TGIF | 12.28.18

TGIF | 12.28.18

How is it possible that we find ourselves on the last Friday of the year? Please tell me it is not just me feeling that 2018 had the speed of a Bullet Train! Honestly, it truly seems like last week I was in Michigan visiting my kids enjoying some pretty amazing fall...

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2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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Randomly Thursday | 5.24.18

This week I have a trifecta of randomness for you to peruse. Contain your enthusiasm and here we go! Dashboard Thing One: People are talking about a "blue wave" in November. I am not so sure, but I am more confident that any wave that might happen will be pink! We are...

Unraveled Wednesday | 5.23.18

Summer knitting marches on. I am working through the increases of Eavesdrop and I am pleasantly surprised that this experience knitting with linen is not as painful as I imagined it to be. Sparrow is a lovely yarn. But, knitting on size 3 needles is slow going as you...

Tiny Moment Tuesday | 5.22.18

This past week has been filled with gardening moments. There is something that just feels so amazing that these little plants return year after year. P.S. The Great American Read debuts tonight on PBS (at least it does on my PBS affiliate). You can find the list of...

Achievements Unlocked

What a weekend, Gentle Readers! It seemed to fly by at warp speed and it contained bits of all kinds of things. I masterfully unlocked the "Wear Your New Summer Sweater" achievement by...

Fiber Friday | 5.18.18

Houston, we have bind off! Yes, that's right… Lucinda, she is finished!! She just needs a bit of a soak, some very minor blocking, and a few ends woven in! Look for better pictures next week! All the details are on my project page on Ravelry. Now… let the swatching...

Three on Thursday | 5.17.18

Today it's all about the humor found in odd places! Thing One: When the Rolling Stones and the FBI cross paths: Thing Two: Crazy rains here last night caused some major flooding very near my house: Best retweet of this: Thing Three: Laurel or Yanny? There you have it!...



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