pleasant ending to a lovely Sunday. I went this afternoon to knit squares for "Warm Up America" - this...

Snowy Saturday

Hello everyone! What, you say... snow again??? I am just shocked at how much snow has fallen over the vast majority of the midwest and beyond in the relatively short month of February. The weatherman tells me that we are supposed to warm up next week though - warm up...

Playing catch up…or the faster I go, the behinder I get

Hello All from white and wintry Western Michigan! I know, what on earth am I complaining about - I don't have 110 inches of snow on the ground like those poor folks in New York State do - it is just that I am hungering for a view of the sun - you know, a small...


Hey everyone. Are you all surviving the wintry blast most of north america is getting? We have had a goodly amount of snow and the promise of more on the way; frigidy temperatures that dove well below the zero mark - an unusual feat for those of us sheltered along the...



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